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  • Hello, a lot of the recent uploads do not include the source, either in file name of description.

    This is a decent upload since it has the episode number in the file name. File:ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus (episode 39) without Alaya-Vijnana System's safety limiter (15).jpg

    About everything afterwards such as this, is not as we have no way of telling where you got it from.

    On each of the pages for the screenshots you've uploaded, please click "Add a description" and add the exact episode number after the "| Source = " part.

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    • Hello

      I do not know how to speak English so this message has been passed by the translator

      The sources of all the images that I upload are made by a program that takes all the frames of the chapter and I choose which ones I want to upload. Those that are panoramic images I do with photoshop, I do not take them from any page so I take them and for the name in the description, when I start uploading images on the wiki for a day or two I was changed what I put So I decided not to put more descriptions but if it is a requirement I will start to describe them

      Now I will put a resubir the files with title and corresponding chapter.

      Thanks for the notification so I will not make the same mistakes again and so I can contribute with this great wiki

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