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Chairman Durandal calls for the implementation of the "Destiny Plan", which is supposed to decide the fate of each individual on a genetic level. Only the Orb Union, the Kingdom of Scandinavia, and the Atlantic Federation reject this plan. ZAFT repairs Requiem and fires it at the Earth Alliance lunar base of Arzachel, killing the President of the Atlantic Federation. Terminal forces head towards Relay Station 1 of Requiem.


The Destiny Plan ― is to conduct thorough analysis of the DNA information of all people and place them to occupations consistent with their vocational aptitude, and by doing so, it creates a world where everyone lives happily. In other words, it is a completely controlled society where free will is not recognized. Durandal declared the execution of the plan in a determined attitude, but apart from Orb and the Kingdom of Scandinavia, who immediately rejects the plan, the world is having trouble reacting to this surprising proposition.

While the crew of the Minerva are also confused, Rey begins to speak and insist that Shinn is the only person who could protect the world where war never occurs and everyone lives happily. Rey then has a panic attack and takes some pills, which worries Shinn, but Shinn renews his determination to fight for Durandal and the world. Meanwhile, Durandal learns that an Alliance fleet of the Arzachel base is about to rebel, so he blasts the base with Requiem, which he secretly had it repaired. The crew of the Archangel and the others shudder in horror by his ruthless action, and launch to rendezvous with the Eternal in order to stop Durandal’s madness. In the meantime, Durandal sends orders for Shinn and Rey to come to Messiah and join him.

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