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Tieria Erde (ティエリア・アーデ Tieria Āde?) is a Gundam Meister and one of the protagonists of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. Tieria is also an Innovade, acting as Veda's overseer to the Ptolemy Crew of Celestial Being, especially in Season 1. As Celestial Being's Gundam Meister, Tieria is assigned to pilot the GN-005 Gundam Virtue and the GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh during Season 1; he later pilots the GN-008 Seravee Gundam and the GN-009 Seraphim Gundam in Season 2. After the events in Season 2, Tieria becomes part of Veda as its living consciousness and holographic interface within Celestial Being. He operates CB-002 Raphael Gundam in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A wakening of the Trailblazer.


Personality & Character

Gundam Virtue and Tieria Erde

At the beginning of the series, Tieria was a negatively-stoic person; distrusting, strict, and self-righteous. Tieria merely tolerated the people around him for the sake of fulfilling his created purpose. He held both his position as a Gundam Meister and his ability to connect to Veda in high regard.[1] Like Ribbons Almark, Tieria prided himself as one of the central pieces to the Aeolia Plan. Because of these traits, which he thought as blessings, he built himself to be the type who goes by-the-book; to the point where he showed little interest and/or concern about the wellbeing of others. If a comrade ever threatened Celestial Being's objectives, he had no qualms about reprimanding them and/or killing them to preserve CB's integrity.[2] He treated Veda as an unquestionable entity and himself as its priest.[1] It is because of this narrow-minded focus and lack of care for others that he became the least popular among the crew members.

During the events of AD 2307-08 (Season 1), certain events began changing Tieria. The issue about someone sabotaging Veda (and later Veda being stolen from Celestial Being's grasp) left Tieria shaken and doubting about his life's real purpose.[3][4] However, with his comrades' help and support, Tieria eventually got up on his feet again. He learned to respect his fellow comrades and their views; especially Setsuna's view about being a Meister, Lockon's selfless acts to help others and Sumeragi wanting to atone for her past. Through them, Tieria learned of his own human aspects and gained a new purpose to keep fighting.[5]

By AD 2312 (Season 2), after being cut off from Veda for years, Tieria made great improvements with his human aspects. His ability to care and trust his fellow comrades made him more likeable with the Ptolemy Crew. The greatest change in character was his sense of faith in humanity. Tieria's heart opened to those around him and he developed a great sense of faith for Setsuna.[6][7][8] His relationship with his fellow crew members have improved so much that he learned how to joke around them.

Even though he made great improvements to himself as a human, he was still an Innovade; part of Tieria's loyalties was divided when Innovators told him the "truth" behind his true purpose and Aeolia's plan.[9] Tieria became greatly conflicted to follow either Aeolia's plan or to support those dear to him.[10] He eventually decided to reject the Innovators and to fight for humanity, going so far as

Tieria Erde (Holographic Interface, A.D. 2314)

to declare himself to be human,[8][11] and asserting his purpose to help guide humanity to Innovate and prepare for the upcoming dialogues.[12][13][14]

After losing his body after the fall of the Innovators, Tieria became a living consciousness in Veda.[13] Tieria continued to watch over the progress of humanity and the wellbeing of his comrades in Celestial Being. During the ELS Conflict in AD 2314, he returned to Celestial Being in a cloned physical body to help them realize the eventual dialogues with other lifeforms which Aeolia had foreseen two centuries ago.[14]

Skills & Abilities

As an Innovade, Tieria was created to adapt to the conditions of space and use of quantum brainwaves (QBWs). With his quantum brainwaves, Tieria is able to fully connect to the entire network of Veda, allowing him access to all information Veda has, up to Level 7.[15] Specifically designed as a Combat-type Innovade, Tieria has high potency in MS combat and coordinated military tactics for effectiveness in the battlefield.[16] It was noted that he could control Nadleeh just by thoughts alone.[17] He also has training in firearms and minor in MS technical training to maintain his Gundams.

Tieria in Nadleeh's Trial System

Entrusted with the power of Trial System, Tieria had the ability to disable any unit that was connected to Veda.[18] Due to Ribbons Almark's tampering with Veda (AD 2307, season 1), Tieria was locked away to access Veda[3] and couldn't interface his Gundam to activate Trial System.

During the 4-year gap (AD 2312, Season 2), Tieria further enhanced his training in aspects of MS engineering, MS combat, and general battleship operational skills; making him a more versatile Gundam Meister.[19] Tieria's brainwaves could be enhanced through exposure to high-grade and concentrated GN particles, stimulating his quantum abilities.[12] After Tieria's consciousness was transferred to Veda, Tieria had full control of the resources Innovators had access to, including access to Trial System for Seraphim Gundam.[12][13]

As Veda, he has the ability to expand his mind and will throughout the limits of computer networks. He can interface with all of CB technology and contains all the secrets of CB and Innovators. He also has remote access to manufacturing MS facilities to create mobile suits at his discretion and facilities to clone himself a new body.[14] This allows Tieria to return to his physical form whenever he wants. Should his physical body be killed, his consciousness is transferred back to Veda.[14] As a living consciousness within Veda, he can also transfer himself to any Veda-terminal and access data and systems, including GNT-0000 00 Qan[T].[14] Because Tieria has no age limit and can exist as living data, he is essentially immortal so long as his consciousness survives.



Tieria in incubation pod with other Innovades

Tieria was created by Celestial Being inside a controlled incubation chamber. Just like the rest of the Innovades, much of his development was closely monitored by Veda up until his release to human society. Not much of Tieria's early life had been revealed; not even the definite time when he was activated. However, it was revealed that in AD 2302, Tieria had been considered by Veda as a candidate Third Generation Gundam Meister. Veda had intended to not reveal Tieria's status as an Innovade to not destroy the harmony of the recruiting Human Gundam Meisters to Celestial Being.[20]

Becoming a Gundam Meister

In 2302 AD, Tieria was assigned to engage in a mock battle using the test Mobile Suit, GN-005/PH Gundam Virtue Physical, against GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel and GNR-000 GN Sefer, piloted by Gundam Meisters Grave Violento and Hixar Fermi.[20] During the mock battle, Tieria had the upper hand due to Virtue Physical's weaponry. Tieria was about to finish off Grave's Raisel with the GN Beam Cannon when Hixar's pod got in the way, taking the brunt of the blast and severely burning him. According to Ian, Virtue Physical's blast had been tampered with to kill either Grave or Hixar in the battle.

After the incident, Grave found out from Veda that Tieria showed great concern about Hixar, inquiring about his condition multiple times. Because of Tieria's human heart, Grave approved of him to become a Gundam Meister.[20]

In the year 2305 AD, Tieria was officially given the GN-005 Gundam Virtue (and in extension the GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh) to operate. He joined his fellow Gundam Meisters Allelujah Haptism, Lockon Stratos and Setsuna F. Seiei to prepare for Celestial Being's armed interventions that would take place the 2 years later. During the introduction of Setsuna (at the time 14) to the team, Tieria and Allelujah questioned Setsuna's appointment as a Gundam Meister, for they thought he was too young for the job. However, since Veda approved of Setsuna, Tieria didn't further challenge Setsuna's appointment in the position.

World Armed Intervention Campaign

In the year A.D. 2307, Gundam Meisters Setsuna and Lockon had been sent to Earth to performed their first armed intervention in the AEU military base in Africa. Meanwhille, Tieria and Allelujah remained in space to intervene in a terrorist attack that was about to happen at the HRL's orbital station, Tenchu (Heaven's Pillar).

Virtue during Celestial Being's first armed intervention

During the HRL's celebration of Tenchu's 10th Year Anniversary of its Solar Power Generation, a group of terrorists in their AEU-05 AEU Hellions, attempted to blow up a section of Tenchu's low orbital space station. The terrorists took the harsh path toward the space station, taking the HRL security agencies by surprise. During the unexpected attack, Tieria and Allelujah, in their Gundams, intervened against the terrorists, destroying all of the armed Hellions prepared to destroy the orbital station.

Many of the HRL's guests inside the orbital station witnessed the battle, noting the strange mobile suits that appeared at the scene. Not long after, a video of Aeolia Schenberg was released to the media world wide, announcing the objectives of Celestial Being.

I would like to address this statement to every single human being born and raised on Earth. We call ourselves simply Celestial Being. We are a private armed organization in possession of the mobile weapon, Gundam. The main objective of Celestial Being's activities is to completely eliminate acts of war from this world.

—Aeolia Schenberg, A.D. 2307

During the announcement, Tieria was in Ptolemy watching the news, noting how Celestial Being was starting to challenge the world.

Ethnic Conflict in Ceylon

HRL Container Ship being destroyed by Virtue's Beam Blast

After Celestial Being's announcement of their objective to the world, the Gundam Meisters then performed another Armed Intervention against an ethnic conflict in the island of Ceylon (former nation of Sri Lanka). The Gundam Meisters had different roles in the operation; Tieria was responsible for destroying the naval forces surrounding the Ceylon shoreline. The operation in Ceylon did not produce any immediate results; however, it was made to show that Celestial Being was serious about eliminating conflicts, no matter how long the conflicts had been going on.

The Gundams retreated from the Ceylon territory as a group after their intervention, with the exception of Gundam Exia. With Setsuna taking an independent action from their plan, Tieria doubted the reason Setsuna was chosen as a Gundam Meister again.

Tieria returned to space not long after the operation. His Gundam Virtue was left powering the Ptolemaios through its GN Drive while the other 3 Gundams continued to perform their operations worldwide. Tieria stayed in the CBS-70 Ptolemaios (Ptolemy) with the rest of the crew, monitoring the progress of Celestial Being's operations and judging other Gundam Meisters' actions.

Moralia & AEU Military Exercise

The Republic of Moralia (PMC Trust) and AEU announced a joint military operation to make a stand against Celestial Being. Tieria sortied in Virtue and joined the rest of the Gundam Meisters to intervene against the military exercise in Moralia, citing it as a source of conflict.

During the battle, the Gundams destroyed the massive defensive net prepared by the AEU and Moralian private army. Tieria and Allelujah put the enemy's aerial formation into disarray, while Setsuna and Lockon took out the enemy ground forces one by one. Hundreds of enemy Hellions were decimated within minutes.

In an unusual turn of events, while the rest of the Gundam Meisters were cleaning out the remaining enemy forces, Setsuna inexplicably exited out his cockpit to confront against the pilot of an enemy Enact. The action almost put Celestial Being's plan into jeopardy, until Lockon Stratos stepped in and drove the enemy Enact away. Celestial Being's tactician Sumeragi Lee Noriega was forced to improvise their plan to keep it going. As the Gundam Meisters skipped to the final phase of their operation, Tieria Erde coldly told Setsuna that he would shoot Setsuna himself if he ever pulled an unnecessary stunt again, even if it cost them a GN Drive.

The battle at the Moralian headquarters, which was the last phase in the Gundam Meisters's armed intervention, lasted 5 minutes; the Gundams completely decimated all of the armed mobile suits in the area. With no more reinforcements coming in from the AEU, Moralia fired their white flares to signal their unconditional surrender to Celestial Being.

After the operation, at their secret hideout in the Pacific, Lockon confronted Setsuna about his inexplicable stunt back at Moralia. As Lockon request for an excuse, Setsuna refused to give a reason for his action.

Tieria and Setsuna pointing their sidearms at each other

This prompted Tieria to pull a gun on Setsuna, citing his actions as liability to the team, which would put them at risk. Setsuna, who refused to be terminated from the plan, also pulled out his gun, making the situation worse. Allelujah then tried to reason with both of them, explaining that Veda might have chosen each one of them, even Setsuna, for a reason. Both of them withdrew their sidearms, with Tieria expecting Setsuna to show the true reason why he was chosen as a Gundam Meister in the future. Setsuna then explained that him being alive was enough reason that he was meant to be a Gundam Meister, baffling both Tieria and Lockon.

La Edenra Terrorist Attacks

Shortly after the operation at Moralia, the Gundam Meisters were informed by Ian Vashti about the simultaneous terrorist bombings that had happened across the globe. According to the Celestial Being Agent Wang Liu Mei, the terrorist acts were done by an unknown group trying to coerce Celestial Being to cease its operations through threatening the lives of many innocent civilians.

While Lockon and Allelujah showed concerns about the civilian casualties, Tieria scoffed at the attempts of the unknown terrorist group. Ian and the rest were surprised about Tieria’s words, but Tieria continued that civilian killings and casualties were at the scope of the Plan, and Celestial Being’s action would continue despite such happenings. Lockon was agitated by Tieria’s statement and started grabbing Tieria by the collar. With Lockon’s reaction, Tieria then questioned if Lockon really hated terrorism that much, despite the fact that they were already a terrorist group themselves. Setsuna finally intervened with the ongoing commotion and reminded them that it was still their duty as Celestial Being’s Gundam Meisters to intervene with the terrorist group’s actions regardless of the issue.

Virtue taking out La Edenra's base in Marshall Islands

After most of the Ptolemy Crew gathered at Celestial Being’s base in the Pacific, the Gundam Meisters were ordered to standby at different locations and await further orders. It was later leaked that the organization responsible for the indiscriminate attacks were the La Edenra terrorist group. With the information at hand, the Gundam Meisters were immediately dispatched to destroy 3 of La Edenra’s bases around the world. Tieria was responsible for attacking La Edenra’s base at the HRL Marshall Islands.

