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Team Try Fighters is a Gunpla Battle team formed by the members of the Gunpla Battle Club of Seiho Academy, based in Tokyo, Japan.


Suffering a competitive drought for years, Seiho Academy's Gunpla Battle Club was facing shutdown and absorption into the Plamo Club, which saw many students jump ship from the Gunpla Battle Club. Club leader Fumina Hoshino and new member Sekai Kamiki faced Plamo Club leader Daiki Miyaga, Eri Shinoda, and Yuuma Kousaka in a Gunpla Battle to determine the fate of the Gunpla Battle Club. Having a change of heart, Yuuma turned on Miyaga and helped Fumina and Sekai win the battle, thus keeping the Gunpla Battle Club afloat. The trio were then joined by veteran Gunpla builder Mr. Ral, who became their coach before Fumina named the team "Try Fighters".


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