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Thoughts on Gundam's story

Universal Century

  • I would think the Titans would more heartily against using mono-eye, Zeon based machines, and would stick to MS like the RGM-79Q GM Quel and RX-178 Gundam Mk-II out of sheer bigotry against their sworn enemy. I know Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans goes over this in it's story in an interesting way, but I personally feel that it would have been more interesting if the villains used GM machines while the hero's used Zaku unit more definitively as a reversal of the original Gundam. Of course this is just hindsight made decades later by a guy that loves the idea of a Gundam with a mono-eye.
  • Am I the only that thinks it would be really interesting to see an alternate Zeta Gundam story where Jerid Messa is the main character?
  • For me when I analyze the Universal Century for FanFiction ideas, I find myself looking at Gundam Unicorn, the Origin, and Thunderbolt for reference, likely because of how their mecha designs are modernized and expanded upon with more advanced hindsight.

After Colony

  • For being such an elite group, the pilots of OZ seem a bit inept, notably with me is the fact that normal OZ pilots never really use beam sabers, only important characters sometimes does it. I never fully get to see how skilled OZ pilots are, I just remember seeing them using their MS in very basic ways.

Cosmic Era

  • I inexplicably like the Yzak X Shiho pairing.
  • I feel the SEED factor is unbelievably undeveloped from a deeper story and theming perspective, and not just as a power-up for important characters. It's, more or less, the Cosmic Era's alternative to the original Universal Century Newtype, it's different characteristics to Newtypes, specifically it not dealing with telepathy outright, could have given a completely different perspective on humanity that what is said in the Universal Century, maybe even a counterpoint as it seems to imply that evolution won't bring about powers that help us understand one another but rather to better compete against each other. On a less important note if SEED factor increase one's mental activity and awareness, it doesn't seem to make sense biologically to have the black of the eye to super contract, it looks cool but it seems like that would make it harder to see rather than complement what the SEED mode does.
  • Gundam Seed Destiny forgot that Coordinators are physically and mentally superior to Naturals. If this established story idea was followed through properly, then Murrue should not have been able to survive and even Matrix dodge the attack of Coordinator special forces.

Anno Domini

  • Due to gray morality nature of the first season, I was looking for and making justifications for the actions of the A-LAWS , that promptly ended when Memento Mori was unveiled.
  • Descartes Shaman, a missed opportunity for a fleshed-out character and awesome villain. I imagine him blasting away the officer in charge of the experiments he had to endure.

Post Disaster

  • I can make quite a few comparisons to Gjallarhorn and the World Void Information Control Organization of BlazBlue. Both world policing and control 'governments' were founded during an apocalyptic war against "terrible monsters"; in the case of Gundam it was a Horde of skynet-syndrome killer A.I. such as the Hashmal Mobile Armor, and in BlazBlue it was the Black Beast . Both governmental organizations were founded by a group of people whose families became Noble lineages that continued to run the organization through Noblesse Oblige and specifically skilled Military prowess, supplied with heavily regulated and near-monopolized armaments; The Seven Stars with their Ahab Reactor powered Mobile Suits for Gjallarhorn, and for the Control Organization the Twelve Originators with thier Ars Magus Grimoires. Said regulated and near-monopolized armaments are the pivotal weapons that were developed specifically to combat their respective "terrible monsters".
  • In the backstory of Warhammer 40,000 during the the Dark Age of Technology,  Artificial Intelligence was assumably commonplace in the form of the Men of Iron. In a direct parallel to each other, the Calamity War of Iron Blood Orphans played out like the Age of Strife of Warhammer, as both were eras marked (amongst other things) by the murderously violent rebellion of their robotic tools or servants. These conflicts/disasters reach apocalyptic levels, albeit to the scale of their respective story-settings that allows for Humanity and civilization to continue afterwards, however diminished and placing strict regulations against the technologies anf practices that lead to the upheaval. I like imagining that the situation of Tekkadan uncovering both the Gundam Flauros  and the Mobile Armor Hashmal is how I would think what is typical of how Dark Age tech is buried and scattered about within the Warhammer 40,000 story-setting would be like; the Hashmal itself awakening and then rampaging about would be the template for how horrifyingly bad it can get when one uncovers and stirs the more volatile aspects of the Dark Age of Technology.