HRL Gundam Capture Operation

Determined to end Celestial Being and capture the Gundams, the HRL's Chobu Special Forces team launched an operation of spreading hundreds of their communication devices around their geostationary orbit in hopes of pinpointing Celestial Being presence in the area. The Ptolemy Crew was performing a maintenance check near one of the HRL orbital rings when they found out a net of the HRL communications was detecting their position. The crew was scrambled into their positions and the Gundams were launched to intercept the incoming HRL forces.

Sumeragi sent Virtue and Kyrios as a diversion to the incoming HRL forces. The enemy forces were supposed to ignore the diversion, making way for the two Gundams to make their pincer attack upon the enemy. However, the commander of the HRL Chobu forces, Sergei Smirnov, responded to Celestial Being's diversion with his own diversion. This tactic distracted Tieria and Allelujah, stalling them from turning back to Ptolemy as the HRL forces attacked their ship.

As Tieria returned from dealing with the HRL diversions, he noticed that Allelujah let Kyrios be captured by the enemy forces. This prompted Tieria to point the Virtue's GN Bazooka towards the HRL transport holding Kyrios captive, judging Allelujah unfit to be a Gundam Meister. However, before he could fire, he was intercepted by the HRL's MSJ-06II-SP Tieren Taozi. The two units were then locked into a mobile suit battle. Tieria was amazed by the Taozi's mobility and enhanced reaction rate compared to the average Tierens.

Eventually, Kyrios managed to escaped from the fleeing HRL transport that was keeping it captive. With the "Winged Gundam" out of their reach, the HRL Chobu team decided to capture Virtue, not wanting their operation to end in failure. Six Tierens suddenly interfered in the battle between the Virtue and Taozi and restrained the large Gundam from moving using carbon wire and bonding gel. Tieria attempted to retaliate, but even the Virtue's

Nadleeh firing Virtue's GN Cannons

armaments were rendered useless by the enemy. With Virtue then overpowering the Tierens restraining it, Sergei ordered the Taozi's pilot, Soma Peries, to sever any part of Virtue to keep it from moving. Left with no choice, Tieria activated the Nadleeh System, purging off Virtue's armor and revealing the GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh. Tieria was released from the enemy's binds and began eliminating the Tierens with Virtue's shoulder GN Cannons. The remaining units from the HRL Chobu Team immediately began retreating.

After the battle, Tieria was left emotionally upset that he revealed Gundam Nadleeh so early in their operations. This made him question his right to be a Gundam Meister and as a steward to Veda in carrying on Aeolia's Plan; his confidence and ego were shaken by the event. After recovering a bit from the trauma, he then took his frustrations out on Sumeragi's inability to predict the enemy actions when he returned to Ptolemy.

The Super Soldier Institute

While Lockon and Setsuna were sent to Africa for an armed intervention, the Ptolemy Crew set out for Lagrange 4 to perform an attack in the HRL space colony, Quanqiu (Complete Sphere). Veda approved a mission plan proposed by Allelujah Haptism of destroying the HRL Superhuman Research Institute. Tieria looked at the details of the mission through Veda, along with the objective's connection to Allelujah's past.

Tieria, in Virtue, was to act as back up to Allelujah as they infiltrate the space colony. As he saw Allelujah off, Tieria told himself that Allelujah needed to handle his past on his own if that was what would make him a true Meister. Virtue decimated the three space Tierens that appeared to attack them. It wasn't long that Allelujah finished his mission and destroyed the Superhuman Research facility in Quanqui.

Intervention in Taklamakan Desert

After months of armed interventions, the Ptolemy Crew decided to take a quick leave from their duties and rest for a while. Most of the crew, including Tieria, stayed at the Wang mansion on Earth to relax. Despite being on vacation, Tieria didn't waste anytime to analyze Celestial Being's past missions and accomplishments. Aside from some problems, he remarked that Celestial Being was on the right track with Veda's predictions as they managed to eliminate around 38% of armed conflicts around the world and 60% of munitions companies.

Later, Wang Liu Mei announced to the Ptolemy Crew that the three power blocs (AEU, HRL and Union) decided to work together for a joint military exercise in the near future.

Tieria during the team's meeting about the joint military exercise

It came as a surprise to the crew that the three blocs were suddenly in friendly terms, but it was likely that Celestial Being's continued operations forced the blocs to work together. Lasse suggested for Celestial Being not to intervene in the operation, but Tieria noted that there was likely more to the huge military exercise other than a warning to Celestial Being that was at stake. Sumeragi agreed with Tieria's sentiments and immediately asked Liu Mei to gather more information about the operation as soon as possible. As the meeting was being adjourned, Tieria thought to himself if it was part of human whim that the world was taking action faster than what Veda had predicted.

After the announcement of the joint military exercise to the public, Tieria met with Sumeragi to talk about the details of the operation. Just as they predicted, there would likely be a conflict during the exercise as it was to take place in Taklamakan Desert. Other than the military exercise itself, the information about the Taklamakan Desert having an enriched uranium dump site had been leaked to the world and it was now the target of a possible terrorist attack. The Gundam Meisters were to intervene to stop the attack from happening, but Sumeragi showed concern about the possible intervention from the three power blocs once they spotted the Gundams. Tieria waved Sumeragi's concern aside as he noted that it is still their duty to intervene as they were Celestial Being's Gundam Meisters.

The Gundams sortied to Taklamakan Desert to stop the terrorist attack to the region's nuclear facility. While Dynames and Kyrios took care of the terrorist threats in the area, the power blocs inevitably found them and pinned the Gundams down with mobile suit and missile attacks. Tieria used Virtue's GN Bazooka in Burst Mode to create a trench for Dynames and Kyrios to fight in while Setsuna defended Tieria's position. Despite this, the other Gundams were also bombarded by waves of swift attacks. The attacks lasted for many hours and eventually became a desperate battle of attrition; Tieria and Setsuna continued to defend and counterattack against the enemy attacks for 15 hours.

Virtue trapped by the AEU capture squad

During the 15th hour, the enemy bombardment suddenly stopped. Tieria and Setsuna took this opportunity to split up and retreat from the battlefield. However, as Virtue was hovering away, an AEU Enact and a group of Hellions appeared. The accompanying Hellions took advantage of Virtue's slow mobility to quickly imprison it in an energy field. Fortunately, as the Virtue was being transported away, a set of red beams suddenly attacked all of the enemy mobile suits nearby. As he looked up, Tieria noticed the red particles being emitted from the mobile suit that rescued him.

The atmosphere of the battlefield was later covered with red GN particles. With the enemy communications down because of the GN Stealth Field, the Gundams took their opportunity to continue their escape. As Tieria retreated, he questioned the existence of the newly arrived Gundams as they were not mentioned anywhere in Veda's plans.

Meeting Team Trinity

The new Gundam Meisters left a coordinate to the Gundam Meisters for the Ptolemy Crew to meet them in space. Despite the doubts about the new team, the crew decided to launch towards the rendezvous point in able to get answers regarding the existence of the new Gundams. As the Trinity mothership was caught on sight and was assumed of its intentions, Sumeragi called all the Gundam Meisters to come with her to meet the newly arrived Gundam Meisters at the docking area.

The three Gundam Meisters called themselves Team Trinity, a group of Gundam Meister siblings assigned to pilot the Gundam Throne units.

Tieria talking to Setsuna about the Trinity Siblings

As Tieria observed the new Gundam Meisters, he noticed that they, especially the younger siblings, had some carefree and immature attitudes, which he spotted as unfitting characteristics for a Gundam Meister. As the groups decided to go to the briefing room to discuss more matters, Tieria noticed that Setsuna shared the same doubts about the new Meisters;[21] he came by and said to him, "This is the first time you and I agree."

The meeting didn't produce any answers to their questions as the Trinity kept their lips sealed concerning the issues about their existence and their Gundams'. With the conversation going nowhere, together with Michael Trinity's rude behavior, Tieria left the meeting very early. Tieria later went to the Ptolemy's Veda terminal to look through any files concerning the Trinity, but to his surprise, Nena Trinity was already inside the terminal looking at Veda' files. He demanded for an explanation as to how she got in, but she vaguely replied that she got in the "normal" way. Team Trinity left soon after, but also left a lot of unanswered questions and suspicions about them.

Trinity Armed Intervention Campaign

The Trinity's began their own missions, attacking military bases and indiscriminanently killing civilians in the process. With huge casualties, these total annihilation tactics soured public opinion of the Gundams and Celestial Being as a whole. Ptolemy Crew also grew weary of the Trinity's actions, but kept their distance until everything was better understood and they were able to come up with a plan. Ian Vashti revealed that the Throne Gundams were using the same technology as their Gundams, with the GN Drives being the only difference (Pseudo GN Drives). With the construction of the new Gundams kept secret from the organization all this time, the Ptolemy Crew's suspicions about a traitor stealing info from Veda became apparent.

Level 7: Access Denied

With the existence of the Throne Gundams, the Pseudo GN Drives and the Trinity, Sumeragi Lee Noriega suggested that Veda might have been hacked by someone to pursue his/her own goals.

Tieria floating inside Veda terminal after being rejected access

Tieria refused to admit the possibility and decided to investigate throughout Veda's files himself.[1] Among the Ptolemy Crew, Tieria was the only one who could access Veda up to its highest data level. As he approached the Level 7 data, he noticed anomalies with its files, as they were likely tampered by someone else. As he decided to looked carefully on the files though, he was immediately kicked out of the system and was denied access on the said files. This surprised Tieria, as he was supposed to have access to any of the files up to Level 7. He tried again to access files starting from Level 1, but was denied with them too.[1] As he floated inside the Veda terminal, he began to question, "Just what is going on Veda?"

Meisters Vs Meisters

After the Team Trinity's attack at the Iris Corporation Factory in Iowa, which killed 800 civilian workers, Setsuna with Exia decided to attack the Thrones for their acts of massacre and illicitly using the Gundams (embodiment of Celestial Being's ideology) to justify their acts. Tieria also felt the same way; he sortied in Virtue and joined in the fight with Setsuna to face the three Gundam Thrones.

For the first time, the two Gundam Meisters saw eye-to-eye in battle. Despite being outnumbered, Tieria knew that they would be assured of victory thanks to the presence of Setsuna.[22] He felt he could "trust" Setsuna, for they both shared the same goal and for the fact that Setsuna's capabilities could be counted on at the time.[22] The two Gundam Meisters instantaneously assumed battle formations against the Team Trinity. This evened, or even lessened the effect of, the number advantage the Thrones had against them.

As the Throne Eins and Drei prepared to attack Exia with the GN Mega Launcher, Virtue stopped them with its beam saber. The Thrones dodged the attack and quickly trapped the Virtue for a point blank beam attack. With Virtue's slow mobility hindering its ability to dodge the attack, Tieria finally unleashed Nadleeh and activated its Trial System. The two Thrones quickly stopped moving and fell toward the ground below. As Tieria looked down on them, he explained,

Tieria about to attack while in Nadleeh's Trial System

I can take control of all machines that are linked with Veda; and now you know what the Gundam Nadleeh's true power is. For I was the only one who was given this power, I can trigger the Trial System for Gundam Meisters! You have brought dishonour onto the Gundam Meisters, and for that you deserve ten thousand deaths!

Tieria was about to destroy the Throne Eins, when the Trial System suddenly shut off. The Gundam Throne quickly dodged Tieria's attack and, together with Throne Drei, it flew back to the air above Nadleeh. Tieria wondered why the Trial System was switched off and immediately realized it had something to do with his rejected access privilege on Veda's files. The Thrones were about to attack Tieria on the ground, when Lockon Stratos in his Gundam Dynames covered for him.

With Dynames joining in the battle, the Team Trinity made a tactical retreat. However before they go, Johann Trinity intentionally spilled incriminating information regarding Setsuna's KPSA past in relation to Lockon's vengeance, whose true name was Neil Dylandy.

Lockon's Confrontation

After returning to their base in the Pacific, Lockon started questioning Setsuna about his involvement with the KPSA. Tieria watched on the side and listened to their conversation. There, Tieria came to understand Lockon's motivation for being a Gundam Meister and his hatred of terrorists for killing his family in a KPSA terrorist act in the past. Setsuna explained his story to Lockon as well, about how he became a child soldier for God under the guidance of the KPSA leader, Ali al-Saachez, and how he learned that there was no such God in the world. From him, Tieria finally learned the reason why Setsuna exited his cockpit at Moralia; to confront Saachez about where his preached God was.

Tieria watches Setsuna and Lockon's conversation

Lockon pointed his gun at Setsuna during the conversation; he shot it once, but deliberately missed hitting Setsuna. Seeing Lockon's determination to avenge his family and Setsuna's hard personality, Tieria decided not to greatly interfere with their confrontation as he wanted to see the outcome that would come out of it.[23] However, in the end, tensions immediately ceased and they even laughed at Setsuna's obsession on being a Gundam personified. As he smiled, Tieria said to himself, "So, this is being human..."

Operation Fallen Angels

After the Trinity's continued armed interventions, the three power blocs (Advanced European Union, the Human Reform League, and the Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations) finally decided to combine their forces to fight against the Gundams as the United Nations Forces, an armed coalition under the direct control of the United Nations. With the announcement, the first part of Aeolia's Plan was completed as the world united thanks to CB's armed interventions. However, the fact that Team Trinity triggered the outcome was unsettling to the Gundam Meisters. The power blocs' alliance also came around as suspicious as their military were at low at the time due to the Trinity's operations. Adding the fact that Team Trinity's data didn't exist in Veda's files and that Veda's files had been tampered by someone else, Tieria expressed unease with the swift flow of events. After the power blocs' announcement at the UN meeting, Sumeragi Lee Noriega ordered for the Gundam Meisters on Earth to return to the Ptolemy in space with their Gundams.

