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Treize Khushrenada (トレーズ・クシュリナーダ?Torēzu Kushurināda) is a character from the TV anime Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. A calm, calculating man, Treize is a complex individual, playing both the chivalrous, anachronistic knight and the ruthless tyrant.

Personality & Character

Treize Khushrenada is a charismatic young man who is respected and worshipped by many soldiers. He professes a love for war, believing that when properly conducted, it brings out the best in humanity. His philosophy is that humanity is a creature that evolves only by shedding its own blood and fighting. He expresses an interest in honor and chivalry comparable to that of an old-fashioned aristocrat, believing that one should settle matters of honor in single combat, and considers himself a gentleman. Beneath the surface, he is fanatically loyal to his friends and family. He is keenly aware of the tragedy and sorrow of war and remembers all the names and numbers of those who died in battle.

Skills & Abilities

Treize is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and an excellent mobile suit pilot, with skills equal to or greater than those of a Gundam pilot. In addition, he is a crack shot, a superb, Western-style fencer, and a mobile suit designer of great ability, having designed both the Epyon and the Tallgeese III.


A.C. 188

While serving as an instructor in OZ, Treize was assigned to the X-18999 colony, where he was sent to suppress a coup d'etat. During that time, he prevented a missile attack by Heero Yuy on the command center (Lucrezia Noin was the operator at the time), using his own machine as a shield, and was injured. At that time, Leia Barton was a nurse at the hospital where he was hospitalized.[1]

A.C. 191

Treize accompanied Zechs in suppressing a small rebel faction in the J.A.P. area near the Darlian estate as ordered by OZ's leader at the time General Catalonia. While there he witnessed Zech's skills for the first time and acknowledged the rumors about him moving fast as lightning were true.[2]

A.C. 194

After becoming OZ's leader following General Catalonia's death one year ago, in A.C. 194, through Lady Une, Treize became aware of a mobile suit built of Gundanium spotted in the L5 colony, and decided not to report it to the alliance, feeling this is an enemy that needs to be fought.[3]

A.C. 195

A member of the pro-war faction in the Alliance, Treize has his right-hand woman, Lady Une assassinate Relena Peacecraft's adopted father, Vice-Foreign Minister Darlian, who had been using his position to press for peace with the colonies. When the Alliance holds a meeting attended by their top officials, including peace-seeking Field Marshal Noventa, Treize leaks the information prompting the Gundams to appear. Attending the meeting with Lady Une, Treize leaves with General Septum on a private plane and moments later, the pacifists' transport is destroyed by Heero Yuy in the Wing Gundam.

Following the murder of Noventa and his allies, Treize and Une coerce General Septum into making a televised statement condemning the colonies and the Gundams. Having no further need of him, Treize has Une dispose of Septum. Simultaneously, around the world, Treize's Specials stage a swift coup to topple the Alliance and bring most of Earth under his control.

Treize and Une arrive on his ship, where they are attacked by Chang Wufei. In order to prevent the boy from sinking his boat, Treize challenges Wufei to a sword fight, handily defeating him. He then allows the boy to escape, remarking that next time they duel, they will have to use Wufei's specialty: mobile suits.

Although he is the head of OZ, he is also an agent of the Romefeller Foundation and must answer to their equally power-hungry leader Duke Dermail. Treize was also in opposition to Chief Engineer Tubarov and his Mobile Doll system which Dermail supports, even going so far as to sabotage a demonstration of their abilities. He is also forced to spend time covering up Zechs' various indiscretions, which include rebuilding the Wing Gundam and becoming involved in a personal vendetta against Heero. When Zechs is finally arrested, Treize arranges for him to fight an Alliance unit, enabling Zechs to escape rather than face a court-martial. In addition, Treize sends Lady Une to space as an ambassador to the colonies.

Eventually, Treize decides to step down as the leader of OZ as he is unable to support Romefeller's increased use of Mobile Dolls. This allows Duke Dermail takes direct control of the world. In space, tensions between OZ and Romefeller come to a head, as Tubarov attempts to murder Lady Une, leaving her comatose. Treize is put under house arrest in Luxembourg where he muses on the horrors of war and broods over his new-found realization that he is in love with Une. A group of rebellious OZ pilots styling themselves the "Treize Faction" starts their own coup and begin battling Romefeller all over the world. In the interim he is visited by Heero Yuy; the two discuss a number of topics before Treize hands Heero the Epyon, a mobile suit he himself has designed. In outer space, Quinze and the White Fang begin a colonial rebellion against Romefeller and when Dermail ultimately ascends to space to lead the space troops, his shuttle is shot down, facilitating Treize's return to power.

Treize comes out of exile, frees "Queen" Relena of her duties as sovereign of the world and assumes the position of Romefeller's chief representative. He then expertly rallies Romefeller and the rest of the world to gather arms and fight to defend the Earth from the White Fang, who, along with their new leader Milliardo Peacecraft, have declared war against the Earth.

