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Titans Test Team (aka T3) was a special unit assembled to test the Titans' latest weapons. Their story is told in the Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans novel.


Created in U.C. 0084, The Titans Test Team, or “T3 Corps,” is a military unit formed to test prototype mobile weapons and gather data for the development of future Titans weapons. Titans Test Team members also participate in combat missions in order to collect battle data. The Black Otter team, or “Murphy team,” commanded by Lieutenant Wes Murphy is one of several subdivisions of the Titans Test Team. In addition to Murphy himself, its members include Eliard Hunter, Carl Matsubara, and Audrey April. Stationed aboard the Alexandria-class cruiser Aswan with their experimental machines, they participate in many battles on Earth and in space up until the conclusion of the Gryps Conflict.


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