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The Tivvay-class heavy cruiser (also known as the Chivvay-class Final Production Type), is an improved version of Chivvay-class heavy cruiser. The class appears in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

It is said that the ship which was greatly modified based on the Chivvay-class and is designed around MS transportation and combat. The anti-aircraft guns are now retractable, and the number of missile launchers was reduced to four, but the power of the mega particle guns was increased. The propulsion thermonuclear rocket engine has also improved significantly in thrust. In addition, the operational capability of MS, which was a problem of the Chivvay-class, has also been improved, the MS deck has been expanded, and a catapult has been installed at the bow.


  • Triple Mega Particle Gun
The primary weapons of the Tivvay-Class is a pair of three barrel mega particle gun turrets. These high-powered energy weapons have a long range and a heavy punch ideal for penetrating through thick armor. Thanks to the ship's more powerful reactor, these guns have a significantly higher output than the Chivvay-class of ships. One triple mega particle gun turret is in front of the bridge tower, with another on the rear of the vessel, aft of the bridge tower.
  • Missile Launcher
These missile launchers are equipped on the lower bow of the ship, two on each side.
  • Twin Anti-Aircraft Gun
The secondary weapons of the Tivvay-Class, these weapons serve primarily as anti-air/mobile suit defense weapons. This ship class's twin anti-aircraft turrets have the ability to retract into the hull when not in combat.
  • Nuclear Missile
The Tivvay-class can carry nuclear missiles onboard its main hangar bay. 


One known Tivvay-class cruiser is the Graf Zepplin in U.C. 0080. This vessel served as a flagship for Captain Von Helsing and his small Zeon taskforce, who were assigned to Operation Rubicon and dispatched with orders to rendezvous with Zeon's elite Cyclops commando unit. Graf Zepplin and her two Musai-class escorts, the Seigried and Valkerie, were to launch a diversionary attack on Side 6 to allow the Cyclops team entry. Later, these same three ships were used to ferry nuclear arms to Side 6 in anticipation of firing on Side 6's Libot Colony, which housed a Federation R&D base containing the RX-78NT-1 Gundam "Alex". However, the Graf Zepplin and her two escorts were intercepted by a Federation patrol in the vicinity of Side 6 before they could use the nuclear weapons, and surrendered to the Federation in late December UC 0079.


Notes & Trivia

  • The name Graf Zepplin may be in reference to the World War II German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, however that has not been confirmed.
  • Some publications list this ship type as a cruiser or a heavy cruiser, while other cite the vessel as a battleship, leaving some speculation as to what exactly this ships official classification is.
  • The number of anti-aircraft gun turrets on the Tivvay-class is unknown, as its never shown with the turrets out in the open.


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