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Major Ulube Ishikawa (ウルベ・イシカワ Urube Ishikawa?) was a fictional character from Mobile Fighter G Gundam and was the true main antagonist of the series. As a former Gundam Fighter, Ulube is Neo Japan's Military Leader. He first acted as a supporting character at the beginning, and was one of Domon Kasshu and Rain Mikamura's contacts throughout the fight. However, Ulube slowly schemed to rule the whole universe by the end of the series, and his true nature and goals were revealed.

Personality & Character

Ulube was seen as a mysterious, yet knowledgeable individual. He usually took a backseat when priorities involved the scientific knowledge of Dr. Mikamura or the political clout of Commissioner Karato. Though Ulube seemed to support Domon, in reality, he had manipulated him into chasing his own brother Kyoji in order to acquire the Devil Gundam in order to rule the universe.

After reactivating the Devil Gundam, Ulube reveals his true megalomaniacal ambitions, becoming an unhinged madman who believes himself to be unstoppable. He eventually sacrifices himself to the Devil Gundam by letting its DG Cells consume his body, becoming nothing but a puppet through which the monstrous machine could address its enemies.


12th Gundam Fight

In FC 56, Ulube was selected to represent Neo Japan in the 12th Gundam Fight, during which he was known as the Genius Fighter with his unnamed Gundam. However, during the Finals, he was defeated by Master Asia and finished in 17th place (reflecting on Shining Gundam's model number). After that, he was relieved off from duty as a Gundam Fighter and served as a Major to Neo Japan Military.

Framing Dr. Kasshu

Defeated and disgraced, Ulube began to believe that power was the only thing that controlled the universe. After he learned that Dr. Raizo Kasshu had developed the Ultimate Gundam, Ulube conspired with Dr. Kasshu's jealous associate, Dr. Mikamura, to frame Dr. Kasshu and claim the Gundam for themselves. However, Raizo's son, Kyoji Kasshu, managed to board the Ultimate Gundam and escape thanks to Mikino's sacrifice.

Meeting the Devil

Piloting his JMA27T Fantoma, Ulube led a group of mobile suits in pursuing the Ultimate Gundam to Earth. During a fierce battle with the transformed Devil Gundam, Ulube and his squadron attempted to destroy/subdue the Gundam, only to fall to it's might with Ulube as the last survivor. Ulube was left with a significant scar on the right side of his face, forcing him to wear a silver mask to conceal the injury. Karato later noted that even reliving the moment bring great shock to Urube.

Framing the entire incident on Kasshu family, both Kyoji and Raizo were label with treason and the latter was sentenced to cryogenic imprisonment. Ulube then enlisted an aspiring Martial artist and Raizo's youngest son - Domon as Neo Japan's 13th Gundam Fighter. This was done on a consensus between himself, ambitious Karato and guiltful Dr. Mikamura to claim both Gundam Fight and Devil Gundam.

13th Gundam Fight

After the encounter with the Devil Gundam, Ulube stayed in the shadows, patiently awaiting the day when Domon would defeat the Devil Gundam. Throughout the period, Ulube saw that Domon was the only one who was capable of unlocking the GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam's Super Mode and supported him in his efforts to win the fight. However, during the Gundam Fight Finals, Ulube began to slowly enact his grand plan of ruling the universe.

After Domon defeated the Devil Gundam, Ulube had the Neo Japan Military Flagship retrieve the Devil Gundam's remains, ostensibly for further studies. However, Ulube had also taken Dr, Mikamura and Rain with him; while reading Wong Yunfat's notes on the Devil Gundam, he had discovered that the most suitable Core Life Unit for the Devil Gundam was a "giver of life"; in other words, a woman. To that end, Ulube shot Dr. Mikamura in the shoulder and took Rain to be the new Core Life Unit; consequently, the Devil Gundam evolved at an alarming rate, infecting the entire colony of Neo Japan to act as its new body. During that time, Ulube announced that he would completely eliminate the Gundam Fight and rule the entire Universe. He also showed no promise of fulfilling his end of the bargain of releasing Dr. Kasshu from his cryogenic prison. The other colonies retaliated, but to no avail. Ulube has the Devil Colony hold Domon back as he attempts to devour the Earth, until, to his horror, Dr. Mikamura freed Dr. Kasshu and cleared his name.

In the end, Ulube willingly allowed the Devil Gundam to overwhelm him with DG Cells, sacrificing his mind and body to it while he fought the Shuffle Alliance in the Grand Master Gundam. Now reduced to little more than a mouthpiece for the Devil Gundam itself, Ulube overwhelmed the Shuffle Alliance until they combined their energy to use a team attack that destroyed the Grand Master Gundam. Mortally wounded by the attack, Ulube muttered that resistance against the Devil Gundam was futile before he disintegrated.


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