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Thanks for the email. Expect something from in the forseeable future, probably before you get a new one. ;D

Yeah, there is no real notion of 'canon' in Japan as there is over in the West. But their stance on what's 'official' and what's not does pertain to animated works.

B-but General Septem was the best part of the dub! It's fun to take his voice seriously because you can laugh at it while he's speaking. Also Unicorn is being dubbed by NYAV Post, as opposed to Ocean Studios. NYAV, like other voice acting companies in the US, usually dub Gundam OVAs and films as opposed to Ocean's doing the shows. The person voicing Banagher in Unicorn is Steve Staley, the one who voiced Shiro Amada in 08th MS Team - still doing an amazing job regardless.

I agree on your consensus with Unicorn. The story as it is isn't the greatest as a result of the issues of adapting a novel series into an animated work, but it's got it where it counts in terms of animation and mecha combat. Brilliant stuff, probably some of the best since 0083. Music's incredibly fetching too.

I can imagine Wing Zero Custom in modern animation... I guess I just dislike it because of the rather ridiculous wings and overly blue color scheme with those unnecessary red spikes jutting out from its forearms. It's a nice clean design that evokes an ethereal silhouette, but I feel it's too rounded compared to its TV counterpart. All the other Endless Waltz redesigns are pretty okay in my book, though. Especially Heavyarms...

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