Treize gathers his forces at the resource satellite MO-II and they fly toward the giant battleship Libra. Piloting the much refined and upgraded OZ-00MS2 Tallgeese II, Treize instructs his forces to stop, charges at Libra alone and challenges Milliardo to a duel. The White Fang leader refuses and fires Libra's cannon in an attempt to destroy Treize. On Earth, Une suddenly awakens, launches into the space with the Wing Gundam (which Heero had abandoned in Luxembourg while fighting alongside the Treize Faction) and saves him from the blast. She is then transported to MO-II where she can observe the battle and lead the World Nation troops. The armies go to war and Treize downs numerous Mobile Dolls before he and Wufei find each other in the midst of the battle and engage in their second duel.

During their duel, Wufei demands to know if Treize has any idea how many people have died for him. Treize lists the exact number, expressing regret at what he sees as sad, but necessary deaths. Treize then launches himself at Wufei, leading to the Tallgeese II's cockpit being pierced by the Altron's beam trident. He tells Wufei it was an honor to fight him and the Gundam pilots and says,"I'll be waiting for you on the other side Milliardo," before his mobile suit explodes, with him becoming the 100,000th and 10th casualty since the war began. Wufei thought that Treize had dared to show an opening and rush forward to have his machine penetrated, and he was unable to settle his conflict with him, believing that he had "run away with the victory," which led Wufei to join the Mariemaia Army in "Endless Waltz". However, in the novel version of "Endless Waltz," it is revealed that this was a misunderstanding on Wufei's part, and that Treize was seriously trying to kill Wufei at that time. It is explained that this gap is due to the fact that Wufei, being from the East, values "bushido" (the way of the samurai), while Treize values "chivalry".

His epitaph on his gravestone reads, "A cornerstone for peace, he died as he believed".



Angelina Khushrenada

Loved by Treize and Vingt, but later suffered from mental illness and had to be hospitalized after the death of Treize's real father, Ein Yuy. Later, she was involved in a bomb attack targeting Vingt, and they both lost their lives. Treize was so saddened by the deaths of his brother and mother that he began to memorize the names and numbers of those who died in the war.

Vingt Khushrenada

He highly admires his half-brother, Treize, and becomes the head of the Romefeller Foundation at the age of 13 in order to support him. However, his doting on his mother, Angelina, leads to tragedy, and he is assassinated.

Gundam Pilots

Wufei Chang

A Gundam pilot who continued to target him after Operation Meteor. He was killed by him in the final battle, but Treize died with him as his "greatest understanding" until the end of his life.

Heero Yuy

Treize's assertion that "humanity can only change by fighting" and that "we will be a receptacle for those who can only fight" brought a kind of "salvation" to Heero, who hates war and has a strong refusal to fight, but can only fight.

Organization of the Zodiac

Zechs Merquise

A comrade-in-arms since the formation of the Specials. Although he eventually became an adversary, he is one of the few people who understands Treize.

Lady Une

A woman who served as a close aide to Treize in OZ. She always put him first and was also in charge of reporting the names of those who died in battle.


Relena Darlian

The sister of his best friend. Their arguments were completely at odds with each other, but both of them, however, were at the root of the same thing: Treize's insistence that "fighting will solve the problem if people change" and Relena's insistence that "if people change, we don't have to fight" were ultimately united in their goal of eliminating fighting.

Mike Howard

During his training period, they encountered each other on the island of Corsica. He explains the concept of MS to Treize, who was attracted to the unfinished and abandoned Tallgeese, which later inspired Treize to create his own tactics with mobile suits.



Illustrations & Artwork


Notes & Trivia

  • Treize's name is derived from the French word for "thirteen".
  • Treize is prominently portrayed in the Super Robot Wars series, where he serves as both antagonist and occasional ally.
    • He serves the role of antagonist like he did in the series canon in the first SRW Alpha game, though oftentimes he will aid the heroes for his own reasons, often to frustrate the Titans, whom OZ is rivals with, and whom he personally despises for their methods.
    • In Super Robot Wars D, Treize meets his death by sacrificing himself by doing a kamikaze attack against Perfectio (the game's final boss). Thus, he is remembered as a valiant patriot by the other characters in the game's ending. He also serves as one of the leaders alongside CCA-era Char Aznable of the OZ-Neo Zeon alliance against various threats to Earth, having been talked into it by Roger Smith from The Big O.
    • In Super Robot Wars W, he's credited with forming the A-10 group (Group from Full Metal Panic), and being a Mentor figure to Seina, its current leader.
  • Treize appears in Gundam Battle Assault as the final boss and main antagonist of the story, piloting the Hydra Gundam (which, ironically was originally Valder's Mobile Suit), apparently having survived his death at Wufei's hands. When he encounters Heero, he states caused the events to further send a message to humanity about war hoping to change history, willing to become "the notorious bad guy". After his defeat, he waits for Heero to shoot, but due to his hesitance, he flees and says they will meet again, appearing in the sequel piloting the Epyon.
  • Treize is portrayed in an appealing way, not as an absolute evil, but as a villain who is concerned about the future of humanity, like Char Aznable in "Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack" and Master Asia in "Mobile Fighter G Gundam".


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