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  It's been a while and I hope all you guys are doing well. I'm sorry I haven't been around as much as I used to, but I had to contend with a lot of real life issues, including problematic health and financial problems. I'll be more active in the future, but time is against me these days. A lot of the pages still have room for improvement (mainly grammar and structure). I originally wanted to do a sub-category on gunpla models of the Gundams featured here, but since now there's a Gunpla Wikia, it makes more sense to create hyperlink referral of their site. If there are no objections, I figure we simply insert "Gunpla" somewhere at the bottom of a page (or on the info box) with the proper links to the other wikia site. This way, there's love between both sites between the anime/story fans and the gunpla fans. I hope everyone is well.
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