UN Forces Counteroffensive

After loading their Gundams in the Ptolemy, Tieria, Lockon and Setsuna went straight to the bridge to report their arrival to Sumeragi. While talking about their current situation, Tieria asked Sumeragi for his punishment for attacking Team Trinity without authorization. Having the same sentiments about Tieria's decision at the time, Lockon and Sumeragi told him not to worry about it.

Tieria, with Lockon and Setsuna, reporting to Sumeragi

Tieria knew that it was unthinkable to just brush away his insubordination, but he understood and decided to accept what they were trying to say.[24] Just then, he realized he was agreeing to something illogical, and couldn't help but smile to himself as a result.[24]

Just after the Gundam Meister's arrival, Christina Sierra reported that Team Trinity was attacking the HRL's Guangzhou Garrison Base. However, the Gundam Thrones immediately retreated after the presence of 10 new mobile suits at the hands of the HRL's Chobu Squadron. These mobile suits each contained a pseudo solar reactor; the same as the Gundam Thrones. With the news of the HRL's Chobu Squad victory over the Gundam Thrones beginning to spread, the Ptolemy Crew and the Gundam Meisters learned that the following battles against the world would be fought with GN Drives; Gundams against Gundams.

Later, Tieria took the time to watch the GN-Xs' performance against the Thrones on his own inside the ship's briefing room. While watching, the fact that someone else was manipulating Veda finally sunk into him. However, with them not relying on Veda, he began to doubt on how they could properly fight against those with solar reactors. Just then, Lockon entered the room to give Tieria some words of encouragement. He mentioned that they could still fight even without Veda, as long as they have the Gundams and their tactical forecaster, Sumeragi Lee Noriega.

Lockon (right) confronting Tieria

Tieria then expressed his doubts on Sumeragi because of the crime she had done in the past, but Lockon noted that everybody makes mistakes. Lockon added that Sumeragi chose to fight to make up for her past and explained that it was normal for humans to do so. With Lockon's explanation, Tieria got the hint that Lockon knew what he is and tried to ask Lockon about it, but they were cut off by Allelujah relaying Sumeragi's orders for them to standby in the Ptolemy Containers. Before they head out, Lockon told Tieria that since the world had turned against them, it was important for them to work together as a team. Tieria understood his sentiment but noted that it was better if Lockon gave the advice to Setsuna, which Lockon smilingly agreed.

The UN Forces, consisting of representatives from the AEU and Union, inevitably located the Ptolemy Crew's location and launched 19 of their GN-X units to destroy the Ptolemaios and the Gundams. The Gundam Meisters were immediately ordered to launch with their Gundams and engage the incoming enemy mobile suits. Early on, the GN-Xs clearly showed that they could match against the power of the Gundams; one instance, a GN-X's beam shot cleanly nullified Virtue's GN-Field. Not only that, the UN Forces also overwhelmed the Gundam Meisters in numbers. The Gundams were clearly at a disadvantage.

During the battle, Tieria overheard Allelujah's comment that they were meant to be sacrifices for the Plan. Tieria refused to believe it and couldn't help but get angry about the possibility.[25] He was still connected with Veda; there was no way he could believe he was abandoned for the Plan.[25] He also felt anger towards the traitor who leaked their technology to the UN Forces.[25] With all these thoughts, Tieria used his frustrations to fight against the GN-Xs. However, just as he was about to blast one of the GN-Xs with the GN Bazooka, Virtue's operating system suddenly went off. The traitor finally used Veda's powers to sabotage the Gundams, ceasing all operations.

Tieria in darkness as his support from Veda was cut off

Tieria attempted to reconnect with Veda, but he was completely shut off from the system. He fell into complete despair,[26] as Veda, the one entity that give meaning to his existence, had finally abandoned him.

Sumeragi immediately ordered the Stand Alone Operating System for Gundams to be implemented to save the Gundam Meisters from being killed by the UN Forces. The Gundams were finally able to move and resume combat; all except for Virtue. Tieira wasn’t accepting the system and appeared to be not responding. Eventually, the GN-X of Lt. Patrick Colasour made its way to Virtue and tried to stab it with its GN Beam Saber. Lockon immediately noticed the problem with Virtue and decided to let Dynames take the blow to save Tieria. Tieria was at dazed at the time until he saw the red beam coming out of Dynames’ back. He was horrified that one of his comrades was hurt because of him. The subsequent sorrow and guilt hit him very hard and caused him to momentarily black out as the GN-X tried to stab Virtue one more time.[27] Fortunately, Lasse Aeon in GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E came into the battlefield in time to disarm the enemy mobile suit.

The appearance of the mobile armor forced the UN Forces to immediately withdraw its forces from the battlefield. The Ptolemy Crew quickly recovered the Gundams and attended to Lockon's injuries.

Tieria's Sorrow

Tieria mourning for hurting Lockon

Lockon was immediately sent to the infirmary right after the battle. The Gundam Meisters, with Sumeragi, followed there to look over Lockon's condition, except for Tieria. Tieria didn't go, as the guilt of having Lockon hurt weighed heavily on him. To add to his guilt, the fact that Veda had abandoned him left him in despair. He was alone in sorrow on the observation deck, thinking about all these in his mind.[28]

Soon, Lockon arrived to greet him. Tieria saw through the glass of the observation deck that Lockon wore an eye patch over his shooting right eye. Tieria couldn't bear to look at him.[29] Lockon asked Tieria to return to his high and mighty self, but Tieria felt he lost his edge and became unfit to be a Gundam Meister as he lost his ability to link to Veda. There was weakness in his voice, but couldn't help telling Lockon about what he felt.[29] However, Lockon consoled him that despite not having Veda, they could still continue the plan as long as they have their Gundams. Tieria expressed his doubts, but Lockon added that they had a chance as long as they did it. He pointed to Setsuna as an example among them, as wanting to use the power of Exia to change the world. As Lockon left the room and asked him to get some rest, Tieria apologized about what happened earlier. Lockon told him to not mind it as making mistakes was what makes them human.

Aeolia's Message

With the Chobu Squad chasing Team Trinity, Tieria and the rest of the Ptolemy Crew observed their battles on the news. The group was contemplating the possibility of defeat as the world had the power to crush them and wondered if it was all part of Aeolia Schenberg's Plan for them. However, Setsuna had a different view about the matter and decided to go to Earth, accompanied by Lasse, to find out the true purpose of the Gundams. Lockon tried to encourage Tieria to come with Setsuna, but Tieria coldly brushes off Lockon's assertion.

While heading to one of their bases in Lagrange 1, Tieria and the rest of the crew received a pre-recorded message from Aeolia Schenberg. At that time, Alejandro Corner triggered Veda's system trap when he shot Aeolia in cryogenic sleep.

Tieria (right) with the Gundam Meisters listening to Aeolia's speech

The five original solar reactors gained access to their Trans-Am System. On the comm, Aeolia declared,

To those who use GN Drives: I don't know whether you will carry my will, however I entrust you my final hope to you, full utilization of your GN Drives. I hope that you will use them and fight your hardest for the sake of ending war and bringing about a new peace. Not for the sake of Celestial Being, but for the sake of your own wills, as those who have Gundams.

Stop the World

Celestial Being had docked at the Lagrange 1 Resource Satellite to repair the Ptolemaios and give field upgrades to the Gundams, with an extra GN Bazooka for Virtue. While there, Tieria and the Meisters were debriefed on the mechanisms and the weaknesses of the Trans-Am System. They also received a message from Setsuna, reporting that the UN Forces were on their way to outer space and that the Throne Zwei had been captured by Ali al-Saachez. Eventually, Chris notified the crew of the incoming UN Forces Fleet, including the Throne Zwei. Tieria and Allelujah sortied with their Gundams. Lockon, on the other hand, was forced to standby. Tieria had locked Lockon in his room to prevent him from going out into battle. Before Tieria sortied, he declared, "This time, I have decided that I'm going to protect him."

After performing a preemptive attack, the Virtue and Kyrios split up to divide the enemy forces. Tieria was able to defend and counterattack against the enemy GN-X forces at first, but was forced into disadvantage after receiving damages from Throne Zwei's Fangs. The fangs managed to destroy one of

Virtue's Burst Mode attack in Trans-Am

Virtue's GN Field emitters, which as a result weakened Virtue's GN-Field enough for the GN-Xs' beams to pierce through. Tieria was left bracing inside his cockpit as the enemy beams slowly chipped away the Gundam's outer armor. As a last resort, Tieria activated Virtue's Trans-Am and tried to blast through most of the GN-Xs using the GN Bazooka. However, the attack quickly depleted Virtue's particles, forcing Tieria to go on the defensive once again. As the situation seemed hopeless, Lockon Stratos in GN-002+GNR-001D GN Armor Type-D suddenly appeared on the battlefield and took out some of the enemy forces. Tieria called on Lockon and reminded him about his injury, but Lockon just brushed his concerns aside, declaring that he was there to fight. Lockon then delved deep into the enemy forces, planning to take out all of their available carrier ships.

Eventually, the enemy forces retreated as most of their ships and mobile suits were destroyed in battle. The Gundams returned safely to the Ptolemy. However, Lockon didn't returned and was killed in his battle against Ali al-Saachez. After learning of Lockon's fate, Tieria and the whole Ptolemy Crew mourned for his passing.

Last Stand

Tieria venting his frustration about Lockon's death to Setsuna

After the last battle, Setsuna and Lasse returned to the Ptolemy. Tieria tried to blame Setsuna's decision to sortie to Earth as the reason for Lockon's demise, but Sumeragi slaps and scolded him to help on the repairs instead of complaining about the past. The Gundams, aside from Exia, received significant damages from the last fight. Virtue's Particle Armor was heavily damaged, and Ian decided to work on preparing Gundam Nadleeh to sortie with its custom GN Beam Rifle and GN Shield for the next battle. Despite the losses that Celestial Being took from the previous fight, Tieria and the rest of the Gundam Meisters decided to fight against the UN Forces one last time to prove their might to the world. After Tieria finished working on Nadleeh, Allelujah reminded him about Nadleeh's low particle supply. However, Tieria brushed them off as he was determined on avenging Lockon's death. Eventually the UN Forces returned, accompanied by a golden mobile armor as reinforcements along with more GN-X's. The mobile armor made preemptive attacks on the Ptolemy, destroying one of the ship's particle emitters. The GNR-001E GN Arms Type-E was ordered to take out the mobile armor, while Nadleeh and Kyrios was to engage the incoming GN-Xs teams. Tieria faced the team of 5 GN-Xs going to the right of the Ptolemaios.

Tieria managed to kept the GNX team at bay, reserving Nadleeh's Trans-Am. Nadleeh has limited particle reserve and Tieria wanted to limit its particle use during the battle. However, not long, a blast from the enemy mobile armor has reached Ptolemy and damaged its right side. Tieria was furious that the enemy had managed to seriously damaged the Ptolemy. He made a vow to Lockon that he would protect Ptolemy and their comrades at all cost,[5] but he let his doubts about Nadleeh to hold him back. Angered by the enemy and his own weakness, he made a resolve to finally activate Nadleeh's Trans-Am. With it, he managed to finally destroy 3 of the enemy GN-Xs. However, as he was about to destroy the remaining enemies, another blast from the enemy mobile armor caught Nadleeh's right leg and threw the Gundam off its guard.


Tieria firing his last shots in Nadleeh

The remaining GN-Xs used this opportunity to fire back, as they tore off Nadleeh legs and left arm with beam attacks. Tieria was badly wounded,[30] but decided to fight back for the sake of the Plan and his vow to Lockon. With only the right MS arm, Tieria fired Nadleeh's last two shots at the two attacking GN-Xs. The shots destroyed the enemy mobile suits, but at the same time, one of the GN-Xs also took out Nadleeh's head. The remains of Nadleeh was damaged beyond repair and Tieria used his last strength to eject its GN Drive for Celestial Being to recover.

Aftermath & Rebuilding

After the end of the battle, Tieria drifted aimlessly in space in Nadleeh's cockpit. Tieria had already accepted his death by releasing Nadleeh's GN Drive, but Celestial Being managed to recover him and had him treated for his injuries.

The United Nations Forces declared Operation Fallen Angels a success, having destroyed the Ptolemy and captured the Kyrios along with Allelujah. Setsuna F. Seiei and Exia were never recovered and was listed as MIA. Members of the Ptolemy Crew were also killed in battle, including Christina Sierra, Joyce B. Moreno and Lichtendahl Tsery. Due to the losses, Sumeragi also left the organization after the incident.

Tieria and Ptolemaios Crew in 2311 A.D

The remaining members of Celestial Being, together with Tieria, decided to hide their presence from the world and slowly recuperate from their losses.

After recovering from his injuries, Tieria assisted Celestial Being by helping them rebuild their facilities and testing out the new Gundams in development. By AD 2312, Tieria and the rest of Celestial Being recovered sufficiently to begin stealth operations in between developing the GN-0000 00 Gundam and searching for their comrades.

Celestial Being Returns

The year was 2312 AD, 4 years after Celestial Being's defeat at Lagrange 1. The authoritarian Earth Sphere Federation has begun an aggressive campaign of unification through their autonomous military force, the A-Laws. The united world that CB had fought for never came and only evolved into another source of conflict. Tieria and the rest of Celestial Being quietly prepared for their return to destroy the A-Laws.

