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Currently working on the Gundam X pages, mainly mobile weapons. Planning to redo and update all the pages of the mobile weapons from the Gundam X series.

About me

I wasn't much of a mecha fan until I saw Code Geass back when I was a freshmen in high school.

I was introduced to Gundam by a long-time friend who has been a fan of Gundam since Wing. My first series was Gundam 00 and it is also one of my favorite. I've come around to watch most of the AU series and some of the UC series. I believe that every Gundam series has its merits.

I generally work on the pages of mobile weapons. I usually just edit some sections (fixing grammar errors to the best of my ability) on the pages.

Mecha Animes I've watched/are watching

Mecha Animes I will be watching soon or some day

  • Super Robot Wars OG: Divine Wars
  • Fafner in the Azure
  • Dancougar Nova