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I requested for a lock down on the page as i remember that was also done when there was an edit war over the name 'Loran Cehack' / 'Rolan Cehack'. I'm not sure if the title section can be locked without affecting the other parts of the page. In any case, even if the 'title section' can be lock down, it is possible an edit war can erupt over the text... 

As i just stated in Gaeaman788's wall, this is the info based on which i made the edit ' The japanese term used is '第1次連合.プラント大戦' (the dot should be hanging midway, but i dont know how to do that...). '連合' means 'Earth Allance' and since it is referred to interchangeably as 'EA' or 'Alliance', i go with 'EA' and stated that the term 'Alliance' can be used alternatively when i first renamed the page. This term can be found at the end of the passage (from HG Revive Freedom manual) in image 17 on this webpage: MG Strike Rouge Ootori, the term can be found in the box labelled 'Story Guide' and in the first sentence of that box. The box is in the image 15 on this webpage:'

Just curious, what happen if Force Impulse manual did not use the terms? There is no guarantee that they will use First/Second EA-PLANT War as the HG Revive (?) Strike, Strike Rouge and MG Freedom Ver2, did not use the terms. They just call it 'war' or something simple, no fancy name (no 'Bloody Valentine War' either). 

I have no objections to unlocking the page, if the title remains untouched and there is no mention of 'bloody valentine war' in whatever FACTS/OFFICAL INFO people want to add, the inclusion of 'bloody valentine war' may confuse readers. Having said that i am ok if a line is added somewhere in the page to denote that fans used 'Bloody Valentine War' before the offical term came around.

Personally, i found it ludicrous that just because a new term came up that was not used before in the show, someone would immediately call it a mistake (even if the term is mentioned twice now). I mean model kit manuals and other data books have always contained new info not revealed in the show (yes, even many years later), and these new info may/may not be widely spread. Besides, there is nothing in show to contradict that the new term is wrong (other than redcrimson300's unsupported claim, which could have been based on a FAN SUB). 

In the end, i will just say this, since i have bring up this matter to the mods, i will let the mods decide what is appropriate. 

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