Mobile Weapon Opinions

Greatest Gundams

Universal Century Mobile Units

  • The reason why I like the Bawoo, Rebawoo, and likely Zeon-style units is this: When I played MS Saga: A New Dawn I gave the main character a Bawoo, over time it was upgrade with parts from the Wing Zero custom and painted white, at the last levels of the game when the Main Character performed his flying charge attack this Bawoo just looked amazing. I engraved into my mind that a mono-eye unit, a Zaku, can be awesomely heroic.
  • The RGM-79 GM line of Mobile Suits, even the RMS-179 GM II and RGM-86R GM III, are the M4 Sherman Tanks of Gundam, cheap and easy to mass produce with basic yet effective and not outright outmoded technologies and designs.With that analogy, the RGM-89 Jegan could be the equated to the M1 Abrams.
  • The MSA-0120 Advanced Tactical Mobile Suit "ATMOS" reminds me of the machines used by the Zentradi in Macross, specifically the DYRL version of the Nousjadeul-Ger Battle Suit.
  • I never liked the Double Zeta Gundam. I can almost say I hate it.
    • I never like how it looks, although I love the aestetics of the 'Superior' and Ex-S Gundams despite the fact I despise the odd bulkiness of the ZZ Gundam; it's likely because the S and Ex-S still looks streamline even with it's obviously large amount of weapons and armor.
    • If I was to make a successor to the Zeta Gundam that has large amount of ordinace and the admittantly impressive head-integrated High Mega Cannon, I would reference or outright recreate the MSZ-006A2 Ζeta Plus A2 and the MSZ-006C1[Bst] Zeta Plus C1 "Hummingbird".
    • Admittanly, my opinion is informed by my childhood of being introduced to Gundam through Gundam Wing and 08th MS Team whilst they aired on the early days of Toonami. The Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ anime is far too removed from my own time.
  • Although it's only possible to come to this conclusion with the benefit of hindsight, the "Super Gundam" seems to be a downgrade or even a poorly designed alternative to the Full Armor Gundam of Gundam Thunderbolt in terms of having "movable shields", arrays of missiles, and enhanced beam weapons. It's interesting to see this "Don't reinvent the wheel" or "Don't fix what ain't broke" situation that can be construed from my current understanding of the Universal Century.
  • The missile pods arrayed all across the body of Io Fleming's Full Armor Gundam are remarkably similar or reminiscent to the ones used by the Armored Valkyrie from the original Macross anime.
  • The sub-arms that many of the Mobile Suits of Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt use remind me of the Mount Pylons from the Muv-Luv multiverse-setting; which is practical and awesome.
  • It's really interesting to see the subtle touches on the RGM-89 Jegan (Birnam Type) has that tie it to it's theoretical decendents, specifically the XM-01 Den'an Zon and XM-02 Den'an Gei, what with its monocle lense like sensor with long ear-like antenna and the lance weapon with integrated duel darreled guns. This theory is based on the fact that the Birnam private military group is owned my Scharnhorst Buch, whose assets and son Meitzer Ronah go on to found the Crossbone Vangaurd itself.

After Colony Mobile Suits

  • The tactic's of the OZ-02MD Virgo is very similar to the Martian's war machines from The War of the Worlds, both operate in teams of three, use energy shields to defend themselves and use powerful beam weapons to simply blast away their opposition. Even the Romefeller Foundation's plan to mass produce and deploy the Virgo's from space can be likened to the Martians coming to Earth to invade it.

