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Not seeing your email anywhere and I don't use this site's chat option all that much (or at all, really).

Oh, when I was referring to Sunrise/Bandai possibly canceling certain manga out, I meant there being a [slim] possibility of them turning Glory of the Defeated and Frozen Teardrop into the new canon. While unlikely, given their policy on official Gundam material (the animated works), I've found that Glory of the Defeated has actually done better to document some aspects of the series, and well as much of the exposition seemingly left unadressed during the course of the show. As I said though, the liklihood is slim. Speaking of GotD, that manga made me fall in love with Heavyarms again. I swear, it's been getting the best panels and page work. I guess it's because it won't be showing up again for a considerable amount of time soon...

A series relaunch would be pretty nice. The only thing I'm not really looking forward to however is the Wing Zero Custom's return as the bona fide Wing Zero. I much prefer the TV version. It's rather unfortunate that some of Wing's dub cast has left Gundam or anime voice acting, though. I'd have loved to hear what a more quality redub of Wing would be like, now that I'm sure the team wouldn't have approached it as awkwardly as they did [sometimes] the first time around, despite it still being a decent dub.

And yes, I do watch Unicorn! Fantastic, is all I can say at the moment, barring the rushed pacing during Episodes 4 and 5. Really looking forward to the conclusion, now that they've gotten most of the exposition they needed to build for the upcoming action out of the way. Still immensely irritated that the Jestas haven't done anything worth a damn yet, though.

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