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The Three Gaza Brothers (ガザ三兄弟 Gaza San Kyōdai?) are a trio of characters that appear in the Gundam Build Divers Re:RISE series.

Personality & Character

The brothers are a trio of Divers in GBN. They claim to be the longest-playing Divers in the game, but are easily defeated by Captain Zeon, who appears to punish them for their bad manners and misbehavior.

First Brother

First Brother Gaza
  • In Raid Battles with regular players, he commits friendly-fire just for rewards and Destruction Points.
  • He pilots a modified AMX-008 Ga-Zowmn.

Second Brother

Second Brother Gaza
  • He ignores those lined up behind him and illegally parks in front of the catapult.
  • He pilots a modified AMX-006 Gaza-D.

Third Brother

Third Brother Gaza
  • He sells free giveaway parts at a high price to naive Divers.
  • He pilots a modified AMX-003 Gaza-C.


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