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The most powerful GUNDAM in history!!

Hi, I am Unic of the borg (pronounced Unique). I am a big fan of Gundam and am collecting models.

I want everyone to know that I'm just a guy who wants to make a difference in the world. I just like to insert articles that some people don't notice or do anything about. I may leave a few gaps with unsourced info that is sourced elsewhere but I can't do external links well.

Current incomplete

Series watched

Gundam Heavyarms Kai CustomW0
Innovator Setsuna
As humanity expands into space, all of our latent abilities will blossom in order to adapt to that great void. We will then be able to understand each other without misconceptions. That was the Newtype theory proposed by Zeon Deikun, who spoke of the reformation of all humanity. Of infinite possibilities, of power itself. Since its victory in the One Year War, the Federation has lived in fear of this unseen power, power that screams jacuse at the privilege class that lives on Earth. Power that calls all the abandoned spacenoids to awaken. Power that could overthrow the control of the Federation government whose rule had lasted over a hundred years. The Federation has been absorbed for decades now in battle with this invisible power. While it's true that government research facilities were created, they were like laboratories of mad scientists who deviated from the original ideologies and rather chose to focus on the military applications of the Newtypes. Then came the civil conflict known as the Gryps War. And after that, both Neo Zeon Wars. The ensuing oppression led to the rise of military factions and the Federation suffered greatly for this. However, they did have a strong ally that ultimately secured their victory. Do you know what it is I'm referring to?

—Cardeas Vist

Would that be time?

—Suberoa Zinnerman

Indeed. The public grew impatient and sought results from these Newtypes, which at this point, still had no specific definition, only potential. The term Newtype became synonymous with ace pilot, a new definition completely removed from Zeon Deikun's concept of understanding without misconception. Laplace's Box holds the power to change our future, or more to the point, has the power to restore the future that was meant to be. However, not all men are able to wield this power. But be warned, if the power were to be misused, it could destroy the world.

—Cardeas Vist

So you're give us this key as test, to start?

—Suberoa Zinnerman

If for instance, you are small-minded to focus on a single thing, the box will never reveal it's contents to you.

—Cardeas Vist

That would be?

—Suberoa Zinnerman

The revival of Zeon.

—Cardeas Vist

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