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  • I'm a little curious how most of the military and political factions are organized. For example, Bright Noa started out in the original show as a plain lieutenant and apparently didn't take an officer test or whatever, even when he was in Jaburo. According to Wikipedia, the highest common army rank today is Marshal/field marshal with general just below it, but that doesn't stop Johann Ibrahim Revil from being the commander in chief. Of course, something similar has happened before in fiction. A principality is commonly led by a duke or prince, but Wikipedia says it can be any noble/royal title as long as it's not king or emperor and Sovereign is a bit creative. However, the prime ministers used by both the Federation and Principality appear to be a bit dubiously powered or placed. I don't think I've heard of a prime minister in a federal body unless of course it's a semi-presidential system and while I'm sure it's possible for a prime minister to be part of a executive constitutional monarchy which I'm pretty sure is what the Zabi family was going for, I think they should've used a different name like Grand Vizier if for no other reason than because using prime minister would've reminded people too much of the Federation they were fighting against. Any thoughts?

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