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    The question that is most often raised, even after the shows end in both of it's forms (OVA and Anime) is who is Full Frontal. For those not in the know, Full Frontal is the charismatic leader of a group of independent spacenoids (space fairing people) called Neo Zeon during the 0096 story line. He came to power shortly after the events of Axis Shock and has been nicknamed the Second Coming of Char, another leader of Zeon and Neo Zeon. He has also referred to himself as the vessel for Char, never outright stating he is in fact Char Aznable or, in reality, Casval Deikun. So who is he?

    So to start we have to jump far ahead in the series to episode 21 when Banagher and Frontal experience what Frontal label "another miracle" or "the second miracle". This miracle takes place when Banagher and Frontal being to resonate with one another and the latent feelings of those around them (whole of Earth and Space). This is telling on who Frontal is because only two people experienced the first miracle (the stopping of the Axis drop on Earth) and one of them was Char, the other was someone much more likely.

    Continuing with episode 21, we see Lalah interact with Frontal in a loving and familiar way. Lalah having been dead for 20 years, original series, doesn't leave a lot of people she is like that with, save Char and one other person, this same other person was also present for the Axis Shock miracle and is a powerful newtype, unlike Char and very much like Full Frontal. Lalah also states that this person was once a captain, while Char was a captain when she was alive the other person was also a captain and had a purpose where as Char's purpose was solely based around revenge (when he was a captain) and that Frontal's purpose when he was a captain had been heard. As a final note we also see Char's essence touch Full Frontal, confirming he is not Char but is someone close to Char.

    Next is age and style, Frontal is too young to be Char, appearing to be in his mid 30's early 40's much younger than the mid 40's early 50's Char would be in. Finally, while the fighting styles are similar Frontal has a clear advantage in battle over Char, because unlike Char, he is a strong newtype. However, Frontal would have had to have witnessed Char in combat or done battle with him personally to be able to mimic this much of it.

    So who is it? Who do I think Full Frontal is? It's Amuro Ray the first Gundam pilot. Leaving out the hair and age matches, Amuro is the only one Lalah and Char would feel that comfortable with and who would have experienced that much of the past with them (Char nearing the end, seeing Amuro as an equal). Lalah is especially telling as is the "miracle", with Char clearing out of the running only one other person experience Axis Shock the way Char would have and that's Amuro. Amuro was also a captain during Axis Shock trying to get peace between the Earth Feds and AXIS Neo Zeon; it's not unthinkable he continued his cause from the other side. One must also consider what we saw during the second miracle which was only battles Amuro had been involved in, nothing from Kamille or Judau's battles (both extremely significant event wise). We do see the first colony drop but Amuro would have seen that from Side 7.

    TL:DR: Full Frontal is Amuro Ray

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    • no

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    • No.

      Keep in mind that Toru Furuya is still active VA. No point in replace him, especially with Shuichi Ikeda.

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    • 1.  Amuro was never a captain.  He was never promoted beyond Lieutenant Commander, likely due to the EFF's distrust of Newtypes.

      2. Full Frontal is explicitly stated to be a cyber-newtype who had his brain overwritten with memories from the Sazabi, and was altered to be a duplicate of Char.  This is how he is able to use Char's combat style.

      3. Since Full Frontal effectively had Char's brain, it makes sense that Lalah's spirit would treat him as if he was Char.  He would react the same way to her as Char would.  Also, Lalah was a very kind, and caring person.  Despite her strong newtype abilities, she wasn't really cut out to be a warrior, which is one of the things Amuro held against Char for bringing her into battle.

      4. If Full Frontal were Amuro, why the hell would he fight like Char?  Amuro has proven time and again to be a better pilot than Char in nearly all aspects.  He trashes Char's Gelgoog, and the heavily damages the Zeong which were both superior to the Gundam.  During the Gryps conflict, Amuro barely ever takes a hit, despite not using an ace custom suit, until he gets the Dijeh, at which point he is pretty much untouched.  The Sazabi was also superior to the Nu Gundam on paper, higher generator output, more weapons, higher acceleration, and more vernier thrusters, but Amuro utterly wrecked it while taking minimum damage from Char.  In terms of overall piloting skill, Amuro is generally considered to be the best overall pilot in UC, with or without Newtype ability.

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    • Wait, since when was Amuro a Lieutenant Commander? He was still a 大尉 (Lieutenant) when Char dropped Axis.

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    • I went with what was on his page's info box.  Perhaps it's incorrect or a poor translation, and he was a Lieutenant and Commander of the Londo Bell's Mobile Suit Forces?  Either way, my point was that the EFF never promoted him to Captain.

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    • I think him being listed as a Lieutenant Commander is someone infering that he recieved a pothumus promotion.

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    • He is a Char clone
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    • Some more specifics on it
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    • Another thing, MSG-UC takes place in UC-0093, Char was born in UC-0059, which would only make him 33 during the events of Unicorn.

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    • Sorry, 34

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    • A FANDOM user
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