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Trowa Phobos (トロワ・フォボス Torowa Fobosu, derived from French trois, lit. "three") is a central character of the novel New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Frozen Teardrop and the pilot of the Scheherazade mobile suit.

Personality & Character

Similarly to Trowa Barton, Trowa Phobos refers to himself as a person with no past, and thus a person with no future. He is as quiet as his older counterpart, although perhaps more brooding. He has a great fascination with Mars' moon Phobos, for which he later names himself.

Skills & Abilities

Trowa has been trained under intense pressure to be as good a mobile suit pilot as the originals.


In MC-0021, then calling himself 'No-Name', Trowa Phobos carries out the assassination of "Milliardo Peacecraft", the President of the Mars Federation, as part of a rebel terrorist cell. Upon his escape, he is intercepted by Doktor T and Quaterine Oud Winner, who capture him to be trained as a mobile suit pilot. During the trip back to their base, he and Quaterine have an exchange which causes them to become closer, and No-Name becomes captivated by her violin playing- especially a certain song she plays, which the Doktor calls 'Endless Waltz'.

He is brought to a circus, where Catherine Bloom takes him under her care and begins to train him. At that time, Doktor T tells No-Name that the T for his name stands for Trowa. He is trained for a year under Catherine, Doktor telling her to make him 'as good as Aurora'. Later, in the midst of his training, he and Catherine become caught within a solar flare, and the life or death experience causes him to decide to live, and take a name. When he reunites with Doktor T, he asks again what the T stands for. The Doktor this time answers 'Triton'. No-Name decides to take the name Trowa for himself, then, and becomes Trowa Phobos.

He and Catherine are forced to return early from their training when Relena Peacecraft comes to power as President of Mars in MC-0022. When he returns, he finds that Quaterine has been acting strangely, and her violin has been left to gather dust. When finally she defects from the group, stealing the Prometheus mobile suit, Trowa is sent in the Scheherazade to rendezvous with Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell to stop her.


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