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The Vagan Battleship is the Vagan aka Unknown Enemy's space battleship from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Vagan Battleship is a monster of brute force, capable of simply bulldozing through the opposition with little concern for tactics. On its wedge shaped prow it possesses 6 beam cannons and 3 double-barrel beam cannons, positioned to allow for heavy forward fire which suits its aggressive attack tactics.

Defensively the Vagan Battleship lacks anything resembling CIWS or pin-point anti-air cannons. Instead it relies on its powerful armor, armor that could withstand the attack of any Federation weapon before the AGE System developed the Photon Blaster Cannon.

Perhaps the Battleship's deadliest weapon is its Invisible Umbrella Stealth System. With this system the Battleship could approach an enemy's position completely undetected, thus taking them by surprise. Similarly should the battle situation turn unfavorable the Battleship can use the stealth system to retreat undetected.

In anti-mobile suit combat, the Battleship is of little value except for the fact that its armor can defend against mobile suit grade weapons. Though it possesses powerful cannons, the Battleship has no armament that can fully track and target mobile suits. In such situations it relies on its own mobile suit force to eliminate the enemy.

Technologically and aesthetically the Vagan Battleship is related to the Fa Bose, which appears to have three Vagan Battleships connected together by a central component. However each of the battleship components is three times the size of the Vagan Battleship, as evidenced by how each possesses three times the weaponry of the Battleship.


  • Twin Beam Cannon
  • Beam Cannon

Special Equipment & Features

  • Invisible Umbrella Stealth System


The Vagan Battle ship was in service since at least AG 115, though potentially longer since the Vagan could hide its movements with the umbrella stealth system. Its existence was not known to the Federation until the battle outside of Minsry.




  • The Vagan Battleship bears a resemblace to the Endra-class of ships.

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