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  • Hi!

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the smoothbore gun from HGIBA #01 is compatible with the Gundam Barbatos 6th Form kit? (HGIBO #015) Would the other accessories from the kit work with it aswell?

    If it depends on which form the kit is built in, I currently have it built as the 5th form ground type. I just find the models lack of any real ranged armaments to be really noticable.

    Also I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether the Gundam Gusion Rebake kit (HGIBO #013) comes with its twin smoothbore guns, or even one? If not, does the Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City (HGIBO #023) come with the smoothbore guns? If neither of them do, would the only way to get them the smoothbore guns be by purchasing additional HGIBA #01 kits?

    I'm ruling out the possibility of purchasing HGIBO #007 for it's smoothbore guns, as it's too pricey and I dont think I'd have anywhere to store it (I had a hard time storing my GN Arms from Gundam 00 and I still have a Mg Full Armour Unicorn I need to build which is likely to take up even more space)


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    • Well its quite obvious any HG kit can use most weapons. The Barbatos 6th Form can use the Smoothbore Cannon however it is more difficult than say the 4th form due to parts getting in the way such as the side thrusters the 6th Form uses.

      Gusion Rebake does not come with Smoothbore guns. If it did then there would be no point in HGIBA #01 in the first place. And neither does the Full City since it doesn't even use them in the anime (So far). 

      You won't have to buy HGIBO #007 since its Smoothbore guns are much different than the ones in HGIBA #01 as in apperance wise. You're better off just buying to HGIBA #01 for 2 Smoothbore guns if that's how you roll.

      I suggest instead of asking you look around the internet, perhaps watch someone review a particular kit you want to know more about on Youtube and if not find other places like Dalong and his picture reviews showing you what the kit is and what it comes with:

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    • Actually, the HGIBO #007's Smoothbore guns have the same appearance as the HGIBA #01's. They only differ in part counts (the former have lesser parts, and no transformation gimmick) and assembly steps. The HGIBO#007's also lacked stickers. 

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    • Exactly that Zeph, I have worded my words incorrectly.

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    • Cheers!

      I wasn't planing on buying HGIBO #007 to be honest (hence why I stated that I was ruling out the possibility of purchasing it) due to a lack of storage/funds.

      I haven't actually purchased an accessory kit before, so I wanted to make sure it'd be compatible with what I've got.

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