Searching for Setsuna

Tieria had been assisting Ian in his Twin Drive System test runs on GN-0000 00 Gundam with little success. With all possible GN Drive combination attempted upon 00, Exia's GN Drive was the last one untested. Setsuna and Exia had been missing since the Battle at Lagrange 1. Intelligence from Wang Liu Mei suggested that Setsuna F. Seiei would appear again during the A-Laws' operation in the Space Colony Proud at Lagrange 4. Knowing Setsuna, Tieria decided to sortie in GN-008 Seravee Gundam to the space colony.

Upon reaching Proud, Tieria saw the battered Gundam Exia in trouble against the new A-Laws' mobile suits. Tieria fired upon the battlefield to cover for Setsuna. During the battle, Seravee destroyed one of the enemy mobile suits, which then caused the A-Laws MS group to retreat immediately. As the A-Laws left the area, Tieria greeted Setsuna over the comm, noting how long it was since both of them talked to each other. Tieria and Setsuna then continued their conversation inside Proud's airlock.

Tieria meeting Setsuna (left) after 4 years

During the conversation, Tieria met Saji Crossroad, Setsuna's former neighbour. Saji was angry at Celestial Being for leading to his sister's murder and his girlfriend's injury. He took Setsuna's sidearm and pointed it at Setsuna. Tieria could only watch the situation develop before his eyes, but ultimately Saji didn't fire the gun. Later, after taking the two back to CBS-74 Ptolemaios 2, Tieria sent Saji in Ptolemy's brig for holding. There, Tieria questioned Saji why he didn't kill Setsuna. Saji reasoned he didn't want to be a killer like them. Tieria told Saji that he should be grateful to Setsuna because if he hadn't brought him along, he would've likely faced death from the A-Laws due to his mistaken ties with Katharon. Saji couldn't believe what he was hearing, which Tieria continued that Saji was too unaware of his reality and challenged him to realize the truth of the world around him.

00's Activation

While waiting for Setsuna and their comrades, the crew received an intel from Wang Liu Mei that A-Laws had located the Ptolemy 2's position. With only Seravee at their disposal, Tieria sortied to hold the enemy off. Before heading out, Tieria asked Feldt Grace to continue working with Ian on activating the 00 Gundam.

Seravee using Twin Buster Cannon

As Tieria faced off the A-Laws' mobile suit force, Setsuna was on his way to the Ptolemy 2 together with Sumeragi Lee Noriega and a new member. One of the GNX-704T Ahead, piloted by A-Laws Captain Barack Zinin, managed to occupy Seravee from holding off the rest of the A-Laws MS forces. An Ahead and GNX-III eventually found its way to Ptolemy 2 and attempted to destroy 00 in the linear catapult launch bay. However, 00 was activated just in time to neutralize the enemy shot and continued to destroy the enemy mobile suits near the Ptolemy 2.

After the A-Laws retreated, the Ptolemy Crew welcomed Sumeragi Lee Noriega and Lyle Dylandy to their ship. Lyle surprised the crew because of his close resemblance to his brother and the original Lockon Stratos, Neil Dylandy. Tieria, on the other hand, didn't greet them, noting to himself that Lyle is nothing like the previous Lockon Stratos.

Rescue Allelujah Haptism

With Lyle Dylandy's arrival, Tieria was in charge of teaching the new Lockon Stratos about the basics of operating the Gundams. Their relationship started off on the rough side though, as Lyle's silly and sarcastic personality get on Tieria's nerves.

During the Ptolemy 2's docking at one of Celestial Being's resource satellite, Wang Liu Mei sent an encoding message regarding Allelujah Haptism's current location. After finding out that Allelujah was held at a Federation Anti-Government Detention Facility at one of the former HRL territories, the crew immediately organized a meeting about a rescue plan. Tieria and the crew managed to have Sumeragi's participation to the mission and received the mission plan of a 5 minute blitzkrieg assault on the detention facility.

Before heading out, Tieria received a notice that Marina Ismail's name was on the list of detainees and immediately forwarded it to Setsuna. Marina has a very special connection to Setsuna during Celestial Being's armed intervention 5 years ago. After launching, Tieria suggested to Setsuna that they also rescue Marina during the mission's remaining 3 minutes after they have rescued Allelujah.

Seravee protecting the 00

After the Ptolemy II caused a tsunami on the area, Seravee and 00 landed on one side of the detention building for Setsuna to infiltrate the facility and rescue their comrades. Tieria stayed in his Gundam, holding off the incoming enemy forces and protecting the 00 until Setsuna's return. After the 5 minute rescue, the Gundam Meisters immediately retreated to the Ptolemy II with their Gundams, forcing their way through the enemy GNX-609T GN-XIIIs awaiting them.

Back on board Ptolemy II, Tieria gave Allelujah a cup of coffee and started a conversation with him. After Allelujah apologized about mistaking Lyle for the previous Lockon, Tieria noted that Allelujah hadn't change at all and continued to welcome him back on the team.

Anti A-Laws Campaign

After rescuing Alellujah, the Ptolemy Crew have gathered most of their members to fight effectively as a unit. The group continued its journey to the Middle East, proceeding to their fight against the A-Laws' oppression on the area.

Underwater A-Laws Assault

The Ptolemy Crew decided to head toward Azadistan to drop Marina Ismail off to her homeland. While heading there, the A-Laws managed to track down Ptolemy II and began an underwater assault against the ship using their latest mobile armor, the GNMA-04B11 Trilobite. After the Ptolemy II reached the appropriate depth to sortie mobile suits,

Trans-Am Seravee pushing the Trilobite

Tieria and the Gundam Meisters immediately launched their Gundams to fight against the enemy Trilobite. Using Trans-AM, Seravee Gundam pushed the Trilobite away as it was attempting to sink the Ptolemy II using its Electro Needles. The 00 Gundam destroyed the mobile armor and then made its way to the A-Laws main carrier ship, but was intercepted by a custom A-Laws mobile suit. The battle was later halted by the appearance of the Anti-Federation Rebels, Katharon, which forced the A-Laws to make a tactical retreat.

Katharon Incident

Later, Celestial Being agreed on Katharon's invitation for a meeting. The Gundam Meisters with Sumeragi, Saji and Marina went to the Katharon base around the Rub' al Khali desert. While heading there, Lockon noted on how Katharon took advantage of the GN particle emitters around the area, placed by the Federation to starve the economy of the Middle East, to hide their location from the peacekeeping forces. Tieria commented that Lockon was well informed, but Lockon just brushed it off as common sense.

Gundam Meisters meeting with Katharon members

As they entered the base, many Katharon members gathered to greet them. Tieria, Lockon and Allelujah didn't attend the meeting as they waited at the hanger until it was finished. The meeting didn't produced any alliance, and Celestial Being immediately prepared to leave for Ptolemy II. Back on board their VTOL craft, Setsuna was approved by Sumeragi to take the VTOL craft to return Marina Ismail back to Azadistan. Tieria sarcastically told Setsuna he could stay there for good if he felt like it.

While back in Ptolemy II, Wang Liu Mei informed Celestial Being of the A-Laws' immanent attack upon the Katharon base. The Ptolemy Crew then attempted to double back to the base to save Katharon. Tieria, Lockon, and Allelujah immediately sortied with their Gundams. There, the Meisters saw firsthand the inhumane tactics used by the A-Laws. The battle between the Gundams and the A-Laws was short as the A-Laws immediately retreated after the automatons had already tore up the Katharon base. After fending off the A-Laws, the Meisters went to see the damage on the base. One of the rebels even accused Celestial Being of leaking information to the A-Laws, but Tieria and Lockon promptly denied the accusation. Just then, Saji Crossroad entered the area as a man filled with fear and guilt. Noticing his odd behavior, Tieria took Saji to a private hallway to question him.

Tieria confronting Saji Crossroad (left)

At the abandoned hallway, Tieria asked Saji what he had done. Saji immediately denied involvement with the A-Laws, but he shiveringly admitted that he accidentally tipped the Federation forces of Katharon's location as he tried to bargain for his innocence from being a Katharon member. Tieria was enraged and subsequently slapped Saji for his foolishness. He continued,

You're the one who took their lives, you know! Through your own foolish actions! 'Oh, I'm different.' 'It has nothing to do with me.' 'It's all happening in a different world.' Ignoring reality like that is just a kind of an inverted malice. And things like this happen!

Saji could only break down in tears as he repeated that he didn't mean this incident to happen.

Not long, Setsuna returned from Azadistan and Tieria explained to him what happened in Katharon base. On board their VTOL craft, Setsuna reported to Tieria and Allelujah that Azadistan had been razed by an unknown Gundam. While they pondered about the Gundam's identity, the Gundam Meisters suddenly received news of Sumeragi's collapse and were ordered to return to Ptolemy II. Tieria brought Saji Crossroad along with them.

After providing supplies to Katharon, Celestial Being launched to cover for the retreating Katharon from the returning A-Laws forces. Despite not having Sumeragi's guidance, Tieria and the Gundam Meisters launched to face the A-Laws mobile suits.

Cherudim and Seravee covering for the 00

During the battle, the advantage began swaying to the A-Laws' favor as Arios and 00 experienced difficulty dealing with their enemies. The 00 even overloaded, which forced Tieria and Lockon to cover for Setsuna. Fortunately, Sumeragi Lee Noriega has awoken and ordered the Ptolemy II to launch their smokescreen to cover for the Gundams. The A-Laws made a tactical retreat and the Ptolemy Crew managed to retrieved the Gundams. However, Arios was nowhere to be seen in the battlefield.

Innovator Meeting

After the fight, the Ptolemy Crew launched a search mission for Allelujah using the Seravee and the Cherudim. Before heading out, Sumeragi sent out the information of the Arios' possible location and reminded Tieria to avoid any conflict with the A-Laws. Tieria in Seravee spent the whole night searching for the comrade until the news of Allelujah's recovery was reported at sunrise. Relieved, Tieria was about to return to the Ptolemy II when an unknown person appeared to greet him.

Tieria confronting Regene Regetta

Tieria quickly pulled out his gun and pointed at the direction of the voice. Tieria demanded to know who it was and asked the stranger how he found him. The stranger replied, "Because we're the same." To Tieria's shock, he saw that the person looked exactly like him. The stranger continued that they were of the same DNA, and introduced himself as Regene Regetta, an Innovator.

While Tieria was puzzled of what was happening, to his surprise, Regene began communicating with him telepathically. Regene then explained that he could do so by using his Quantum Brainwaves, with GN-Particles as catalyst, which was also the same method used when they connect to Veda. He continued that they don't age, thanks to genetic manipulation, and beings like them were essential to Aeolia's Plan. Tieria was left speechless as Regene was explaining. Surprised that Tieria wasn't aware of any of these, Regene continued to explain that there are 3 stages in Aeolia's Plan: First is to unite the world through Celestial Being's armed interventions; Second is to unite humanity's will through the A-Laws; And the last one is to push humanity to space and prepare them to the dialogues that are to come. He noted that for humanity to move to a new phase, a great wave called "Revolution" was necessary, and cited that what Celestial Being was doing, which was opposing the A-Laws, was a great hindrance to the Plan. Before leaving, Regene asked Tieria to consider joining them, the Innovators, to execute Aeolia's Plan to its fullest.

Back at the Ptolemy II, Tieria pondered about Regene's words. Tieria was contemplating about what Regene had proposed when he suddenly heard the late Lockon Stratos. Lockon encouraged Tieria to choose his own path to the Plan, as they were entrusted of the Gundams by Aeolia Schenberg himself 4 years ago. Tieria was still conflicted, but he took Lockon's words in strong consideration.

Federation Banquet Investigation

Tieria volunteering for the scouting mission in the Federation Banquet

The Ptolemy Crew gathered to have a brief meeting about the world news and their current situation. While watching the news about the Federation's plan for the Middle East, Tieria couldn't help but think about what Regene Regetta had told him about the A-Laws. During the meeting, Wang Liu Mei called to report about the expected appearance of top A-Laws officials in the upcoming banquet that the Federation will host. As Liu Mei told the crew that she would scout during the banquet, Tieria also volunteered to go to see the top A-Laws officials himself. Sumeragi agreed to his request and let Setsuna backed him up, but in the condition that they would follow her instructions to infiltrate the banquet.

Under Sumeragi's instructions, both Tieria and Setsuna brought their Gundams along and hid them in a safe location before the investigation. Tieria then cross dressed as an upper class beauty, with a purple dress and accessories to complete the disguise. Setsuna dressed up as her chauffeur and escorted Tieria in a classic Rolls Royce-like car to enter the banquet. They successfully infiltrated the banquet with forged invitations and began their investigation. Tieria mingled inside the banquet, while Setsuna remained outside on standby.

Tieria chatted with some influential men in the banquet to blend in while scouting for his target of interest. Wang Liu Mei and Hong Long were also there to attend the banquet. Tieria saw the A-Laws Head General Homer Katagiri among the guests, but recognized that he was not the one who was completely pulling the strings behind A-Laws. While talking to some guests, Regene alerted Tieria through quantum brainwaves that the one he had sought after was approaching. Just then, a young man in an 18th-Century outfit, who introduced himself as Ribbons Almark, approached Tieria and requested a dance with her.

