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Tiel Noembreux (ティエル・ノンブルー?) (also known as Tiel Nonbleu) is a 14-year old choir girl and the titular protagonist of the Mobile Suit Gundam Wing side story Tiel's Impulse.


Her older brother Karl Noembreux was an OZ test pilot that had disappeared while performing tests with the Gundam Lucifer. In order to find him, she came up with the plan to sneak into the colony where the Romefeller Foundation built their mass production Gundams, all under the auspices of a choral performance. During the hijacking of the Gundams, she stole a Wing Gundam Seraphim, whose ZERO System Ver 2.5 would be used to help her to track down her older brother. However, the race to find her brother results in her losing her two best friends before finally encountering him. Unfortunately, her older brother had been driven mad by the ZERO 2.0 System installed within the Gundam Lucifer. When Tiel refused to join him in eradicating "war-like parties", the two battled, with both ending up falling into the Earth's atmosphere.



  • Like the primary Gundam Wing cast, Tiel's name can be considered a number pun. Non is the Latin root for nine; an alternate reading of her surname, "Nombreux", is the French word for "numerous".
  • Tiel is the first female protagonist of the Gundam franchise. 

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