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Tyrant Sword of Neofalia (タイラント・ソード・オブ・ネオファリア Tairanto Sōdo Obu Neofaria?) is a photo novel written by Kazumi Fujita and Aida Yutaka, Publishers Hobby Japan in September 1987.


Federation pilot Keith McGreggor is assigned to be a test pilot for Anaheim Electronics' SE Project at their Neofalia research facility. The SE Project is designing and building prototype mobile suits that use a new power source called the SE Generator. The first of these prototypes, the Nemo Sword Custom, goes berserk under harsh testing conditions and Keith is forced to eject. When the Tyrant Sword is completed Keith pilots it against three new Federation mobile armors and destroys them with ease during the demonstration.

After hearing about civil unrest near Jupiter in an area under the influence of the Jupiter Energy Fleet the Federation decides to send the Tyrant Sword out to restore order and show off the Federation’s might. Keith encounters Paptimus Scirocco piloting his new design, the ABFS-RR-01S Messala Dinofaust Jupiter. After a battle the Messala Dinofaust Jupiter is damaged and Paptimus retreats.


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