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  • I live in Apartment
  • I was born on August 20
  • My occupation is Currently Seeking
  • I am Male
Cory "Core" Belote
"Oh Shi-!"
  • Core
  • Core Folf
  • Core Xion
  • Metal Xion
  • USA
Age: 29
Designation: Humanoid
  • Manga/Comics
  • Art
  • Gaming
  • Anime
Model Mobile Units Collection



I am known on the internet by many names, but mostly by my nick name of Core. Being part of a military family I have moved around a great deal, and so I find a way to spend my time. One of the methods that I found is to watch anime, and one series in particular is among my favourite, and that is the Gundam series. I have watched most of the various series, ranging from the first Gundam series to parts of the latest Gundam 00 series. I also have a collection of models, manga, anime, pictures, and information about the various series.

It is my hope to add to what is available here. So far I have been contributing a great deal of time to the After War Gundam X series, which is one of my favourite sub series to the Gundam metaseries. My girlfriend, who is a very talented artist, is also a fan of the Gundam series, with her focus more on the SD Gundam series as well as Mobile Suit Double Zeta Gundam.

Gundam Series Seen or Read

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