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Hi,I'm just your average run of the mill non-Japanese speaking Gundam 00 fan,that relies on other people's translations including a few of the best message boards for Gundam such as Animesuki,Mechatalk and

I would do my best to contribute to the profiles in my own way.


^^That's what I wrote when I first got here, thought I'd made this profile more informative.

I'm currently 20 years old, studying abroad in the state of Wisconsin within the United States as a Business-Economics major. My original country is Malaysia, a small country somewhere in South East Asia (lookup for Singapore, it's right on top of it) and I'm looking forward to going home and see my family in the future. Islam is my religion and I consider myself a practicing one too, and I love watching anime, playing video games, watching (soccer) football games and even playing arcade games.

I've been here for awhile, cannot remember how long maybe a year. Things have changed a lot, especially in the references department that has improved tremendously before I started. Glad to have been able to contributed, since I really wanted to improve that aspect of Gundam Wikia when I first arrived. Worked with a lot of good people on this site, and looking forward to do so in the future in the Gundam 00 sections.

I started Gundam with Gundam Seed back in 2006 but I never became a Gundam fan until I watched Gundam 00 in late 07. I cannot believe the series is over already but it's been a fun three years of S1, S2 and waiting for the movie. Gundam 00 also got me into gunpla, since I reaaaalllyyyy love the Gundam 00 mecha designs, something I strangely unable to like with most of Seed ones, well except for the Strike Gundam of course. Other than 00, I also love UC mechanics and politics which I read about from time to time but I still havent watched much of UC timeline yet.-SonicSP 02:32, February 18, 2011 (UTC)

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