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==My Favorite Gundam Series==
==My Favorite Gundam Series==
* ''[[Mobile Suit Gundam 00]]''
* ''[[Mobile Suit Gundam 00|Gundam 00]]''
* ''[[Mobile Suit Gundam Wing]]''
* ''[[Mobile Suit Gundam Wing|Gundam Wing]]''
* ''[[Mobile Suit Victory Gundam]]''
* ''[[Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS|Iron-Blooded Orphans]]''
==My Favorite Mecha==
==My Favorite Mecha==

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There's not much to say really. I became interested in Gundam (and anime in general) when Gundam Wing first aired on Toonami, which is also the origin of both my love for convoluted plots and my interest in political science, which I am currently majoring in. Other than that, I like to create my own fictional worlds to escape to whenever the real world becomes too depressing and leaves me in despair. I generally spend my time at Gundam Wiki rewriting the mecha pages for better grammar, sentence structure, and overall image whenever I have time, which sadly isn't very often.

My Favorite Gundam Series

My Favorite Mecha

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