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This is a list of fictional Mobile Weapons from the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam anime metaseries. See the units' individual pages, where available, for detailed information.

See Mobile Suit Variations for the MSV models. See MS-X for the MS-X models.

Earth Federation

The Earth Federation's designation system for mobile suits prefaces all mobile suit designations with the letter R. Primary sub-designations are X for experimental, GM for Gundam-based Mass production suits, GC for Guncannon-based mass production suits and MS for Zeon-based mass production suits. There are a few sub-designations that don't fit into the scheme (like RGZ for the Re-GZ and RXR for the Guntank R-44). Most Federation MS are designated in series from the RX-75 Guntank. Some prototype and unused designs are designated in other sequences, primarily those used by Anaheim Electronics and the Titans.

Riah Colony Defense Forces [MSG-0080]

  • RH-35E Riah 35 Draken-E [MSG-0080]


Londo Bell

League Militaire

Congress of Settlement Nations (CONSENT)

Principality of Zeon

The Principality of Zeon mobile weapon designation scheme prefaces all mobile weapon designations with "M". "MS" series mobile weapons are mobile suits, beginning with the MS-01; the most famous Zeon mobile weapon is the Zeonic Company MS-06 Zaku II. "MA" series mobile weapons are mobile armors, larger and nonhumanoid (usually with fewer or no articulated limbs compared to a mobile suit, which generally has four to six). There are also specialized sequences like the MSM marine mobile suit sequence, which also start from -01. Unlike the Delaz Fleet, which was a "rogue" Zeon military fleet from the One Year War, the various Neo-Zeon movements each used their own MS designation schemes.

Delaz Fleet

Neo Zeon/Axis

African Liberation Front

Oldsmobile Army

Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG)/Karaba

AEUG mobile suits tended to use the designation that they were given from whichever group they were acquired from. Most AEUG MS were acquired from Anaheim Electronics and used Anaheim corporate designators, though a significant minority, including the RX-178 Gundam Mk II, were purchased or stolen from the Earth Federal Forces.

New Desides

Mafty Navue Erin

Crossbone Vanguard

Jupiter Empire

Zanscare Empire

Macedonia Army

  • Gigacy [MSG-VG]
  • MW544B Sandhoge [MSG-VG]
  • RGM-109M-5 Heavygun [MSG-VG]



  • Bromb Texter Production Type [MSG-GG]
  • Bromb Texter Improved Type [MSG-GG]
  • Bromb Texter Pre-Production Type "Zero" [MSG-GG]
  • Gids Geese [MSG-GG]
  • UM-190A Gussa [MSG-GG]
    • UM-190B.I Gussa [MSG-GG]
    • UM-190B.II Gussa Improved Performance Type [MSG-GG]


  • F-SAVIOUR F-Saviour [MSG-SAV]
  • G-SAVIOUR G-Saviour [MSG-SAV]
  • G2-SAVIOUR G "Second" -Saviour [MSG-SAV]
  • G3-SAVIOUR G "Third" -Saviour [MSG-SAV]
  • I-SAVIOUR Illusion [MSG-SAV]
  • J-SAVIOUR J-Saviour [MSG-SAV]
  • RGM-196 Freedom [MSG-SAV]


  • Cattle [MSG-ZZ]
  • Geze [MSG-ZZ]


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