Cosmic Era Mobile Units

  • It's a real shame that the most interesting mecha designs of the Cosmic Era are not found in the two main TV series, but in the side materials such as Stargazer and anything with Astray in it.
  • After browsing through the Cosmic Era Mobile Weapons, I found that the genealogy of the Mobile Weapons is somewhat convoluted or just a plot hole, notably with the ZGMF/TAR-X1 GINN Tactical Air Reconnaissance Type and ZGMF-X999A ZAKU Mass Production Trial Type.
  • The model numbers for ZAFT's mobile weapons has little sense to it. The most notable problem is with the ZAKU Warrior where it's ZGMF-1000 model number contradicts the GINN's model number of "1017", the numbers just go all over the place with little reason behind it. Another example is the "803" LaGOWE and the "600" GuAIZ, again the LaGOWE came first but it has a higher number not following any sequential order. The first GAT-X units have a similar problem but it's more subtle and the numbers imply that there are unseen GAT-X units that were not seen. Overall the Earth Alliance does better Mobile Suit/Armor numbering than ZAFT does.
  • I think Beam Boomerangs were inspired by Char throwing his Beam Tomahawk at Amuro's beam rifle in Char's Counterattack, and Seabook Arno throwing his spare Beam Shield as a distraction. One problem I see with these things is that beam blade may not be what impact the target, the handle could hit first possibly bouncing off causing little or no damage especially against a target using Phase Shift Armor.
  • Why doesn't the ZGMF-X88S Gaia Gundam have treads like every other Dog type MS, those treads are what gives Bucue based MS an advantage over other Earth-based MS. I do get that for a transformable mobile suit like the Gaia that they would just get in the way in humanoid mode, but still.
  • As it is now the AMA-953 BABI looks like the Justice Gundam's Fatum-00 in fighter mode. Instead of making the BABI a transformable MS (which how did ZAFT make one since most if not all of the transformable Second Stage Series Gundam's were stolen), why not make it a sub-flight lifter to replace the Guul? Maybe it's just there's something about the Babi that rubs me the wrong way, I just hate it, but on it's own I like the Mobile Armor flight form.
  • The back wings of the ZGMF-515 CGUE has a similar structure to those of the MSN-06S Sinanju.
  • If it's noted that ZAFT making Gundams is unusual compared to their other Mobile Suits, wouldn't it make more sense for them to at least put a mono-eye sensor on them instead of the ussual Gundam style sensors? This could be nothing as I just love the idea of a Gundam with a Mono-eye. At least the DI Adaga accomplished this.
  • Mass Effect's Commander Shepard would pilot the GAT-X207 Blitz Gundam, it's coloring is close to N7 armor and it's stealth system is can be likened to the Normandy with it's stealth system; also it's easy to imagine the Trikeros Offensive Shield being used like the Omni-Blade.
  • If Naturals have an inherent disadvantage to piloting Mobile Suits compared to Coordinators, why do many Second Bloody Valentine War-era MS of the Alliance, a Natural dominant organization, use Mk315 "Stiletto" Rocket-propelled Anti-armor Penetrators first seen with the GAT-02L2 Dagger L? Thrown weapons like these require substantially more dexterity from the Mobile Suit, and in turn more piloting skill, to be accurate and useful. While automation enacted by the MS Operating System could account for this, in principle, for a user that is acutely aware of how inferior in ability they are compared to their opponent, wouldn't it make more sense for this inferior pilot to rely on weapons that require as little skill as possible to ensure success in targeting and hitting an enemy. Under the same logic, the "Stilletto" is more suited to the more naturally talented Coordinators and their ZAFT-made MS.

