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The United Maintenance Plan (統合整備計画), also known as the Unified Complete Equipment Plan, was a Principality of Zeon military program whose goal was to facilitate efficient mobile suit production. It was first mentioned in Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.


The United Maintenance Plan was drafted by the Zeon high command late in the One Year War to upgrade and improve existing mobile suit (MS) designs, and to streamline its own manufacturing capabilities. Vast differences in the designs of the mobile weapons developed by Zeon's MS manufacturing companies interfered with MS production goals. The plan stressed ease of production and standardization of parts. Colonel M'Quve, who was making great efforts to increase war production and specifically to improve production rates, was the leading proponent of the United Maintenance Plan and was organized under his direction. Meetings with project leaders focused on sharing and standardizing parts between various MS designs (like the MS-09 Dom and MS-06 Zaku II), such as the cockpit, nuclear reactors, and weapon systems.

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