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Buran receives order to suspend pursuit against the Audhumla if the enemy manages to fly over the Pacific Ocean, but he refuses to give in, desiring all the credit for taking down the AEUG's crew.

Sudori's captain, Ben Wooder, appears, and Buran charges him with informing the Murasame Laboratory in Japan to watch for activities in New Guinea, but orders them to use the Newtype Laboratory's encoding system so that the Titans are unable to decipher it.

At the Audhumla, Beltorchika tells Amuro that they plan to use the fog to send at least Quattro and Kamille back to space. Beltorchika conforts him, telling Amuro that she understands the reason for his fears and anxieties, and they share a kiss.

Quattro appears, and tells Amuro that he should join the AEUG in space, but Amuro is still traumatized by his involvement in the death of Lalah and can't bring himself to return to space.

Hayato has given permission for Katz to join Quattro and Kamille on the shuttle, and the crew gets ready to reach Hikory. At first, Katz is asked by Quattro to descend with him in the Hyaku Shiki, but after seeing Amuro liven up, Katz decides to go with him in the Rick Dias. All of them, along with Beltorchika in her Karaba airplane, take off and the operation begins.

Buran is close behind them and launch a final attack against the Audhumla. Both Amuro and Hayato are trying their best to diverge Buran's attention from the space shuttle, where the Hyaku Shiki is being loaded. Amuro vows to defend the shuttle, as Katz forces Quattro on gunpoint to board the shuttle and not lose any more time, as him and his Hyaku Shiki are both extremely important to the AEUG.

Enveloped by the thick haze, Kamille and Buran are locked in a final combat. However, the Asshimar has the clear advantage in a midair fight over the Gundam Mk-II. Convinced that his time has finally come, an image of Fa appears to Kamille, instants before he is saved by Amuro, who deals the finishing blow that finally puts Buran down for good.

The space shuttle safely launch, and a tearful Beltorchika hugs Amuro. Both she and Kamille know that Amuro Ray has now awakened. Hickory's staff give Hayato a letter from Kai, telling him that they should seek assistance from Luio & Company, in Hong Kong.

Watching Beltorchika in Amuro's arms, Kamille's gaze reach the skies as he wonders if Fa is okay.

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