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  • Why you deleted the image i uploaded??? please tell me the reasons because i have been working very hard to improve this article andi dont want to loose time. oll the images i have uploaded ar bad images? arent the images legal?

    please answer

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    • I told you since last year. That being said, if you give me the specific filename, I'll restore and rename it properly.

      Consider the last round of my mass clean up, I'm pretty sure it is bad naming. It's proven that handle them one-by-one is inefficient (I spent hours renaming dozen or so images, only for people upload randomnumber.jpg files twice that number in less than a hour). So once in a while I'll just delete bunch of bad named files without looking at it.

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    • 1) Can you show me a method to change the name of the files? so I can change and fix them myself. I have a lot of time working on this article and I do not want all that effort of months to go away in a click done by another person

      2) Can you tell me how to create a theme about Kyoshiro Plamo and that it appears at the end of the article in the lower part of the article?

      3) I would like to add more sections to the infobox of kyoshiro plamo but I am not an administrator. could you tell me how to add more sections???

      Thank you!!

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    • 1. Just go to the file's page and rename it like any article.

      2. & 3. Well, I'm pretty primitive when it come to wikicode. For simple template, you can look at any one from Category:Mechanics Templates. But for more advance one as well as infobox, you've to ask User:FortressMaximus.

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