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To a Future that Never Ends is Phase-50 (Phase-48 in the HD Remastered) and the final episode of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED.


The Archangel, Eternal, and Kusanagi plunge into the battle, trying to keep both sides from using their weapons of mass destruction. Rau destroys Flay's escape shuttle, killing everyone on board. Flay's spirit visits the grief-stricken Kira to apologize and thank him. As Patrick Zala is gunned down by an officer after he decides to sacrifice even his own troops to attain victory, Kira destroys the Providence with the Freedom, while Athrun remote-destructs the Justice to destroy GENESIS. With both the PLANTs and the Earth Alliance forces in disarray, the renegade moderate faction of the PLANTs seize the opportunity to call for a ceasefire, effectively ending the war.


Important Events

Notes & Trivia

  • The words Countdown and Emergency found in the bomb were misspelled as Count Down (in two words) and Emergenncy with two N's respectively.
  • This episode shows Athrun detonating his own Mobile Suit for the second time.
  • This episode also shows Rau Le Creuset being unmasked for the second time.

HD Remastered Changes

  • Before the Raider explodes, its Spherical Breaker flails correctly.
  • The two GINN's from the original replaced to GuAIZ Experimental Firearms Type and CGUE DEEP Arms.



Mobile Weapons

Ships & Vehicles




Technology & Superweapons