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  • Tbh, I absolutely think that Ral-san and Fellini are the reborn versions of Ramba Ral and Nade Turbine.

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    • They couldn't have known about Naze Turbine because IBO wasn't released until two years after Build Fighters.

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    • I know. But what if they made the character after his supposed rebirth?

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    • A concept hidden in the familiar scenery
      You’re always under surveillance
      An unconcious bias
      No one knows our reason for being

      A repetition
      The spirographs I pictured
      A geometric pattern of destruction and creation
      We'll see each other again before the end
      We'll travel to a parallel world
      Take note of all the wishes
      And remake the world

      (For some reason, I find Pop Team Epic's lyric fit here perfectly)

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    • I've always thought those characters were just cosplayers

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    • A FANDOM user
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