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The Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations (太陽エネルギーと自由国家連合 Taiyou Enerugī To Jiyuu Kokka Rengou?), alternately known as the World Economic Union (世界経済連合 Sekai Keizai Rengō?)[1] or abbreviated as the Union (ユニオン Union?) , is one of the three major world powers during 2307 AD in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It consists of all nations in the Americas and Australasia as well as Japan. It controls the Orbital Elevator located in South America.


The Union is a supranational politico-economic community consisting of the Organization of American States, Australasia, and Japan. It controls the first-completed of the three orbital elevators, located in South America. Each member nation retains political autonomy and decisions in the Union are made by a parliament of representatives; however the United States is the Union's effective leader, controlling the distribution of solar energy and the majority of the Union's military. Furthermore, the United States' president is also the Union's president. Each member nation is allowed to maintain their own military force within their borders.

Special Economic Jurisdiction - Japan

Tokyo, A.D. 2307

The Special Economic Jurisdiction of Japan (経済特区・日本 Keizai Tokku - Nippon?) is the only member state of the Union within proximity of the Human Reform League. The designation Special Economic Jurisdiction (経済特区, Keizai Tokku?) differs in usage from the textually identical real-world term Special Economic Zone (Chinese: 经济特区), which is associated with regions in mainland China open to foreign investment, and has more in common with real world Special Administrative Regions such as Hong Kong and Macau.

Republic of Taribia

The Republic of Taribia (タリビア共和国 Taribia Kyōdō-tai?) is member state of the Union, occupying the combined geographic locale of the real-life South American nations of Guyana and Venezuela. In 2307, hoping to trigger Celestial Being's intervention in its favor as an instrument to an anti-American agenda, Taribia provoked the Union into an armed engagement by declaring secession in protest of the United States' monopolization of the energy supplied by its neighboring orbital elevator. They hoped that Celestial Being would attack the arriving Union forces. But Celestial Being determined this action to be an instigator of warfare, and consequently attacked Taribian troops instead of the incoming Union forces. The prime minister then retracted the declaration and called upon the Union for military aid, resulting in improved US-Taribian relations (which was implied to be his plan all along). The nation is known to be rife with corruption and trafficking of drugs.


Mobile Suit Warehouse and Development or MSWΛD is a branch of the Union Military dedicated to the research and development of mobile suit technology.

Anti-Gundam Investigative Squad/Over Flags

The Anti-Gundam Investigative Squad (対ガンダム調査隊 Tai-Gundamu Chōsatai?), aka the United States of America 8th Independent Tactical Air Squadron (given the official name "Over Flags" because the team's mobile suits are primarily SVMS-01O Over Flags), is a special forces unit under the command of MSWAD, assembled to investigate, capture, and/or formulate a countermeasure against the Gundams deployed by Celestial Being. Led by Captain Graham Aker and the Union Professor Ralph Eifman, who serves as technical chief, it consisted of ace pilots from all over the North American continent.

Union Alliance Charter

  • Australasia
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
  • Asia
    • Japan
  • Central America
    • Panama
    • Taribia Republic
  • North America
    • Canada
    • United States
    • Mexico
  • South America
    • Brazil
    • Chile
    • Peru


Mobile Weapons

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  • SVMS-01 Union Flag - The new mainstay Mobile Suit of the Union, it can switch between Mobile Suit mode and Flight mode without any parts swapping. Using the advanced piloting technique known formally as 'Graham Maneuver', or more commonly as 'Graham Special', the Union Flag can transform during combat.
  • VMS-15 Union Realdo - An older model mobile suit that makes up the majority of the Union's mobile suit force. In AD 2307, it is in the process of being replaced by the Union Flag. It can switch between Mobile Suit mode and Flight mode, but the process requires parts swapping in bases or similar facilities.

Vehicles & Support Units

Known Citizens/Members

  • Brian Stegmeyer - President of the Union.
  • Graham Aker - A pilot belonging to the MS combat team. At 27-years-old, he is an ace and flies a SVMS-01 Union Flag.
  • Billy Katagiri - Friend and colleague of Graham Aker, chief engineer for his Mobile suits.
  • Ralph Eifman - Professor for the MSWAD, creator of the SVMS-01O Over Flag.
  • Howard Mason- An Over Flag pilot that served with Graham Aker.
  • Daryl Dodge - An Over Flag and GN-X pilot that served with Graham Aker.
  • Joshua Edwards - An ace Union pilot from Alaska that transferred to Over Flags. He thinks of himself as Graham's rival.
  • Kinue Crossroad - A reporter from JNN in Japan.
  • Saji Crossroad - Kinue's brother and an engineering student in Japan.
  • Amy Zimbalist - A former ace pilot of the Union.
  • Randy - An ace Union pilot from Georgia that transferred to Over Flags.
  • Stuart - An ace Union pilot from Illinois that transferred to Over Flags.

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