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    In the original Gundam series, the technology and weapons are really ground in what we know as possible.

    And then somewhere in Double Zeta Gundam the Psyco Gundma Mk. II and the Shamblo introduces the Reflector Bit, which is like having a mirror for your beam weapons to be redirected.

    Next was the Regnant where it bends its beam at 90 degrees in mid-flight to chase and attempt to destroy its target.

    The most recent addition to this list of Beam Benders is in Gundam Age, where the Ghirarga and the Legilis Gundam have the Partilce Bit system where it sends out these little beam balls of All-range death. I think their a step below a full-blown Homing Laser from Eureka Seven

    So the questions are:

    • Any thoughts on these amazing pieces of tech, how awesome…

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