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I find the whole concept really interesting and would like to learn more about it but am struggling to even figure out basic stuff like what order the mobile suits were used in. I understand there is a likely a scarcity of information on it ( Was it so niche we don't have scans of most of it? ) but any help clearing up that and any of the following questions to what degree is currently possible would be greatly appreciated.

  • Is it over or is it ongoing like article said?  
  • Which was the last gunpla used by Tsubasa , which by Yusei?  
  • Who used the wing zero honoo two? 
  • Is said suit supposed to be more or less advanced than wing zero flame feder?  
  • Which gundam fought the transient glacial gundam?
  • Are there more issues (and suits) out beyond what we have noted that we aren't aware of for lack of scans?


This answers the glacier gundam question, at least I think it does

Update 2
Lapis lazuli

Oh that clears glacier and honoo two up alongside article mentioned below. Also covers the two barely covered blue variants of astray and presumably the blue fenice one,and oc who the rest of team lapis lazuli is.