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Tobinin Hambarabi (also referred to simply as Hambrabi) is an SD Gundam Sengokuden character. He is featured in SD Gundam Mk-III. Tobinin Hambrabi is a slight SD variation of the mobile suit RX-139 Hambrabi from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam given an added mask and prayer beads.

Personality and Character

Hambrabi is a loyaly ninja of the Tobinin Clan and servant of the Army of Darkness. While his skills in combat prove to be comparable to that of Onmitsu Gundam his perception is not.


Hambrabi of the Tobinin clan appeared and challenged Onmitsu when he was sent by Shogundam to deliver a letter to Daishogun. He stood in the road with both blade and whip drawn in order to challenge Onmitsu. Onmitsu immediately recognized his origins and defended himself against Hambrabi's swift leap attack. The pair engaged in a ninja battle moving at progressively faster speed until in the end the two landed in a face off. The two stood staring at one another. Hambrabi did not sense murderous intent from Onmitsu and this perplexed him, but he knew that he should still regard him with caution.

Hambrabi continued to stand motionless facing Onmitsu until nightfall, into the night and then the next day at which point he realized that Onmitsu had used a Replacement Technique and what he had actually been staring at was a log.

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