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  • the two Mobile suits with batterys and best interchangable backpacks which do you think is the better suit. 

    I prefer the G-self as it has better armor and several much more specalised backpacks as well as being a very powerful genral perpis abilitys without a backpack. Its armor is also comparible to the original gundam in there times. the g self is capable of withstaning beam hits from a mobile suits rifle. as a final note its operational time is in around 100 hours of power between battery charges. finaly thanks to the DNA and rentinal scans the G-self has exstreamly good theft prevetion capiabilities.

    Were as the Strike has limited armor duribility without its Pase shift armor and very little defence when it comes to beam weapons as most MS beam weapons can perce its armor. the operatinal time of the strike is only a few hours before it needs to change batterys and depending on how meny hits the strike takes it could be as little as 30 minutes. finaly the Strike has no anti theft mesures installed and if it was not for Marru killing Rusty and kira showing up when he did the strike would have been captured with the rest of the 5-GAT Prototypes.

    I would love to hear other pepoles opinons on this matter and the reason why one suit beats the other. i love to debate the merits of one mobile suit over the other.

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    • TBH I'm not too familar with SEED but I will say with the addition of the new Perfect Pack in G-Reco the G-self is a force to be reckoned with even among op gundams (save for the supers like Turn A and Qan-T)

      The YG-111 is fast, highly manuverable, has good attack and AMAZING defense against beam weaponery and explosives/conventional attacks and with packbacks its very adaptable and capable of specialisation.

      + personally I just like the design more, its cute like a bunny or deer lol

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    • i like the frame desing as it hase a few exstra bells and wisles to it and i am a sucker for wing binders. the self is practicly a OP now. i persinoly cant wait for Bernuil's upgrade unit. the g-self would go to his sister mostlikely and the g-arcan i feel will go with bernulis still alive instructor.

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    • I really like Strike's pack since I prefer simple add-ons but in terms of firepower, there's no way it can beat G-Self.

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    • I personally feels that G-Self reminds me too much on mechas that can we can found in Super Robot Wars world.Having a real robot size (18-20 metres in height) yet displays a super robot ability the Perfect Pack used by G-Self reflects that ability unlike Striker Packs used by the Strike which are more realistic.I've watched G-Reco and I can say that the Perfect pack surpassed the Stiker pack by a very large margin.

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    • i agree. also G-selfs perfict pack was built  far more advanced technolagy as it takes place 1000 years after the end of the universal centery so they built upon already far more advanced tech then what was used for the strike.

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    • Kirasatoshi wrote: Having a real robot size (18-20 metres in height)

      Size has nothing to does with real and super genre, Macross is over kilometer tall. If you think transformable battleship are exception, various MA are also pretty huge. AMX-002 Neue Ziel, for example, is 76.6 meters tall. In contrast, Jeeg is only 10 meters in height.

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    • Hight does play a bit of a part in how large a reactor you can install into a mobile weapon. 

      The SDF-1 was originaly a space ship for 10 to twelve meeter tall aliens (the hight of the VF-1A Valkyrie's robot mode's hight. so that is one of the exseptions to the rule as the thing is biger then a aircraft carrire and had two attached to it, along with a city built inside it. and i looked it up and its only 312 meetere tall at the head when in robot form the main gun takes up a lot of the length.

      As for the neue ziel well half its hight is in its fule pod exstention and it is space use only

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    • Still, how is it relevant to a mech being real or super?

      As noted, one of a classic super robot, Jeeg, is only 10 meters tall. And for whatever reason, people seem to keep ignore fact that the very first super robot, Mazinger Z, is 18 meters just like Gundam.

      And I'm pretty sure you mistaken length to height for Macross. Here's what it's said on Japanese Wikipedia (complete with sources). The italic is my note.

      全長 (overall length) 1,210m(要塞艦)(ship) / 312m(強攻型)(mech)

      全幅 (overall wide) 465m(要塞艦) / 496m(強攻型)

      全高 (overall height) 335m(要塞艦) / 1,210m(強攻型)

      And use some common sense please. Yes, the main cannon take much of its length, but surely the no more than half of its height. If length of 1,210 meters become 312 meters in height, that mean almost 900 meters is the cannon, almost three times longer than the rest of it. It really look like that to you?

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    • Kuruni wrote:
      Still, how is it relevant to a mech being real or super?

      I agree. The size of the mech shouldn't be a factor since we're talking about different universes here. And even in just UC, technology has improved to the point that they can make smaller mobile suits with better firepower.

