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Help needed

As we all know every well this site needs help in getting back on its feet. I propose that i apply for admin for now later appointing admins when needed. However i need approval from the community to allow me to attain this position. So leave a comment on my discussion page if you agree or disagree to this idea. And with that I would like to announce if you haven't already found out, Im NOT a admin =D


After watching gundam SEED and Destiny I have become a fan of it. I have always been a fan of mecha animes but gundam was somehow different. I will help with editing many of the cosmic era info and help out in general.

Now almost a year has past and i have contributed abit ... after watching gundam 00 i have contributed abit in that category ad plan to complete the incomplete and inconsistency. Finished Code Geass, currently studying for final school exams, Ill be a bit active but not very.Currently also part of Advent Destiny Roleplay.


All Created

Cosmic Era

Anno Domini Era


And alot of minor adjustments here and there

Heres the full list of all the work i've done. Here


Planning to continue Gundam 00 contributions on second season and watch gundam wing to help out there.
I have been asked to assist in the creation of a new Mecha Database. I will be contributing Gundam and other related series to that database instead of assisting here. It still in development and has been for a while. Leave a message on my talk if you are interested in assisting here or at the new database in any way.

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