Tieria dancing with Ribbons Almark

The two began waltzing at the center of the ballroom. The Federation guests have their eyes on the "lovely couple", not knowing that the two were sworn enemies. Ribbons expressed his surprise about Tieria's disguise, which Tieria explained that it was part of the plan laid-out by Celestial Being tactical forecaster. On the other hand, Tieria questioned Ribbons if he was the one who had sent Regene Regetta to see him, but Ribbons denied any involvement about it. Tieria then continued that he was informed that Ribbons was the one who was currently carrying out Aeolia's Plan. Ribbons was a bit of disappointed that Tieria doubts him, which led him to offer Tieria his Veda access rights back as a proof. Tieria was shocked by Ribbons' implication, which resulted him to lose his balance during their waltz. Fortunately, Ribbons quickly picked her up in time to get them back on track. The dance shortly ended after, with the crowd clapping for both of them. Ribbons then walked off, suggesting a change in scenery to Tieria.

Tieria and Ribbons continued their conversation in a private Victorian room. Tieria began questioning Ribbons about his claim that he had complete control over Veda. Ribbons reminded Tieria that he should know it better than anyone, which made Tieria remember the forced cancellation of the Trial System during his fight against Team Trinity. Shocked, Tieria realized it was also Ribbons who distributed the pseudo GN Drives to the UN Forces. Ribbons explained that Celestial Being's destruction was at the scope of the Plan; they were supposed to be eliminated four years ago. Tieria couldn't believe what he was hearing. Tieria retorted,

Tieria declaring his beliefs about Aeolia's Plan

I know that Aeolia Schenberg had entrusted it all to us: the Gundams, the GN Drives, the Trans-Am System... As someone to whom Aeolia entrusted a Gundam, I think that all of you are wrong! That's right, I'll continue down the path I believe in! Call me a fool if you want, but I'll stick with it to the end!

Amused by Tieria's response, Ribbons let out a taunting laugh. He began mocking how Tieria was influenced by inferior humans far more than he had imagined. He also made fun of Lockon Stratos, a man special to Tieria, for putting his vengeance before his duty for Celestial Being. Angered by Ribbons' insults, Tieria pulled out his gun from his right thigh and pointed it at Ribbons. However, he was quickly disarmed by another Innovator on the scene, Hiling Care. Disadvantaged, Tieria immediately jumped out from the second floor window to escape. Together with Setsuna, both discarded their disguises and quickly retreated to the Ptolemy II with their Gundams.

Battling Ali al-Saachez

While they headed back to Ptolemy II, Setsuna apologized to Tieria for getting his cover blown. Earlier, he was discovered as a member of Celestial Being by A-Laws Head MS Engineer, Billy Katagiri. Tieria didn't mind, as he explained that he already found out who were the main cause of distortion in the world. Just then, the GNW-20000 Arche Gundam appeared before them. Tieria quickly recognized it as an improved Throne piloted by no other than Ali al-Saachez.

Seravee facing Arche's Fangs

Ali quickly launched his GN Fangs, attacking both 00 and Seravee. The fangs' mobility were vastly improved compared from Throne Zwei's, and Serave and 00 were unable to shoot them down. Not long, some of the beams from the fangs managed to hit Seravee.

Ali al-Saachez was badly injured after his battle with Lockon Stratos 4 years ago, and now wanted to seek revenge by taking out the rest of the Gundams. As Ali in Arche engaged the 00 Gundam in close combat, Tieria in Seravee provided cover fire for Setsuna in 00. Tieria attempted to hit Arche with a Twin Buster Cannon attack, but Ali managed to dodge it and destroy two of Seravee's GN Bazookas. Just then, Tieria, through Seravee, quickly grabbed Arche's arms to prevent the Arche from getting away. Tieria announced in the comm that he would avenge Lockon's death, but Ali retorted that Lockon deserved his death for fighting recklessly despite being partially blind. Tieria was enraged by Ali's rebuttal and subsequently transformed Seravee's right knee GN Cannon into an arm to stab Arche with a beam saber. However, Ali managed to dodge Tieria's attack once again, and, in return, he also revealed Arche's beam saber on its feet, cutting down Seravee's knee arm.

Just right after Ali al-Saachez damaged the Seravee, Setsuna charged 00 Gundam in to attack the Arche Gundam. He called out for Tieria to attack the enemy Gundam from behind, and Tieria responded by drawing out Seravee's beam saber. However, Ali saw through their tactic and intercepted Seravee's beam saber with Arche's. He then launched the GN Fangs, damaging both Seravee and 00. As Ali was about to finished them both, Arios and Cherudim came in time to provide cover fire for Setsuna and Tieria. Ali quickly retreated, knowing clearly that the odds were against him. As Allelujah sent out Sumeragi's retreat orders, Tieria tried to continue chasing after Ali to exact his revenge for Lockon. He was later calmed down and the Gundams returned to the Ptolemy II.

Lockon asking Tieria about his brother's nemesis

Back at the Ptolemy II, Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy) asked Tieria about Ali al-Saachez. Lockon overheard Tieria over the comm about his older brother's nemesis and tried to convince Tieria to tell him the whole story. In the briefing room with the rest of the Gundam Meisters, Tieria finally explained to Lockon about Neil's revenge and his demise at the hands of Ali al-Saachez. After hearing the story, Lockon couldn't help but chuckle about it. Tieria was a bit upset about the younger Lockon's reaction, but Lockon explained that, despite his respect for his older brother, he couldn't see the point of getting worked up on their family's tragedy. Setsuna then intervened and told Lockon that he was once part of the KPSA, the group responsible for the deaths of Lockon's parents and sister. Had he stopped his comrades back then, the tragedy wouldn't have happened and the older Lockon wouldn't have been a Gundam Meister. The younger Lockon, however, argued that, due to circumstances, the events back then were inevitable and Setsuna wouldn't be able to stop it even if he wanted to. He continued that what had happened was in the past and what they were fighting for wasn't to change the past, but to make a better future.

With Lockon's response, Tieria quietly walked out of the briefing room. Outside, while thinking about the younger Lockon's words, Tieria wondered if following his sense of justice and his opposition against the Innovators would led to the real future.

Return to Lagrange 3

After the Federation Banquet, Sumeragi Lee Noriega predicted that the A-Laws would prepare to trap them underwater within the next 12 hours. As there were also needs for repairs, maintenance, upgrades, and picking up the new support units from Lagrange 3, the Ptolemy Crew prepared the ship for launching into space.

Tieria conflicted about his feelings about the Innovators

While the crew wait for the signs of any A-Laws activity around the area, Tieria stayed at the observation deck to sort his thoughts out. Not long, Setsuna came in to meet him. Setsuna noticed that Tieria hadn't filed a report to Sumeragi about the banquet and was curious to know what information he had found out. Tieria couldn't find a way to explain as he was heavily conflicted about Lockon and Regene's point of view regarding Aeolia's plan. Just then, the alert about the incoming enemy Mobile Armor Trilobites were announced on the ship. The two Gundam Meisters quickly went to their positions, with Setsuna reminding Tieria that he would ask him about the info again later.

The Ptolemy II managed to launch into the atmosphere thanks to the Trans-Am from the Gundams and the initial force that came from the missile attacks from the enemy Trilobites. Accelerating at a great rate, the ship was able to escape the awaiting Mobile suit force at the airspace and exit the atmosphere. As a last resort, the A-Laws tried to trap the Ptolemy II at the Equator after the Gundam's Trans-Am, but the 00 Gundam was launched beforehand as a countermeasure to fend off the attacking A-Laws forces.

Later, on the way to Lagrange 3, a new unidentified Mobile Suit came to attack the Ptolemy II. 00 Gundam was quickly sortied to intercept it, but was eventually overwhelmed by the enemy mobile suit's better combat capability. It shortly left after the Ptolemy II and the Cherudim Gundam provided cover fire for the 00. Tieria held the gunner position of the Ptolemy while the Seravee was still under repairs. After the mobile suit retreated, Tieria thought to himself that the unidentified mobile suit and its pilot possibly belonged to the Innovators.

Tieria feeling the disturbance in his Quantum Brainwaves

After reaching their secret base in Lagrange 3, the Ptolemy Crew quickly began with their repairs and maintenance on the Gundams and Ptolemy II due to possible A-Laws' presence in the area. The crew also tested the 00 Gundam with its new support unit, the GNR-010 0 Raiser. During the test, the 00 Gundam was able to emit 290% more particles than the theoretical expectations. The whole base was filled with GN Particles, and as a consequence, it strangely affected those people with Quantum Brainwaves. Tieria was one of those who experienced the phenomenon at the time.

Tieria's Revelation

While in Lagrange 3, the Ptolemy Crew picked up a laser attack from a satellite weapon targeting the Middle Eastern country of Suille. With the country's capital wiped from the map, Tieria wondered if this was the kind of method Ribbons Almark condone for the sake of the Plan.

As Sumeragi announced their plan of attack on the satellite weapon after finishing their resupplies, Tieria decided to tell the group of the existence of the Innovators and their intentions. Aside from controlling the Federation and the A-Laws from the shadows, Tieria also explained their involvement in interfering with Aeolia's Plan at the start of Celestial Being's armed intervention 5 years ago. The crew finally learned who were responsible for hijacking Veda, creating Team Trinity and the three Gundam Thrones, and giving the 30 false GN Drives to the United Nations Forces. Lockon asked Tieria why he didn't say anything sooner, which Tieria reasoned that was because he was conflicted as the Innovators claimed to follow Aeolia Schenberg's Plan. The crew responded with disbelief, believing that the oppressive tactics the Innovators impose don't actually lead to true peace. In the end, they decided to fight against the Innovators and the A-Laws through their own will.

Sumeragi reassuring Tieria

As the meeting comes to a close, Tieria also wanted to reveal to everyone that he's also the same as the Innovators. However, Sumeragi stopped him, telling him that despite having a rough understanding of what he's going through, they still have a satellite weapon to worry about. She reassured Tieria that whatever it is that was bothering him, he was still one of their comrades. Tieria responded with relieved smile.

A-Laws' Attack at Lagrange 3

While the work for the resupplies was being done in preparation for Ptolemy II's departure, A-Laws eventually launched an all out missile attack on the asteroid base. Tieria and the rest of the Gundam Meisters were immediately ordered by Sumeragi to sortie with their Gundams to face the A-Laws fleet in space. After the Ptolemy II had launched, the A-Laws then revealed their hidden mobile suit forces to attack the ship. Tieria tried to wipe them all out by using Seravee's Twin Buster Cannon, but the attack was intercepted by GNZ-005 Garazzo with its GN Field. The two machines faced off as the A-Laws waves of attacks continued.

Seravee grappling with Garazzo

Tieria tried to shoot the Garazzo down using the GN Bazooka IIs, but the Garazzo just dodged the shots and forced its way close to Seravee. With Garazzo trying to grab the Gundam, Tieria reached out Seravee's hands in response, locking the two mobile suits into hand-to-hand wrestling. Tieria was confident about Seravee's strength, but Garazzo proved to be stronger. Shocked by the outcome, Tieria was forced to use Seravee's shoulder GN Cannons to fend off Garazzo. Tieria went back to his position of protecting the Ptolemy II.

Waves of enemy mobile suits continued to pour into the battlefield. With the volume of the enemy forces increasing, Tieria expressed his frustration of not having the option of using Seravee's Trans-Am during the battle. Fortunately, GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser was there to wipe out most of the enemy mobile suits. After losing the new models, the A-Laws eventually issued a recall order to its remaining forces in Lagrange 3, effectively ending the battle. The Gundams returned to the Ptolemy II for repairs. After securing the condition of the evacuating personnel from their destroyed base, Ptolemy II continued its way to the satellite weapon, Memento Mori.

Battle of Memento Mori

After hearing the recent satellite attack at the Kingdom of Richeria in the Middle East, the Ptolemy Crew decided to rush the Ptolemy II to the Memento Mori's location using the Gundams' Trans-Am. As they reached the location, the crew noticed the satellite laser cannon firing its third shot out to space, surprising them about Memento Mori's newly revealed feature. Tieria wondered what was the shot aiming at and Lockon told them that the target was the Katharon Space Fleet, which was attempting to destroy the Memento Mori in space.

The Ptolemy Crew sent out Setsuna in 00 Raiser to assist Katharon and retrieve tactical data pertaining Memento Mori. For the most part, the crew lacked the essential information about the Memento Mori. They asked Wang Liu Mei for the intel, but hasn't gotten any response about it. While Tieria and the rest analyzed the data they received from Katharon, they finally received a complete schematics of the satellite weapon from Wang Liu Mei (actually from Nena Trinity). They discovered the weakness of the Memento Mori (Electromagnetic Photon Resonance Chamber) and began formulating an attack that would exploit this weakness to the fullest. Once the Ptolemy II focused its destination straight for the Memento Mori, Sumeragi has each of the Gundam Meisters execute their specific roles in her battle plan.

Seravee in Trans-Am preparing for Hyper Burst

The strategic plan specifically called for Tieria and Lockon's cooperation. After reaching a suitable distance from the satellite weapon, Tieria was to make a hole on the Memento Mori. Tieria activated Seravee's Trans-Am and Hyper Burst Mode to launch a massive spherical beam attack upon the satellite weapon. The Ptolemy II followed with its missile barrage, widening up the satellite weapon's hole to reveal the weakness chamber. Using Seravee's back as Cherudim GN Rifle's stabilizing platform, Lockon then shot down the Electromagnetic Resonance Chamber, ultimately destroying the Memento Mori.

Just as the Ptolemy Crew was enjoying their victory over destroying Memento Mori, the Innovators came for a surprise attack at their weakest moment, as the ship and the Gundams have depleted their particles from their previous battle. Fortunately, thanks to Sumeragi Lee Noriega's improvisation, Celestial Being managed to escape the attack. Ptolemy Crew used the impact of the assaults to speed their descent to Earth while releasing a smoke screen to exaggerated the damages the Ptolemy II sustained. The ship and crew survived the crash landing back on Earth and immediately began emergency repairs.

