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The United Nations Earth (地球連邦 Chikyū Renpō?), abbreviated as UNE, is a world governing body that appears in the series After War Gundam X. After the devastating 7th Space War, the organization was reborn as the New United Nations Earth (新地球連邦 Shin Chikyū Renpō?) (New UNE).


United Nation Earth

United Nations Earth space forces during 7th Space War.

As the United Nations Earth was the ruling government of the Earth, it tried to maintain and manage control over the orbiting space colonies as well as things going on the planet. With escalating friction between the Earth and the space colonies, several wars break out between them. The largest of which, and most devastating being the 7th Space War.

Deploying a number of mobile suits and ships developed for the war, along with a special group of mobile suits called Gundams piloted by Newtype pilots. When the Space Revolutionary Army threatened to use a colony drop, the Gundams were deployed in the final battle, which in turn caused the destruction of most of the surface of the planet as well as the end of the 7th Space War with the destruction of the UNE.

UNE Mobile Suits

UNE Ground and Sea Forces

UNE Space Fleet

New United Nations Earth

Fixx Bloodman formally announces the New United Nations Earth.

Following the devastating end of the 7th Space War, the headquarters of the UNE government located in South America was destroyed, along with much of its ruling council. The New United Nations Earth government was formed by surviving members of the United Nations Earth, as well as influential men of power, under the leadership of Fixx Bloodman.

The New United Nations Earth started to gain power and bring nations once part of its original body back into one ruling government through the use of either negotiation or force. To do this, they used a variety of mobile suits used by the original United Nations Earth, as well as developed new mobile suits and mobile armors. The New United Nations Earth also made use of private companies, such as the Newtype Labs operated by Karon Ratto in order to add to their forces, and possibly once again use Newtypes in their armed forces.

New UNE Mobile Suits and Mobile Armors

New UNE Ground, Air and Sea Forces

New UNE Space Fleet