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Valder Farkill (ヴァルダー・ファーキル Varudā Fākiru?) is the primary antagonist from New Mobile Report Gundam Wing Dual Story: G-Unit.


A member of the elite OZ Specials and a member of Zechs Merquise's unit. During the rebellion against the Alliance he scored more kills than the rest of his team combined in his custom black Leo, earning him the nickname "Dark General of Destruction." Farkill's abilities are nearly unmatched in combat and believed that the only person worthy of his skill in combat was Treize Khushrenada, whom he hoped to personally defeat before taking over leadership of OZ. After he makes his debut in the manga, he quickly seizes command of OZ Prize from the hands of Roche Nattono before continuing the war against MO-V. Cold, arrogant and ruthless, his motives are to gain power within OZ and is willing to kill subordinates to achieve his goals. However, he never got to realize his ambitions. During the final battle at MO-V, Valder was stunned by the news of Treize's death and ended up being killed by Odin Bernett in single combat.

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