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The Treasure Star is a fictional space battleship from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Treasure Star.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

A ship that vaguely resembles the Diva-class cruiser, The Treasure Star is developed as an Interstellar Cruiser and also to transport, aid, and support Daiki and the AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Daiki Version, much different to the Diva of the Earth Federal Forces. Aside from carrying the Gundam the Treasure Star is also designed to carry a number of additional mobile suits to further support both the ship and the Gundam in battle. A special catapult called the "Revolver Catapult" is also implemented, modeled after a revolver is also developed in the ship itself which allows faster deployment of Mobile Suits. The unit's large shaped mast allows the ship to move faster in space.

The Treasure Star also houses the AGE Builder and its supporting computer system in the ventral section of the ship. The Builder can quickly construct new weapons and equipment for the Gundam. So far, the only equipment built is the Phoenix Wear.


  • Anti-Air Cannons
The Treasure Star is equipped with a large number of anti-air cannons (exact number currently unknown). The cannons appear to be able to adjust their angle in order to better target the enemy. The cannons also appear to be beam cannons.
  • Beam Cannons
The Treasure Star's primary anti-ship weapons are large scale beam cannons, of which there are at least two.
  • Mega Beam Cannon
Located in the bottom of the ship, the Mega Beam Cannon is designed as a large-scale DODS cannon. Its power output is yet unknown.

Special Equipment

  • Revolver Catapult
A Special hangar in the Treasure Star modeled after a revolver. It allows a much faster deployment of Mobile Suits in combat by shooting them out like bullets.


The Treasure Star first appeared in Chapter 1 of the manga, lead by X-Rounder captain Sirius. After Daiki's first battle against the Vagan, he became a member of the caravan and boarded the ship on their search for the Grand Wings.



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