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The Treize Faction is a splinter group of OZ soldiers loyal to Treize Khushrenada.


Following the removal of Treize Khushrenada as the head of OZ by the Romefeller Foundation, many OZ troops rebelled against the foundation and formed the Treize Faction. Mainly following Treize's moral opposition to the foundation's growing use of Mobile Dolls, the faction became a major hindrance to the foundation causing somewhat of a civil war within OZ. The Treize Faction's headquarters was eventually located in Luxembourg, where Treize Khushrenada himself secretly resided. However, the HQ was soon demolished by the Romefeller Foundation and the Earth presence of the faction was destroyed. The space presence of the Treize Faction eventually reformed under the leadership of Quinze as the White Fang and forgot their allegiance to Treize in favor of a larger allegiance to space colonial life.

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