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Vagan (aka Unknown Enemy or UE) is a faction in the Advanced Generation timeline and the main antagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.


150 years before A.G. 115, the Earth Federation initiated a plan to colonize Mars in a plan called "Mars' Birthday" in order to ease the burden placed on Earth's carrying capacity. Due to the appearance of the fatal disease "Mars Ray", 20% of the colonists fell ill. For reasons unexplained, the Earth Federation opted to abandon the colonists in lieu of rescuing them. They then cover it up, while stating in the official report that the disease wiped out all the colonists. In truth, a significant portion survived and established a new civilization calling itself Vagan. The home nation of the Vagan is located in Second Moon, which orbits Mars. Both the Vagan mobile suit and ship technology was obtained from a part of EXA-DB, a large weapons database from the Colony Nation Wars era.[1].

During A.G. 101, the Vagan suddenly appear and attack Earth and its space colonies, thus starting a full-scale war. They destroy the space colony Angel, in a disaster later referred to as "The Day the Angel Fell".

In A.G. 108, the Vagan attacked an once peaceful colony known as Ovan.

In A.G. 115, the Vagan finally faced their first defeat in fourteen years when they attacked the space colony Nora. Nevertheless, they continued and destroyed the colony with the Colony Destroyer at the cost of several Gafrans.

The Vagan's next appearance was when they attacked Fardain and interrupted the civil war between Euba and Zalam loyalist forces. However, their attacks were thwarted by the combined force of the Earth Federation Force warship Diva, that was docked at the colony at that time, as well as the Euba and Zalam loyalists who wished to protect their colony.

The Vagan later appeared when the Earth Federation Forces 8th Space Fleet, Special Detachment forces attempt to take custody of Grodek Ainoa at colony Minsry but were forced to retreat.

Later it is discovered they had occupied the abandoned Earth Federation Force space fortress Ambat as a base of operation.

26 years later, the Vagan tried to capture Tordia, Solon, Big Ring and Nortrum, but to no avail. However, the attack on Big Ring and Nortrum were part of their objectives to weaken the Earth defense so they could land on Earth. During the battle of Nortrum, the Vagan lost its mobile fortress, Downes, but its forces managed to land on Earth.

In A.G. 164, Fezarl Ezelcant declared a full-scale invasion on Earth. And the Vagan resurfaced to eliminate everything in sight. They adapted to Earth's environment and created their mobile suits based on that, one example is the ovw-cc Gomel, a mobile suit that specializes in sandy terrain.

The battle of La Gramis was the last battle of the decades-long Earth and Vagan conflict. After the battle, the Earth Federation made peace with the Vagans, and aided the Vagans in finding a remedy for the Mars Rays. Vagans in exchange would have to rejoin the Federation, but they did retain a larger amount of autonomy compared to the other colonies. By A.G. 201, the Mars Ray problem had been solved by the Everse System, which was created using data from the AGE System and EXA-DB.


The military technology of the Vagan far surpassed that of the Earth Federation from the onset with mobile weapons that have superior armor and beam capability as well as ships with cloaking capabilities for stealth. This was due to the data obtained by Fezarl Ezelcant from a part of EXA-DB, which brought innovation to the Vagan. This started to change in A.G. 115, where the introduction of the Gundam AGE-1 and the AGE System started to create decent opposition to Vagan units with the latter designing weapons that are capable of damaging and even destroying Vagan mobile weapons and ships. Despite this, the Vagan still possesses the ability to quickly evolve their technology to somewhat counter AGE System developments although the origin/specifics of this is a mystery.[2] One example of this include the development of the Electromagnetic Armor as a counter to the DODS Rifle[2] as well as the deployment of more X-Rounder-use machines after Flit Asuno's X-Rounder awakening.[2]

During the earlier years of the war, flight modes are important to Vagan mobile suits due to the long distance between Vagan and Earth Federation territory but development was shifted to non-transformable mobile suits because of the Vagan's expanding sphere of influence.[3]

In sharp contradiction, Vagan mobile suits have the cockpit inside their heads while most mobile suits have them on their chest or lower abdomen.

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