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aka Reikkon Wyatt

  • I was born on December 15
  • I am Imma Boy :3

About me :D

Yoooo, I'm Rei, err you can call me Reikkun :3

Me and Gundam

Well, i didn't start watching anime till i was at around 13, i think?? not really sure, well the thing is, the first anime series that i watched was Gundam X, and ofcourse, i fell inlove with it, after Gundam X, i watched SEED, and i know i might get bashed for this but, err yea, i'm a fan of SEED, and SEED Destiny, now before y'all bashe meh, with yer keyboards and whatnot, i know, i am aware of ALL of SEED, and SEED Destiny's shit, but meh, still a fan :D 

Why did i join Wikia

Well, it all started when i fell inlove with the GBF and GBFT franchises, and i noticed that the data on Wikia about these franchises were kinda lacking, sooo....i decided to contribute, but my contribution to the wikia will not be exclusive to GBF/GBFT, i will also contribute on other parts as soon as i'm finished with GBF and GBFT :D

- Cheers, Reikkun

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