Anno Domini Mobile Weapons

Advanced Generation Mobile Weapons

Post Disaster Mobile Weapons

  • Concerning the Gundam Frames of Iron Blooded Orphans, it's in my opinion a wonderful and arguably poetic culmination to the Gundam multiverse to name them after the Demons of the Ars Goetia.The first Gundam and/or it's pilot was given the moniker "The White Devil" after all; intellectually there is few if any other fitting things to name a lineage of Gundams, legendary demons of the battlefield.
  • Years after I noted my complaint with how the GN-X GN Claw was never and how awesome it would be if it was, the Gundam Barbatos Lubus does so with great effect for a cockpit elimination. Not only that, the secondary backpack arm also accomplished a similar effect, though I think from crushing the cockpit as it looked blocky unlike the main hand manipulators.
  • The Backpack Arms of the Gundam Barbatos, and it's refurbished form the Barbatos Lupus, are particularly similar to the Mount Pylons found on the Tactical Surface Fighters of Muv-Luv. It is notable that the secondary arms of the Barbatos are more efficient in structuring as well more useful in direct combat, as they can strike enemies directly with it's claw. I think this greater combat operability comes from the fact that the Barbatos is operated with the Alaya-Vijnana System, which allows for the entirety of the MS to be controlled with remarkable articulation and depth.
    • The TSF Mount Pylons have the advantage in more independant logistical uses (grabbing new weapons and ammo) while I hypothesize the Backpack arms need the main MS manipulators or outside maintenance aid to equip it's weapons. Another likely advantage is the need for the risky Alaya-Vijnana System to actuate it's articulated control.
  • The use of Mobile Suit Frames, in addition to the brutal combat involving 'skating' with the thrusters on planetary terrains, reminds of Armored Core.
  • The Graze series of Gjallahorn (exemplified by the EB-06 Graze) is like a modernized and more awesome version of the older OZ-06MS Leo of Gundam Wing's OZ faction. In hindsight the awesomeness factor comes from the superior quality of the average battle scene in Iron-Blooded Orphans than in the more venerable Gundam Wing series.
  • The neat thing about the rather grisly Alaya-Vijnana System, the nano-mechanical and cybernetic interface for the Gundams and other Mobile Suits, is that it can be closely compared to the Mind Impulse Unit and Throne Mechanicum, the cybernetic inferences of the Titans and Knights of Warhammer 40.000 respectively. What makes this comparisons so neat is how it reinforces the parallels Iron-Blooded Orphans has to Warhammer 40,000 in my brain.

Favorite Mobile Weapons from Gundam

These are chosen based on how well they work, how interesting they are, and just if I would pilot them or feel their not given the love they deserve.


Other / Models

Universal Century / Regild Century

After Colony

Cosmic Era

Anno Domini

Advanced Generation

Post Disaster

Mobile Armors

Mobile Suits

Mass Production


Vehicle and Vessels

Mechs for other Heroes and Villains

These are examples of Gundams and related mechs that would be good references for them, or at least what these Heroes or Villians would use.

Star Wars

Incom Corporation



Mass Effect

Commander Shepard


Turian Hierarchy

Battlestar Galactica

Twelve Colonies of Kobol

The Composite Search System works in the way my own head-canon sees the DRADIS system working itself.


(New) United Nations Spacy

Battlemechs of Battletech

Star Trek

Klingon Empire

United Federation of Planets

Humankind Empire of Abh


Dorssian Military Pact Federation

Atlantic Rim United States

Valvrave Team


Overall Batman relies on Stealth since he literally has Ninja Training, his whole visual design is made to make him look like a scary Bat, which is what the later does.

Like Trieze, Bruce came to the conclusion (for different reasons) to focus on combat that forgoes Guns.

Just as the Belphagor is created to defeat other Newtypes, Batman commonly plans and arms himself to face his fellow Super Heroes.

It's rather interesting that Batman's whole mission is about JUSTICE, and these Gundams also center around melee potential, which is also what Batman focuses on as well.



Iron Man

In Death Battle he broke it so his philosophically bought it.

This is something that would really make Tony Stark's day, it looks like the Space Booster used in the anime series and it even has is name in it.

War Machine

Ivan Vanko / Whiplash

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