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The United States of South America (USSA) is a nation in the Cosmic Era timeline.


The USSA is a superstate which formerly controlled much of Central and South America. Its capital is Buenos Aires. It is however a very weak country, who doesn't have their own military. It however once controlled the Panama Spaceport which is the location of the Porta Panama Mass Driver, which the USSA constructed in collaboration with the Atlantic Federation.


While the exact date and reason why the USSA was formed are unknown, it can be assumed that it is one of the nations which emerged as a result of the Reconstruction War. In CE 17, the country collaborated with the Atlantic Federation in the construction of the Porta Panama Mass Driver, although they remained an unimportant country for the next decades and also didn't take part in the funding of the PLANTs. In CE 68, the USSA, together with the Oceania Union made secret arrangements with PLANT Supreme Council chairman Siegel Clyne to covertly exchange shipments of food and manufactured goods, which angered the sponsor nations. When the First Alliance-PLANT War began in CE 70, the USSA refused to join the newly formed Earth Alliance. On February 19 of the same year, Alliance forces launched an armed invasion of the USSA, and its territory was annexed by the Atlantic Federation.

After the First Alliance-PLANT war ended, the USSA sought for independence, resulting in the South American War of Independence. The most prominent figure of this war was Edward Harrelson, an Earth Alliance defector, who was critically wounded in his last battle against Earth Alliance ace pilot Rena Imelia. When the Junius Seven Treaty was negotiated, the USSA became independent again but it didn't have Central America in its territory anymore. However when the Second Alliance-PLANT War started, the USSA again allied itself with the Earth Alliance.

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