      Point is, it's easy to write in a super-compact or magical powersource that makes power to size proportions irelevant. Still, I think this is getting off topic.

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    • as the creator of this discussion i agree. however the only gundam shows (that i know of) that use any form of magic is the SD gundam franchise. however the smaller MS of the early part second century UC had thinner armor and could no longer preform tackling another MS as that would badly damage the smaller suit do to them having thinner armor along with Gundarium Alloy/Ceramic Composite was far weaker then the normal Gundarium alloy as ceramic addition greatly weakened the legendary armor. this is most likely why the factions went back to using 18 meter tall suits in the late part of the second century UC or early 3rd century UC.

      also the  Ultracompact Fusion Reactors used by the mobile suits in the UC timeline would be in real life about the size of a refrigerator.

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    • I would pick Strike's successor; Astray Out Frame interms of most interchangable backpack. 

      • Multi-Pack
      A special adapter for Out Frame's Striker Pack hardpoint developed by 8 using data acquired from ZGMF-X11A Regenerate Gundam when it tried to gain control of Red Frame. The dimension of the equipment's connection points can be freely altered, thus allowing Out Frame to use different types of add on packs (including ZAKU series Wizard Packs and the ZGMF-X56S Impulse's Silhouette Packs) but they have to be controlled by 8 for the system to work.

      It may be able to use almost if not all of Cosmic Era's Striker Pack

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      • SIGH* G-Self doesn't need that. RC-era mobile weapon use universal standard equipments and G-Self photon battery is powerful enough to use anything ever produced (even ones that its designate machine can't use). Some need few adjustment to make it fit (high-torque, being more of powered armor), but otherwise G-Self has full plug-and-play feature.
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    • Strike is a pure real robot while G-reco on the other hand is...

      Someone is considering size as an indicator whether a mech is real or super? Duh...

      Just listen to Kuruni. He's an expert in mecha field...

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    • Pronunciation wrote:
      Strike is a pure real robot while G-reco on the other hand is...

      Someone is considering size as an indicator whether a mech is real or super? Duh...

      Just listen to Kuruni. He's an expert in mecha field...

      theres only a .28 meeter diffrence in hight between the strike and the G-self so in this way both are real robots. an exsample of a super robots hight is voltron's which is 60 meeters. so if your classifining via hight only the Neo zeong (without its propellent tanks) would count as a super robot. a unit like the Psyco gundam is only 40 meeters tall. also super robots are obserdly strong just look at the ideon, the thing destroyed the universe.(also created by MSG original creator.)

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    • I think Pronunciation agree with some that G-Self is close to super robot, but disagree with size thing.

      And as I said, size has nothing to does with it, why you insist?

      Jeeg = 10 meters
      Mazinger Z = 18 meters
      (Shin Mazinger version increased it to 24 meters, actually shorter than The O.)
      Baikanfu = 5.79 meters

      Yes, they're generally bigger, but there're enough examples to make it clear that size has nothing to does with it.

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    • Well actually a lot of The O's hight is in its odd shaped head and the spike thruster thinggy that is attached to the suits backpack. Its true that size does not always a Mecha a super robot or a Real robot. Generally its how a Mecha is shaped that determent if it is power armor, Mech, Real robot, or Super Robot.

      Power armor suits are basically Iron man armors, some can be formed from magic like the cloths from ST. saya, or the armors used by the ronin warriors. however the main factor is that these are always a man encased in a suit of armor, that grants them abilities that normal humans cannot do. some power armors can also be Mechs as they have say an arm that does not have any fingers, these would be considered mech suits.

      Mechs only have a basic humanoid shape and have weapon arms instead of manipulator hands, as such some armored core's are mechs and not real robots, well humanoid they generally will have bird like legs, or more then two legs. they can also use tank treds. an example of this type of mecha would be the guntank early type, or a mobile worker. Like  modern day tanks some of these types of mecha will have a pilot and a gunner.

      real robots are humanoid and also balanced to look like a human robot, but they always have to be big enough to be piloted via some form of cockpit. they can have integrated weapons but will have fingers, however there are a few that have Mitten fingers. there size can very but real robots are always piloted by 1 person from a cockpit. some can transform or halve several parts but in that case the unit always has one main pilot. (with the exseption of course of a training or scouting class units.) exsamples of this type are of course Mobile suits.

      now we come to super robots which are generally tricky to determen, however they do have distinct features. one they will almost always have distorted humanoid forms, most tend to be fatter then an average human. they also generally there are 5 different types. 

