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SOCL is the founder of Gundam Wiki, an idea he hatched 2005.01.07 and managed to get approved two days later on 2005.01.09, the date of the Gundam Wiki's founding. Unlike most founders of Gundam online communities, he has only been a fan for as long as Mobile Suit Gundam has been in the USA, which makes him a relatively new-comer to the fanbase.

Brief Intro & Purpose

SOCL does not regularly refer to himself in the third-person, but thought it would be neat to do so for the sake of his user page. A fan of the first Gundam, he has been an avid Gundam fan since he first witnessed the greatness and meaingfulness of the plot and its characters, making it a far-cry from the run-of-the-mill "giant robot" animes. Since then, SOCL has been trying to learn as much as he possibly can concerning Gundam, but became increasingly frustrated as he found that Gundam information available in English was dispersed amongst various sources and websites. From his frustrations came the idea of creating a enyclopedia-styled Gundam resource website in the same spirit of Wikipedia and in the same style of Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki—indeed he was greatly influenced by the existence of the Star Wars Wiki.

In his quest to amass knowledge and information concerning Gundam, he turned to the Wikicities and created the Gundam Wiki in hopes of uniting the Gundam community. Sadly, in his bliss he managed to overlook the simple fact that he was and is not very well-versed in either HTML or the ways of creating successful webpages. Despite this, he belives this can be overcome with a willingness to learn and the hope that many more Gundam fans will flock to help out the Gundam Wiki.

Contact Info

You can contact SOCL by either writing something on his user talk page, or by e-mailing him at the following address (be sure to not literally spell it out):

socl9580 at gmail dot com
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