Crashed & Hunted on Earth

The Ptolemy II landed on a mountainous region somewhere in Europe. With the exception of its functional engines, the Ptolemy II's weapons, navigation, and communications have been badly damaged. On top of that, Setsuna and the 00 Raiser got separated from the group during the Innovators' attack. Ptolemy II was now relying on the camouflage system to keep it temporarily safe from enemy detection as the crew worked diligently to restore the ship to working order.

Gundams launching from Ptolemy II

During the repairs, however, Lockon reported that 2 unidentified mobile suits had managed to locate the Ptolemy II. Unknown to the crew, the A-Laws and the Innovators were secretly tracking their position through the Ptolemy Crew's new member, Anew Returner. Tieria and Allelujah were ordered to sortie with their Gundams to intercept: Allelujah faced the GNZ-003 Gadessa while Tieria engaged the GNZ-005 Garazzo once again.

On the battlefield, Seravee and Garazzo started their exchanges of fire. Tieria noted that even though Innovators have Veda on their side, he would still continue to fight. He attempted to shoot down Garazzo using Seravee's Twin Buster Cannon, but Garazzo dodged the attack and destroyed 2 of Seravee's GN Bazooka. The pilot of the Garazzo, Bring Stabity, tried to persuade Tieria to join them as a fellow Innovator, but Tieria continued to refuse. The two mobile suit then fought in close combat, but Garazzo clearly has the Seravee outmatched.

The two mobile suits continued to fight while the pilots exchange arguments on the com. Bring told Tieria that despite his wish not to harm another Innovator, he would carry out his mission of eliminating Seravee. On the other hand, Tieria explained that he has priorities to uphold as well. As Bring take a stab at Seravee, Tieria purposely dropped Seravee's GN-Field to quickly grab one of Garazzo's hand at the cost of losing Seravee's right arm. He continued by grabbing Garazzo's legs through Seravee's hidden arms and activated Seravee's Trans-Am. Bring was about to chop off Seravee to escape, but he was caught by surprise that Seravee's backpack had began moving. Tieria transformed it into GN-009 Seraphim Gundam and subsequently lunged it towards the two other mobile suits suspended on the air. In contrast to the GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh, Tieria noted that he revealed the Seraphim out of his own free will.

Seraphim (left) confronting Garazzo

As a last minute defense, Bring immediately activated Garazzo's GN-Field, but Seraphim's hands managed to penetrate through it.

In the spur of the moment, Bring warned Tieria that he is about to kill one of his own kind, but Tieria corrected him that he is different from the Innovators, who played with people's lives as if they were just chess pieces. Remembering the words of the late Lockon Stratos, Tieria declared, "I am a Human Being!" Tieria then transformed Seraphim's hands into GN Cannons and shot the Garazzo, destroying it and killing Bring Stabity in the process.

Upon Bring's defeat, the remaining Innovator withdrew from fighting the Arios. The Gundams returned to the Ptolemy II for repairs. Later, Tieria, Sumeragi, Ian and Allelujah have a brief meeting while Celestial Being head its way to the Katharon European Cell for resupply. Tieria reported the details about his previous battle and how he was forced to use the Seraphim Gundam against the Garazzo. Sumeragi wondered if the Innovators noticed the Seraphim's special ability, but Tieria couldn't say for sure himself. The meeting continued with them discussing their current precarious situation inside the Federation's net. Ian commented that they could have a better chance of breaking out if they still have the 00 Raiser. In response, Tieria expressed his trust that Setsuna would eventually find his way back to them soon.

Coup d'état Save

Tieria attending to Mileina and the rest

After Katharon had resupplied the Ptolemy II, Celestial Being headed their destination towards the nearest European coast. Tieria was tending to Mileina Vashti, Saji Crossroad, and Marie Parfacy, who had finished their repairs on Seravee Gundam at the hanger bay, when a tactical alert about the incoming A-Laws forces was announced. The A-Laws have launched a heavy assault, consisting of 36 mobile suit units along with a new mobile armor. The Gundams were sortied to face the enemy fleet while still-vulnerable Ptolemy II took cover in the mountainous terrain for protection.

The Cherudim Gundam performed a preemptive strike against the A-Laws mobile suits using its Trans-Am. After the Trans-Am had expired, Seravee and Arios followed up to hold the enemy assault. Tieria and Allelujah were to shoot down as many A-Laws mobile suits as they could, but the Innovators intervened against them in the battlefield. Due to the Innovator mobile suits' nimbleness and heavy firepower, Tieria was forced to use Seravee's GN-Field more often. However, unknown to Tieria, the Innovators also have a trump card against GN-Fields. The mobile armor GNMA-Y0001 Empruss launched its taser weapon to Seravee, penetrating through its GN-Field and extending the Egner Whip to electrocute the Gundam. Tieria was trapped in a bath of electric shock.

Seravee caught by Egner Whip's electric shock

Alleujah tried to help Tieria out, but the Arios was also caught by Empress's Egner Whip. With the rest of the Gundams taken out from combat, the rest of the A-Laws mobile suit proceeded on finishing the Ptolemy II.

Just as the situation look bleak, the A-Laws suddenly retreated from the scene. There was a recall ordered issued to all A-Laws' forces by the Federation to look after the current coup d'état that was happening in the Africa Tower. As the Innovators left the Gundams, Tieria and Allelujah couldn't believe they were spared. Celestial Being later learned of the situation and decided to head to Africa to observe the A-Laws and the Innovator's next actions. They also predicted that Setsuna and the 00 Raiser would likely come there to intervene in the possible conflict.

The 00 Raiser was later seen fighting against a black mobile suit as the Ptolemy II headed their way to the Tour. The Gundams were immediately sortied to cover for Setsuna. After the enemy mobile suit retreated, the Gundam Meisters retrieved the 00 Raiser and have Setsuna treated for his injuries.

Battle at the Africa Tower

While Setsuna was recovering in Ptolemy II, Sumeragi dispatched the Meisters to intervene in the standoff between the ESF Forces, the ESF - Coup faction, and the Katharon over the Africa Tower. Tieria, Allelujah and Lockon were sent to lessen the tensions between the warring factions, but they were instead sucked into fighting as the inevitable battle eventually erupted.

Celestial Being had earlier learned of the existence of the second Memento Mori and had launched the Ptolemy II to space to prevent it from being fired at the Africa Tower Low Orbital Station. However, they failed to completely destroy the satellite weapon and it managed to fire its laser at the pillar of the Africa Elevator.

Tieria noticing the falling pillars during the battle

While everyone was fighting, Tieria and everyone momentarily paused as they noticed the debris coming down from the sky. Columns from the pillar that had failed to burn up in the Stratosphere continued to fall, which threatened the populated areas below on the ground. Due to the urgency of the situation, Sumeragi made a public announcement to every forces on the airspace to save the urban areas that would be hit below the tower. The Gundam Meister immediately responded to their tactician's plea and scattered throughout the affected area to prevent the incoming debris from hitting any of the densely populated locations.

The Katharon, the Coup d'état Faction, the ESF Forces, and even the A-Laws later followed to save the lives of many people living at the foot of the Africa Tower. In a very rare situation, all opposing forces temporarily united in one goal of saving as many lives as they could. Celestial Being also didn't hold back, as the still-recovering Ptolemy II joined in the efforts and the Gundams activated their Trans-AM to eliminate more fragments falling from the tower. The operation lasted for many hours. Despite the momentary unity, the Break Pillar Incident would have detrimental effects on the Earth Sphere on many levels for the following months. After the last fragments were taken care of, the Gundams and the Ptolemy II quietly exited the scene.

Post Break Pillar Seclusion

After the Break Pillar Incident, Tieria and the rest of the Ptolemy crew went under the radar for several months from the sights of the Federation forces. Celestial Being had decided to do this to fully recuperate their battle strength that they had lost after the Memento Mori Operation and their subsequent emergency landing on Earth.

Seravee making a path for 00 Raiser

The time for full recovery took long, however, as the A-Laws and the Innovators managed to pin point their location and attack them during 20 separate occasions. Despite the hardships, after 4 months of hiding, Celestial Being eventually recovered their battle strength and launched an attack to the Memento Mori 2 as a sign of their return. Using the combined efforts of the Gundams, they have successfully destroyed the satellite weapon, which was tightly secured by the defending A-Laws forces.

Back at the Ptolemy II, Tieria, Anew and Sumeragi discussed about Setsuna's current condition. Setsuna received an injury from a bullet imbued with harmful GN Particles during his separation from the Ptolemy II four months ago. The injury on his right shoulder was showing signs of regeneration defect on the cells, but unlike Lasse, who shared the same symptoms, the effects were spreading rather slowly. It seems like something from the outside was suppressing the damage. With the uncertainties surrounding Setsuna's condition, Tieria wished that he still have access to Veda to help his comrades during these important times.

Taking Back Veda

After much effort to fight the A-Laws, Celestial Being was still nowhere close in winning their fight against the corrupted autonomous force. In addition, four months after the Break Pillar Incident, the A-Laws has become a bigger threat than ever as the Federation had given it the structure and direct power over the ESF Forces. While watching the news about the Federation in the Ptolemy II, Tieria and the rest of the Ptolemy

Tieria discussing with Sumeragi about their plans

Crew discussed over their complications in defeating such a formidable force.

With the tide of the battle going against them, Tieria suggested to Sumeragi to push forth their initial plan of re-taking Veda from the Innovators. They had already concluded that the Innovators were using Veda to manipulate information to suit their agenda, but planning a capture operation for Veda wasn't much without knowing its location. However, Setsuna noted that they could find that information by interrogating one of the Innovators themselves, which Tieria concurred as the purpose of their next operation.

Innovator Capture Operation

While the Ptolemy II was in space, the A-Laws and the Innovators launched another attack on the ship with 12 mobile suit units. Tieria and the rest of the Gundam Meisters were ordered to sorie with their Gundams to intercept. While they were heading towards the hanger bay, Tieria asked Setsuna about the condition of his shoulder injury, which as Setsuna reported was doing fine. As Tieria flies with Seravee towards the battlefield, his mind was focused on reuniting with Veda.

The Gundam Meisters broke off to their positions after receiving their orders from Sumeragi Lee Noriega. Early in the battle, Tieria was alerted by Setsuna of the presence of the GNZ-003 Gadessa.

Seravee (right) vs. Gadessa

Tieria quickly turned towards the Innovator and faced the target just as they had planned. During the fighting, Tieria attempted to blast Gadessa with Seravee's GN Bazooka II, but the enemy just smashed through it. Seravee's quickly grabbed on Gadessa's fist as a response, which made Gadessa point its GN Mega Launcher to blast Seravee. Tieria responded by using the remaining GN Bazooka II, destroying both weapons in the process. The two mobile suit then resort into using their beam sabers.

As the two mobile suit clashed, Tieria commented to the enemy pilot that Gadessa wasn't that much suited for close combat. The Gadessa pilot, Revive Revival, responded that Seravee wasn't suited for close combat either, but Tieria corrected him that that was not completely the case. He activated Seravee's Trans-Am and quickly disarmed Gadessa off of its beam saber. After that, he revealed all of Seravee's hidden arms and brought forth all of their beam sabers. Revive tried to hit Seravee with Gadessa's vulcan shots, but Tieria activated Seravee's GN Field in response. With Seravee closing in, Revive was left with no choice but to bring out the Gadessa's remaining beam saber to defend from Seravee's attacks. However, he couldn't completely block all of them; Gadessa was destroyed and Revive was forced to flee. At the sight of Revive's escape pod, Tieria quickly activated the Seraphim Gundam to catch it, noting that he still have questions to ask the Innovator.

Tieria immediately brought Revive into the Ptolemy II for interrogation. After the A-Laws had fled the area, Sumeragi and the rest of the Gundam Meisters joined Tieria in one of the Ptolemy II's briefing room to meet and question the captured Innovator in their custody.

Innovator Deception

Revive infront of Sumeragi and the Gundam Meisters

In the briefing room, Sumeragi started interrogating Revive about Veda's location. However, Revive quickly claimed that he didn't know any information about it, to the shock and disappointment of the crew. Out of curiosity, Revive then turned the question on them by asking what they would do if they got the information they needed. Tieria responded that they would take Veda back, resulting Revive to chuckle as he noted that Veda was originally meant for the Innovators to use. Seeing how confident the Innovator was about his statement, Sumeragi then asked Revive what they intended to use Veda for. Revive responded that it was for the "dialogues that are to come". The crew couldn't understand Revive's vague response, which made Revive comment that it's normal for humans to not comprehend. On the side, Lockon retorted that Revive has no right to act perfect, for he had been captured himself afterall, but Revive quickly replied that he let himself to be captured.

As if on cue, Feldt interrupted the meeting, and reported that Anew had shot Lasse and taken Mileina hostage. She added that Anew revealed herself as an Innovator. With the commotion, Revive got up to his feet to leave. Setsuna tried to stop him, but Revive explained that he couldn't guarantee the hostage's safety if he ever got harmed. He added that Anew and him were connected by thoughts, which Tieria noted as the ability of Quantum Brainwaves. Tieria and the others had no choice but to let Revive go. After Revive had left, the Ptolemy's internal systems were shut down due to a virus. The Meisters have to force their way out of the briefing room to get out. With the Innovators on the loose, the Gundam Meisters quickly split into 2 groups to find the Innovators, while Sumeragi went to the bridge to look after their current situation.