      1: the Gigantor type, this is the first super robot type ever introduced and tend to be robots piloted from outside the mecha itself via a control device.  examples gigantor, big robo.

      2: semi sentient super robot type. these types of mecha have a pilot inside however the unit also chose the pilot via some sort of special quality the pilot has. this type can also at times control themselves for a limited amount of time. examples of this type of super robot would be the megaducs like big o. 

      3: The combining super robot type. These types of Super Robot have at least two pilots who work together, and are always formed by at least 2 vehicles of some sort, combining to form a stronger mecha. Some also have advanced AI. These are also generally the most powerful mecha out there. With some of them having the power to destroy the universe. Examples of these types of super robots are Voltron, the Ideon, and a Megazord.

      4: Other type: These are robots that have more then one pilot but do not have more then one vehicles combined to form its humanoid robot mode. examples: the Jagger's. 

      5 The sentient robot type: These are living robot's who have some special abilities like transforming into different forms. They can also be combiners. However they are all considered living thinking beings with some form of soul. Examples of this kind of super robots are: Kikaider, the entire Transformers race, Unicron.

      Well what do you guys think i think i gave a great explanation on how Mecha are classified.

      So ya i guess you could call the g-self a super robot, however it is still a real robot do to how it is shaped.

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    • Aside from being utter hard to read, your post doesn't make much sense.

      "Mechs only have a basic humanoid shape and have weapon arms instead of manipulator hands, as such some armored core's are mechs and not real robots, well humanoid they generally will have bird like legs, or more then two legs."

      Most mobile armor don't have humanoid shape. Gunner series from Dougram are tank chassis on legs. And only humanoid zoids are the kong series. Sorry, your definition doesn't make sense at all.

      "real robots are humanoid and also balanced to look like a human robot, but they always have to be big enough to be piloted via some form of cockpit. they can have integrated weapons but will have fingers, however there are a few that have Mitten fingers."

      Ever heard of Metal Gears? Steel Battalion? Most of walker machine and labor use claws or pincer too.

      "there size can very but real robots are always piloted by 1 person from a cockpit."

      Not always, several real robot require by crews. Ok, maybe you're right in very loose sense that there's one main pilot while other are gunner or navigator and such, but in those case it's still clear that pilot alone can't make it combat worthy.

      Being sentient is completely irrelavant. Put in an AI that pass Turing Test (nothing too fantasy in scifi) in any mecha, and voila, sentient mecha. Just ask 8 and ALICE.

      Same as combination...don't tell me I have to give some example here, on Gundam Wiki.

      If your whole point is that G-Self is real robot, then I actually agree with you on that. But seriously, most of your post doesn't make sense.

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    • One of the biggest differences between a real and super robot is how much of it's operation is rooted in plausible or even theoretical science.

      Super Robots tend to be powered, constructed, or use weapons that have nothing relatively close to a scientific basis outside of the media they exist in.  It might be a form of energy that doesn't even remotely exist (Getter Rays/Getter Robo or Aura/Aura Battler Dunbine), magic, or no explanation may be given at all.  Without that fictional energy source, there is no way the robot could possibly exist and operate, therefore, it cannot be real.

      Real robots generally have plausible science behind their operation.  Gundams use nuclear reactors, or batteries.  We may not have the technology currently to produce something of that sort right now, but it would be theoretically possible to make it work.  Nuclear reactors and batteries exist.  Machine guns and missiles exist.  We are on the verge of directed energy weapons in reality, beam weaponry is not implausible.  Even the most powerful weapon in Gundam history, the Moonlight Butterfly, is rooted in science.  The G-Self would still be a real robot on the basis that despite it's power, it's abilities and weapons are based around science.

      I have also come across discussions where people have brought up categories of "Hybrid" robots, which have characteristics of both.  The Granzon from SRW is one that people usually want to base that category around, since it's weapons and construction are mostly based in science, but it does have certain mystical properties due to the origin of it's designer and pilot.

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    • I actually lean toward that super/real robot isn't much of scale between hard sci-fi and fantasy, but more of genre and how people act toward mecha.

      If they're more of tool/vehicle, then it's real genre. If they're embodiments of some abstarct concept, be it courage/righteous/justice/etc., or simply immense power, then it's super genre. Of course, there're several cases that this also seem wrong (because sometime even simple tool can be symbolised), but I find it work better than tech.

      TV Tropes (can't rememeber which article) put it nicely , it's different between Super Soldier & Superhero.

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