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  • I live in Travelling with parents
  • I was born on June 21
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
Sei Iori (2)

My Cute Sei!

My favorite pages


My one and only Kio.

  • With Reiji

My Favorite Characters and Pictures

Iori Sei is a great person like all the other Gundam main characters but what sets him apart is that he is the only character I know who sucks at piloting. As in sucks.Hahaha, Well that is one of his charm points.

Kio Asuno is my favorite character in Gundam Age because he was the epitome of a child battle. He was innocent and very inexperienced. He is also quite gullible but he was the one that united the two sides together. I like his attitude towards girls and friends alike. Although is so dense at times, that's what I like about him.

About me


My name is Acea.

16 years of age.

My hobbies are:

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