The Innovators planned to take the 00 Gundam and 0 Raiser after sabotaging the Ptolemy II. However, they failed to take both as they were intervened by Setsuna and Lockon. The Gundam Meisters saved Mileina and retrieved the 0 Raiser from Revive, but the cockpit was totally trashed and the Innovators managed to escape.

Sumeragi asking Tieria to let her handle the piloting of Ptolemaios

In the Ptolemy II, Tieria helped put in the repairs and took it upon himself to act as the temporary helmsman of the ship. Sumeragi asked him to get Seravee ready for standby and let her handle ship's control, but Tieria expressed his concern about Sumeragi's skills to pilot the ship. Sumeragi noted that she understood Tieria's concern, but she knew it would be better if Tieria was out there protecting them using the Seravee. At that moment, Feldt reported that the Innovators were coming back with four units. Besides including Revive and Hilling, the group also included Anew in her GNZ-007 Gaddess and Louise Halevy in the GNMA-0001V Regnant. Tieria quickly went to sortie with Seravee Gundam.

On the battlefield, Tieria and the rest intercept the incoming enemy force. The enemy Regnant started its attack by firing its beam blasts on the Gundams. The Gundams were able to dodge the attacks, but the sudden bending of the later attacks' trajectory took the Meisters by surprise. There was also some force behind the blasts as one of them was able to push back Seravee while it defended using the GN Field. Anew's Gaddess was also there and it managed to draw the Cherudim out of the battle area. As Lockon confronted Anew, the Seravee, the Arios and the GN Archer were left to deal with the Innovators and the new mobile armor.

Seravee's Hyper Burst Mode

As the battle continued, Tieria tried to directly blast through the enemy by releasing Seravee's Hyper Burst Blast, but the Regnant just took the attack and defended using its own GN Field. For the remainder of the battle, the Regnant kept the rest of the Gundam Meisters occupied. Not long, the Innovators found a way to break through the Gundams' defense. The Gundams tried to go after them, but they were caught by the Regnant's Egner Whips. Fortunately, Ian just finished repairing the 0 Raiser and Setsuna launched with 00 Raiser to intercept the Innovators. The 00 Raiser took out the enemy mobile suits and damaged the Regnant, forcing the Innovators to flee.

The Meisters returned to the Ptolemy after the battle. In one of the rooms, Lockon angrily confronted Setsuna for killing Anew in battle. Lockon was about to convince Anew to return to them, when Setsuna struck down the Gaddess. Tieria tried to calm him down, but Lockon continued to vent his rage on Setsuna. Tieria and the others could only watch on the sidelines as Lockon expressed his frustration and sadness, eventually breaking down to tears, for losing Anew Returner.

Rendezvous at Lagrange 5

Tieria continued to help with the work on the bridge as the Ptolemy Crew worked diligently to restore Ptolemy II's system into working order. After restoring the ship's main power system, the crew noticed an encrypted message sent to them by an unknown messenger during the system's shut down, urging them to head towards a location on Lagrange 5. Tieria expressed doubts about the message, but Sumeragi noted that Setsuna personally suggested for them to head towards the location. On the comm, Ian intervened with the conversation to support Setsuna's decision, as they could get resupplies and upgrades from the Celestial Being Development Team, lead by Linda Vashti, located on the area. With the need for supplies, Sumeragi relented to head to Lagrange 5. She sent Setsuna and Saji in 00 Raiser ahead towards the location to meet their mysterious messenger, while the Ptolemy head to a different route to the space sector to distract the A-Laws force in the area.

Tieria and the rest of Ptolemy Crew analyzing Wang Liu Mei's info about Veda's location

Several days later, Setsuna, with Saji, returned from their mission to space colony Eclipse and called the Ptolemy Crew for a meeting. He received an encrypted message from Wang Liu Mei about Veda's location and had Feldt decrypt it for the crew to view. The crew learned of Veda's whereabouts, located somewhere in Lagrange 2; a hidden object with a diameter of 15 km, believed to be containing the supercomputer, was mapped at the dark side of the moon. Later, the crew noticed that the A-Laws had began gathering around the area, confirming the possibility that Veda was located in the sector.

With Veda's location confirmed, the crew couldn't help but express their goals and feelings about the upcoming battle. Among the crew, Tieria announced to everyone his desire to release mankind from the grasp of the Innovators. Setsuna expressed his sentiment on the crew's goals, stating that these desires connect them to the future. Sumeragi announced that the Gundams would launch after their resupply had finished. With Lasse out of the infirmary, Tieria and the Ptolemy Crew headed for Lagrange 2.

Battle Towards Lagrange 2

Tieria saying a little prayer to Neil

Once Ptolemy reached in range of Lagrange 2, the Meisters all prepared to sortie for battle. Tieria prepared to launch in the upgraded GN-008GNHW/B Seravee Gundam GNHW/B. Before sortieing, he asked for the late Lockon's guidance.

The Gundams faced the line of A-Laws mobile suits in the sector. The Meisters were able to easily take down multiple enemy units, thanks to the upgrades made to the Gundams. However, it was short lived after the A-Laws sent in their battle ships full of anti beam particles.

After the 00 Raiser destroyed the ships heading to the Ptolemy II, an anti-beam field was spread to the battlefield. Tieria was in worse situation possible as Seravee only use beam weaponry in combat. Even its GN Field was ineffective. Tieria was forced to rely on Lockon's Shield Bits to defend from GN-XIII's lances and the A-Laws' missiles.

Seravee and Cherudim in anti-beam field

Fortunately, the Katharon had came to their rescue and helped Celestial Being fend off the A-Laws' bombardments. The Gundams and the Ptolemy II broke through the A-Laws' line and managed to reach the A-Laws' primary fleet of battleships. The Federation forces also showed up to fight the A-Laws and help make way for Celestial Being to get past the A-Laws' fleet. The A-Laws were thrown into complete disarray after their primary flag ship was destroyed by the Gundams.

As the A-Laws forces was being beaten by the combined efforts of the Federation forces, Katharon and Celestial Being, a powerful huge beam was suddenly fired into the middle of the battlefield. The particle beam unbiasedly took out various MS units and capital ships from all sides. The Gundams and the Ptolemy II immediately avoided the blast, which was also thanks to Setsuna's warning beforehand. In the middle of confusion, a giant asteroid ship revealed itself before everyone. The Ptolemy Crew assessed that it was the Innovator's mothership and contained the supercomputer Veda.

Last Mission

After the A-Laws retreated, Celestial Being transmitted to the rest of its ally that they would infiltrate the Innovator mothership to take back Veda. As they approached the Celestial Being, it began firing its gun turrets. The Gundams were ordered to destroy the gun turrets to ensure their break-in route. The Meisters acknowledged their command and began firing upon Celestial Being.

Seravee covering for Cherudim

The Gundams were able to easily secure the break-in route for the Ptolemy II. Celestial Being even tried to blast off the Ptolemy II using its 80m GN Laser, but the crew managed to steer away the ship in time. Even with this, the intensity of the enemy attacks still increased. During the battle, Tieria even defended Cherudim from the enemy gun turret shots. As the Ptolemy II cleared half the way in their break-in route, a large number of new MS, the GNZ-004 Gaga sortied out of the colony ship.

The Gagas quickly activated their Trans-Am and began their suicide attacks on the Ptolemy II. Tieria and the Meisters went on the defensive to protect their ship, shooting down as many Gagas as possible. However, they were still overwhelmed by the enemies' large numbers. Relief came when the Federation Forces and Katharon provided fire coverage, which gave the Ptolemy Crew enough time to find an entrance into Celestial Being. When Ptolemy II crash landed into the enemy mothership, Tieria split off together with Lockon and Setsuna to infiltrate into Celestial Being from different locations.

As Seravee flew over Celestial Being, Tieria received Feldt's report about Veda's location within the mothership. Just then, Revive and Hiling in Gadessa and Garazzo appeared to intercept him. To Tieria's surprise, both mobile suits executed their own Trans-Am System. Tieria followed suit with Seravee's Trans-Am to shoot down the Innovator mobile suits, but they dodged his attacks and continued to decapitate Seravee's arms. Seravee crashed landed onto the Celestial Being's asteroid surface. Tieria used this opportunity to infiltrate the mothership under the Innovator's noses.

Upon reaching Veda's chamber, Tieria saw Ribbons Almark inside. As Ribbons make a monologue about humanity's fate, Tieria retorted that it wasn't for the Innovators to decide upon, with him pointing his gun at Ribbons.

Tieria with his gun pointing at Ribbons

Ribbons turned to Tieria and called him one the Innovators, but Tieria responded,

We are not the real Innovators here. We were artificially created to help bring about the emergence of the true Innovators; we are Innovades! I am taking Veda back from you, Ribbons Almark!

Ribbons smirked at Tieria's statement, noting that he himself had already surpassed both the Innovades and the Innovators. Tieria couldn't believe such statements and tried to shoot Ribbons. However, he was outdrawn and was shot on the torso, on the limbs and on the head. As Tieria falls, Ribbons declared that he wouldn't hand over Veda to anyone.

After being shot by Ribbons, Tieria was woken up by Regene Regetta's Quantum Brainwaves. While Ribbons' Quantum Brainwaves was disrupted by 00 Raiser's Trans-Am Burst System, Tieria took the opportunity to recapture Veda and kick Ribbons out from Veda's connection.

Bleeding Tieria connected to Veda

Ribbons was later surprised when he found out he could not reconnect with Veda. It was then when Regene came to tell him of what had transpired. Ribbons looked back to Tieria's remains, only to see Tieria's eyes glowing in connection to Veda.

Seraphim in Trial System

With his access to Veda, Tieria started the abandoned GN-009 Seraphim Gundam and activated the Trial System to disable all machines connected to Veda. With the enemy force now unable to continue combat, the Ptolemy Crew announced the end of enemy hostilities. They reached their objective of recovering Veda from the Innovators.

Final Confrontation

After the Trans-Am Burst, Setsuna infiltrated Celestial Being to get into Veda's chamber, only to find Tieria's dead body. He declared to avenge Tieria, but Tieria began telling him that it was not necessary.

Tieria talking to Setsuna through Veda

He began talking to Setsuna through Veda. He said,

I'm sure glad I was an Innovator, or rather an Innovade. Because of that I was able to save all of you with my abilities.

He then continued to explain Aeolia' Plan. Their armed interventions' purpose was to unite the world by force. Even if they were destroyed in the process, the meaning of their struggle was to unify humanity's will and prevent mankind to carry on the seeds of war to outer space. It was all done for the sake of humanity's progression to space and the future encounters with other extraterrestrial species.

After learning all of these, Setsuna left and sortied for Ptolemy II. On his way however, he witnessed how Seraphim Gundam was shot down by an enemy mobile suit. The mobile suit, CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam, was piloted by Innovator Leader, Ribbons Almark. Setsuna engaged against Ribbons. Tieria, through Veda, informed the Ptolemy Crew about the situation, and the crew, together with the other Meisters, sortied in response to support Setsuna.

During the fight, Ribbons expressed his desire to get the GN-Drives from the 00 Raiser, sighting them as his fated instruments to complete his destiny of ruling mankind.

Tieria confronting Ribbons

Tieria, from Veda, corrected him and said,

We are not here to guide humanity. We are here to create a future together with mankind. That is the path that we, the Innovades, are meant to take!

In response, Ribbons expressed his apathy to understand humanity. Ribbons continued to fight against Setsuna, until he was eventually defeated on the surface of the colony ship Celestial Being.

Conclusion & Farewell

Tieria in Veda

With A-Laws and Innovators defeated, peace returned throughout the Earth Sphere, as a reformed Federation disbanded the A-Laws and returned the sovereignty to the nations they subjugated. Tieria's consciousness continued to reside within Veda's core inside Celestial Being. He reflected,

Now we've entrusted the future to mankind. As a part of Veda, I'll be watching over you all. Until the time of the upcoming dialogues. Farewell, everyone.

Rebuilding Celestial Being

After their epic battle, Celestial Being returned to MS development to anticipate potential future threats towards the peace of Earth and their own organization. Celestial Being was originally sufficiently funded, however with Wang Liu Mei dead, their only financial supporter, preparing for the future has been difficult. Funds and materials within CB was at an all-time low. Despite the limits of what he could do, Tieria continued to aid Celestial Being through Veda.

ELS Conflict

The year was A.D. 2314. Two years had passed since the defeat of the Innovators and the dissolution of A-LAWS. Within the colony mothership Celestial Being, Tieria Erde connected his consciousness to Veda, the supercomputer that had been found by the Earth Sphere Federation. While the ESF used Veda for their own purposes, Tieria still used his connection with Veda to provide Celestial Being with secret access to real-time information. As an unknown threat entered the solar system, Tieria makes use of a hidden part of Celestial Being, constructing for himself a new Gundam and a new Innovade body.

Second Europa & Revelations

After getting an information about the Second Europa ship approaching Ptolemy II's direction, Tieria sortied with his personalized CB-002 Raphael Gundam in Trans-Am. As he reaches the target, he noticed the Ptolemy Gundams engaging the ELS fleet.

Raphael Gundam in Trans-Am

GN-0000RE+GNR-010 00 Raiser Condenser Type was also in trouble, as Setsuna couldn't fight back against the ELS. Tieria immediately dispatched Raphael's GN Big Cannons/GN Claws and had them destroy any incoming ELS that attacked Setsuna. One claw grabbed 00 Raiser by the torso while the other ripped out 00 Raiser's ELS-infected left arm and destroyed it. The two Big Cannons returned to dock with Raphael, after which Tieria activated Trans-Am, destroying the remainder of the ELS along with their station in an impressive display of Raphael's firepower.

