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Aeriseithne wrote:
You specialize in analyzing Gundam from a real-world viewpoint as well? Intriguing. Let's definitely compare notes sometime!

Yes, the Gundam Wing section needs some clean-up. I believe much of the clusterfuck can be blamed on all the manga iterations, especially the new ones ("Glory of the Defeated" and "Frozen Teardrop"). People are getting confused, and I don't blame them! I'll do my best to clarify some things. I don't know if I'll touch any of the other Gundam sections yet but that remains to be seen. As long as things are canonical and accurate I'll leave them alone. :)

I'd certainly love to. Hit me up sometime. Or maybe I'll do the same. Would you happen to have a Skype or anything in case the Wiki Messaging gets overbearing?

And I think the problem stems more from a combination of lacking in updates and an increasing amount of source material. Though from Glory of the Defeated (so glad you call it that instead of Glory of Losers, by the way, it just sounds so much more complete) and Frozen Teardrop (unfortunately), most of the previous Gundam Wing manga may be canceled out in terms of official status, depending on what Sunrise/Bandai decides to do with them.

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