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GSD Copernicus

Lunar City of Copernicus, location of the terror bombing.

The Tragedy of Copernicus took place on the Moon on the Lunar City Copernicus , on February 5th, C.E 70. The city was the site of negotiations between the United Nations and the PLANT, before a terrorist bombing claimed the lives of all the UN Leadership and the representatives of the Sponsor Nations. It is also the event which led to the Alaska Declaration, resulting in the founding of the Earth Alliance, which in turn led to the declaration of war between the Earth and PLANT.

Prelude to Tragedy

Due to mounting tensions between the Earth and the PLANT homeland, the Secretary General of the United Nations urged the representatives to meet with PLANT Chairman Siegel Clyne on the Lunar City of Copernicus.  


On February 5th, as the UN Leaders, along with represenatives of the Sponsor Nations, awaited for the arrival of Clyne, due to the Supreme Chairman's shuttle suffering a malfunction, a bomb exploded in the meeting hall. The resulting blast killed all the UN leaders, including the Secretary General, as well the Sponsor Nation representatives. 


Immediately following after the bombing, on February 7th, C.E. 70, the Earth Alliance, made up of the Atlantic Federation, the Eurasian Federation, the Republic of East Asia, and the South African Union, was founded. Then on February 11th, the EA declares war on the PLANTs, leading to the Bloody Valentine Incident on the 14th.

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