After reuniting with his comrades, Tieria skipped the pleasantries and asked Setsuna why he didn't shoot at the ELS - the designation the Earth Sphere Federation had given to the unknown metallic organisms. Setsuna told Tieria that he didn't know, which Tieria guessed was due to an unconscious response that Innovators feel. He explained that Veda was unable to guess the ELS' intentions, but since Setsuna sensed something from them, he concluded that the ELS were probably sentient beings.

On board the bridge, Tieria explained everything he knew about ELS. Lasse wondered if the arrival of the ELS was part of the "dialogues" that Aeolia Schenberg had prophesied.

Ptolemy Crew's meeting about the ELS

Tieria replied that it was probably the case. Allelujah couldn't believe it, as humanity wasn't ready for it yet. Lockon noted that it had already been happening and they probably have to fight, which Lasse concurred as humanity was being attacked. Marie and Allelujah disagreed, on the grounds that they as humans don't understand the ELS. Setsuna couldn't contribute to the conversation and quickly left the room.

Afterward, Tieria talked to Sumeragi and asked about the status of the GNT-0000 00 Qan[T]. He noted that the 00Q could be their trump card in the future. Sumeragi expressed disbelief as Setsuna couldn't possibly communicate with the ELS. Tieria then asked her if she ever thought about the possibility, which Sumeragi responded with anxiety that it was too much reliant on Setsuna.

ELS Encounter on Mars

Days after Celestial Being's encounter with the Second Europa, a local gravitational force appeared in the Jupiter's Giant Red Spot and sucked in the planet's moons and ring. An ELS fleet then began appearing on the red spot, sending out waves similar to that of quantum brainwaves to Earth. Celestial Being saw this happening and decided to intercept the incoming ELS fleet in concurrence with Setsuna's request.

On the way to the space sector on Mars, the Ptolemy Crew noticed the ESF envoy engaging against the ELS Fleet. At the time the Gundams had launched, the whole ESF fleet was already annihilated and assimilated. The ELS then went on to surround the Gundams. As the Tieria and the rest began attacking the ELS, Setsuna announced to the group to cease hostilities and leave the space area. He activated Trans-Am Burst in an attempt to communicate with the alien species. However, he failed to understand the ELS and the aliens began assimilating the 00 Raiser. Sumeragi ordered the Gundam Meisters to retrieve Setsuna and retreat from the battlefield.

The Gundam Meisters found it hard to break through the ELS's huge numbers to get to 00 Raiser. After the 00 Raiser already emptied its particle reserves, Tieria decided to lure the ELS using his Quantum Brainwaves in Raphael and launched the GN-008RE Seravee Gundam II.

Tieria overloading Raphael's Trans-Am while being assimilated by ELS

The Meisters protested about Tieria's decision, but he insisted the group to continue retrieving Setsuna. Seravee II reached the 00 Raiser and opened up the Gundam to pull out its cockpit container. Tieria felt the Quantum Brainwave disturbance while Seravee was being assimilated, causing him to lose focus and get caught by the chasing ELS. He then gave the container to the Gundam Meisters. As the Gundams retreat, Tieria activated Raphael and Seravee II's Trans-Am and detonate both mobile suits to destroy the surrounding ELS. The retreating Gundams safely reached the Ptolemy II later with the assistance of Graham Aker's Solbraves.

Prologue to War

After attending to Setsuna, Tieria talked to Sumeragi using the Ptolemy computer terminal. She worryingly asked Tieria why he recklessly pulled a suicide act during the previous battle. Tieria did not mind doing what he had done as his body was just a mere container for him. Besides, due to circumstances, he explained that he had done what was best during that time. Sumeragi then asked him about Setsuna. Tieria explained that the attempt to communicate with the ELS had caused Setsuna's brain cells to burst. Tieria tried to restore some of the damages, but even then, Setsuna probably wouldn't regain his memories or even wake up. However, Tieria noted that Setsuna has incredible Quantum Brainwaves, which might help him wake up eventually.

Later a huge ELS Sphere, the size of the moon, appeared out from Jupiter. The Federation predicted that the probe would probably make its way to Earth, causing them to prepare their army for possible contact. Celestial Being also prepared for combat. During this time, the GNT-0000 00 Qan[T] had been completed and was transferred by Ian and Linda Vashti to the Ptolemy II for final adjustments. They were saddened to learn about what happened to Setsuna and that 00 Qan[T] probably wouldn't be used. Just then, Tieria appeared on their computer and asked Ian to install a small Veda terminal into the 00 Qan[T].

Tieria in the computer talking to the Vashti's and Sumeragi

Tieria explained that they could use Veda to manage the information the ELS was sending during the Trans-Am Burst. He further explained,

That's right. The GN Drive, Veda, and Innovators. With the three things sought by Aeolia Schenberg, we'll realize the dialogues that are to come.

Ian acknowledged this request. Sumeragi then announced to the crew about the planned encounter with the ELS; Celestial Being's Final Mission.

Commencing the Dialogues

Days later, the Battle for Earth commenced. The ESF faced off against the ELS to defend Earth, but it was not going well as the ELS used previously assimilated information to counter the ESF, such as creating a shield formation and even creating their own copies of the GNX-803T GN-XIV. Zabanya and Harute eventually joined the battle, but it wasn't enough as the ELS kept assimilating other mobile suits and even battleships.

At one point of the battle, Setsuna awoke from his coma and suited up to launch in the completed 00 Qan[T]. Mileina had uploaded Tieria's consciousness into 00 Qan[T]'s cockpit and Tieria gave his thanks to her. Before he launched, Mileina, to the shock and joy of her parents, confessed her love for Tieria. Setsuna and Tieria then launched from Ptolemy 2 Kai.

Tieria pointing their target location

On the way, Tieria pointed out to Setsuna that they needed to reach the centre of the ELS planetoid to commence the dialogues. Lockon, Allelujah and Marie cut a path for them through the ELS forces. Graham Aker and the Solbraves from the Federation also helped out near the ELS territory.

Later, Setsuna reached the ELS planetoid and decided to use Trans-Am to cut their way inside. Tieria protested, as Setsuna should only use the Trans-Am during the dialogues. Setsuna used it anyway, forming the 00 Qan[T]'s GN Buster Rifle to blast a group of ELS Baikal-class ships before using the energy blast to cut the planetoid open. However, the beam was refracted by the ELS's shield. Fortunately, Graham arrived with his half assimilated Brave and overloaded it through the opening of the ELS planetoid, forming a permanent hole on the side. This gave the 00 Qan[T] a way inside.

Once at the centre of the ELS, Tieria told Setsuna to use the full power of the Quantum System to communicate with the ELS. With the Quantum Burst Mode activated for their final mission, Tieria declared,

With the survival of humanity at stake! Let the dialogue begin!

Tieria and Setsuna looking at ELS's memories

During the dialogues, Tieria helped Setsuna sort out relevant information in able to understand the ELS. The ELS displayed their evolution as a species and how their planet was dying due to their star going supernova. Setsuna decided to go to their homeworld to fully understand them. Tieria wondered if that was a good idea, but Setsuna replied that it shouldn't matter; understanding what it is to live is the true meaning of life for everybody. Setsuna and Tieria eventually departed the Solar System for the ELS homeworld. With that, the ELS hostilities ceased, and the war between ELS and humanity ended.

Fifty Years Later

Tieria was last seen on board the Sumeragi in the epilogue. It is possible that Tieria utilized Veda to assist the Innovators who would travel into deep space searching for intelligent life. He also had the sister ship of the deep space exploration vessel, Tieria, named after him.


Celestial Being

Main article: Celestial Being Tieria has been a member of Celestial Being for as long as he could remember. He is one of the loyal members of the team, being one of the proud followers of Veda. Because of his uptight and cold attitude, his comrades often regards him as the least desirable among the team. He eventually warmed up to them thanks to the guidance of late Lockon Stratos, Neil Dylandy. After his cut-off from Veda and the later defeat of Celestial Being, Tieria remained with the organization, keeping the promise he made with Lockon Stratos of protecting their precious comrades.

There's a personal relationship between Veda and Tieria. Tieria's mind has the ability to communicate with Veda. When switching to Gundam Nadleeh or Seraphim Gundam, he is able to synchronize with Veda in the "Trial" sequence that allows him to jam other mobile suits powered by GN-Particles. Due to the takeover of Veda by Ribbons, Tieria's link is forcibly severed. He seems to be unable to reverse the changes that were made to Veda and seeks a means to restore and decrypt the malignant programming. After his death, Tieria's consciousness becomes merged with Veda, enabling him to learn about Aeolia Schenberg's true plan.
Crew of the Ptolemaios
Sumeragi Lee Noriega
Sumeragi is the Ptolemy's tactical strategist. At the beginning, Tieria doubted her abilities because of her tragic past. The relationship was soured further by the HRL Gundam Operation incident. However, thanks to Lockon, Tieria eventually learned to accept Sumeragi as one of his comrades. During the return of Celestial Being in 2312 AD, their relationship developed into deep trust between the two.
Mileina Vashti
Mileina is one of the tactical operators of the Ptolemy Crew and one of Tieria's close friends. Before Tieria sortie for the ELS planetoid in the movie, Mileina confessed her unrequited love for Tieria, saying that no matter how Tieria appeared, she will always love him.
Gundam Meisters
Setsuna F. Seiei
At the beginning Tieria had misgivings against Setsuna, and even threatened to kill him if he jeopardized the mission(s). After the introduction of the Throne Meisters, due to a common dislike towards them, they start seeing eye-to-eye and they have renewed respect for each other. In season 2, after their reunion, they share a renewed relationship of trust and respect. Tieria even supported Setsuna's rescue of Marina Ismail, something that would have been impossible in the past. During the movie, Tieria maintained his faith in Setsuna, believing him to be a critical component of the "dialogues" that Aeolia Schenberg had predicted would take place between humans and alien life.
Allelujah Haptism
Allelujah Haptism was Tieria's partner during the early missions of season 1. They never seem to interact much outside their missions in season 1, partly due to Tieria Erde's cold demeanor. In season 2, they never have that much interaction. However, its shown that Tieria cares for the comrade, as shown during the Allelujah retrieval missions.
Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy)
Lockon Stratos (Neil Dylandy) was like a big brother for all of the Meisters. It was thanks to Lockon's kind personality that Tieria learned to accept his own humanity and develop a humble side, and Lockon lost his eye defending Tieria from harm. Lockon's death at the end of Season 1 proved to be heavy for Tieria. However, it gave Tieria a new purpose in fighting, defending his comrades, aside from strictly following Veda's orders. Ribbons Almark comments on the change Neil had on Tieria when they meet at the party in Season 2, saying that Tieria allowed Lockon 'too deep into his heart'.
Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy)
Tieria never approved of the new Lockon Stratos (Lyle Dylandy), partly due to Lyle trying to fill Neil's shoes at the start of season 2. However, as the series progress, they seemed to grow a sense of comradeship; even helping each other out during times of need in the battlefield.
Throne Meisters
Due to their mysterious background, Tieira has doubted the Trinity since their debut in Taklamakan Desert. After getting to meet the team and seeing their armed operations, Tieria decided to view them as unfit of the position they are upholding as Gundam Meisters.


Main article: Innovators (Group) Being the same as the Innovators, Tieria first doubted if he would joined them or fight against them. They have control over Veda and were claiming to follow Aeolia's Plan. However, after seeing their tactics and how they condone A-Laws' brutal operations, Tieria decided to fight the Innovators together with his comrades in Celestial Being.

Ribbons Almark
Ribbons is the leader of the Innovators. He was responsible for having Tieria cut off from accessing Veda's information files in Season 1.
Regene Regetta
Regene is an Innovade that shares Tieria's DNA base sequence. Regene first invites Tieria to join the Innovators, tempting the latter with the knowledge of Aeolia's Plan. Since Regene shares the same Innovade genetic property as Tieria, he could easily connect to Tieria's mind and consciousness through quantum brainwaves.

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Notes & Trivia

  • According to Mobile Suit Gundam 00 screenwriter, Yōsuke Kuroda, in an interview in Gundam 00 Final Mission Memorial Book, Tieria Erde's name came from the words "Earth" and "Angel", which are altered a bit.[31] Tieria's name might come from the Latin name for Earth, Terra, and the angel Teiaiel, who was known to have dominion over the future. It is also worth noting that the Earth's name in German is Erde, which came from the Anglo-Saxon word, erda.[32]
  • Tieria was noted to look like 16 years old in appearance.[33]
  • One series guide book, the Gundam 00 World Report, had noted that Tieria's Blood-type was A and his Birthday was December 9.[34] However, it should be noted that these are not supported by the recent official files that followed it, especially those that were provided during the Second Season and the Movie. These are kept as unknown ("-").
  • Tieria's weight in the first set of official files was 59 kg. It was later corrected to 61 kg in World Report.[34] It is supported this time by the later official file profiles.
  • Tieria only wears glasses to protect his eyes. He doesn't necessarily need them.[34][35]
  • As stated during the first season of Gundam 00, Tieria prefers being in space over being on Earth.
  • Although not shown in the credits, Akiko Tanaka voiced Tieria Erde's female voice during the A-Laws party infiltration in episode 8 of Season 2. She was acknowledged by Tieria's VA, Hiroshi Kamiya, during the episode commentary. Although Kamiya did a test using a female voice, it was decided by Director Seiji Mizushima that an actual female voice would do better for the scene.[36]
  • Hiroshi Kamiya has voiced Koyomi Araragi from the Monogatari series.

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