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Hello admin Kuruni, I am relatively new here on the Gundam wiki and I have made a couple of blog posts regarding how the mobile weapons from the After Colony and Anno Domini timelines may be categorised according to contemporary military classification.

I did this because I understand that a lot of the appeal of media from the Gundam franchise is due to it being not only the leader in it's genre but also due to most works from this franchise being hard science fiction which I find is more enjoyable and immersive due to it's stronger base in reality and so is therefore more believable and because of this I thought that blog posts featuring categorisation according to contemporary military classification would be interesting to those Gundam fans who appreciate hard science fiction for these reasons.

Though despite this my blog posts have not yet received any comments so I thought I would direct your attention to them as I would love to know what a well-versed Gundam and mecha/robotto fan such as yourself thinks of my mobile weapon classification systems.

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